Best Shark Vacuum For Carpet

Housework, including cleaning, is always an issue that many people concern much. It is obvious that if your hose is not clean, then you may face countless problems associated with your health and so do your beloved ones. Therefore, taking care of your house is the first thing to reduce the health-related issues later on. Carpeted areas are sophisticated and comfy. People love to hang out sitting on the carpets and also this spot is the most favored by pet animals. Hence, carpets are the one which contains the most dirt, pet hair, and germs in your house.

However, the problem is that cleaning those carpets are not easy. Firstly, it’s not easy to be able to lift all the dirt embedded inside. Next, some inappropriate carpet cleaners may ruin your precious property. Therefore, it is a wise idea to invest in a professional quality carpet cleaning equipment for the house. Today, we will help you buy a suitable one with the 6 best shark vacuum for carpet.

Common Features

Firstly, if you want to take advantage of your vacuum cleaner, you have to own the one working best for your lifestyle. There are many ones of us also knows that getting a cleaner base on many factors. Those are a type of carpet, the number as well as the location of the carpet and pets. Secondly, to narrow down the number of vacuums which you need, follow these points:

  • Lightweight and compact design are some of the priorities. This is important when buying a vacuum for high pile carpet. Plus, all of us always like an easy-to-use and friendly one. A lighter vacuum won’t press down the piles. Besides, someone is curious about its size. You need to find a vacuum for carpets which will fit everywhere in your home. Large vacuums are usually clumsy.
  • By far, the most maneuverability cleaner types are robotic ones. However, Shark models fix this disadvantage by adding their patented features which help enhance the models’ portability.
  • You should choose a machine that can measure the amount of noise it produces. For this type of surface, you should find a model with at least a dusting brush or other small vacuuming tools. If you own pets on your house, the vacuums which come with pet tool will benefit you the most.

Top 6 Best Shark Vacuum For Carpet

This post today will classify all kinds of vacuum to find the best shark vacuum for carpet. You can know exactly about them and get something as your options if you like some of them. Moreover, you can introduce them to your friend, relatives to bring their benefits to them.

1.Shark NV42 Navigator Deluxe Vacuum for Carpet and Hardwood Floors

Shark NV42 - Best Shark Vacuum For Carpet

Firstly, we will see an upright one that is well-known with the name Shark. This is a model that can transform into a canister cleaner. Besides, it comes with a variety of extra tools. Therefore, it will support you to clean every surface that these tools can take on. Moreover, it is the best choice for your small house or apartment with an assortment of floor types.

  • Weight and Maneuverability: Shark NV42 is fairly light at the affordable size. That is the reason why many users move so easily during cleaning houses.
  • Suction power:  we can say that this kind of Shark vacuum creates a great suction that many people expect. It can blow away all the dirt you cannot do with normal methods on bare floors. An important thing is that you can notice much when you use it to find any error.
  • Never Loses Suction Technology: Shark makes sure the suction power of the NV42 remains strong and consistent during cleaning jobs.
  • XL Transparent Dirt Bin: Shark NV42 possesses a large dirt bin to “store” so much dirt that you can use for a long time without emptying much.
  • Filtration System: Shark NV42 gets a great filtration system that users are extremely interested in. There exist many kinds of filters that prevent all the dust sucking inside for effectively working. Furthermore, you need to check these filters regularly for sure that this unit can do well.
  • Brush Roll With on/off Switch: This enables the vacuum to clean on different floorings. You can clean dirt on carpets when it is ready to work. And, remember to switch it off when you change the surface you are cleaning into hard floors.
  • Long power cord: the 25-ft power cord is enough for you to cover a large surface.

2.Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet (HV302)

Shark HV302 - Best Shark Vacuum For Carpet

The word “Ultra-light” makes you believe that Shark HV302 will help you use it easier. Indeed, the vacuum is designed for those who are afraid of high-weight machines and want strong suction for cleaning. This machine is a much less expensive version of Dyson products that come with high prices on the market now.

  • Price: Just under $200. Many people can buy it because it is not expensive to own one for their house.
  • Strong and Consistent Suction Power: it is good enough to rival the high-end models like Dyson’s. That’s because the vacuum is powered by the mains, which means the suction will always remain strong
  • Super long cord: Usually, cleaners are designed with a 25-ft power cord, which is enough for you to cover a pretty large area. However, with Shark HV302, you will have a 30-ft power cord. It is very suitable for changing the cleaning position if you complete it. Moreover, you don’t need to equip much socket or outlet in your house aiming to use this machine.
  • Lightweight Design: This item is also a good choice when you want a lightweight product.
  • 2-in-1 Design: The use of the wand for other tasks is very easy with this function. You can detach it for reaching other places if you find it comfortable. After that, it is not difficult to transduce it into a handheld vacuum. Therefore, you can suck up the cobwebs on the ceiling and tight areas with a handheld form.
  • Washable Filters: Despite not owning a HEPA filter, this model still has washable ones instead. You should clean them many times that save a lot of money for you when it gets dirty.
  • Swivel Steering Technology: The HV302 is well-known with swivel steering. This helps the machine move smoothly around obstacles.

3.Shark NV352 Navigator Vacuum for Carpet and Pet Hair

Shark NV352 - Best Shark Vacuum For Carpet

When mentioning Shark NV352, you can expect a trustworthy vacuum that gains much attention from users. This cleaner is familiar and well-known among Shark lovers. This is a product which is easy to use in your house as well as your car. It will be an excellent option for budget-minded if you want a great vacuum but can’t afford steeper price tags.

  • Price: This is a vacuum that you can buy around $140 to $180. Especially, there will have a considerable change in price that you can notice to get a great price.
  • Great Maneuverability: This is one of Shark’s lightest upright options. Plus, Shark made it easy to move by adding a swivel steering feature which helps the machine slide smoothly around obstacles.
  • HEPA Filter: Shark NV352 possesses a washable and HEPA filter for trap all dirt or dust and then releases clean air back to the air. You can empty filter if you see it need to be clean. Let’s check it many times before and after use.
  • Long Power Cord: The cord of this item also makes people feel comfortable thanks to its length. It takes out all the dirt in the vast area.
  • Never Loses Suction Technology:  This is the key point that Shark wants to market on its products. This function helps Shark different from other brands, improve reputation, quick access to many consumers. The suction will not diminish or abruptly disappear. Therefore, you can safely clean for a long time like the battery it provides. It will be stable from start to finish, if something goes wrong it means the machine has a problem.
  • Lift-away Feature: When you need to clean narrow spaces in your home, you can disassemble the canister. This aims to make it easier to move and clean those areas completely.

4.Shark NV501 Vacuum Rotator Professional Lift-away with Reviews

shark NV501 - Best Shark Vacuum For Carpet

As we all know, Shark’s Rotator Lift-away series include some of the special and excellent products. Especially, Shark NV501 is a part of this series:

  • User-Friendly Design: Its cleaner head is at the bottom and you can know the position of the canister. From that feature, you can use it as the guideline shows you after buying Shark NV501. Plus, you can clean the bottom area that is obscured by a lot of furniture. Besides, Shark NV501 is known for its wide cleaner head.
  • Suction: You won’t worry about losing its suction when cleaning floors, which is important if you have combined floorings. Thanks to its powerful suction capability, Shark NV501 can deal with carpets at ease.
  • Anti-Allergen Seal Technology: This technology helps the vacuum cleaner knock out any dirt completely and ensures a clean atmosphere. Also, the efficient operation of the motorized brush roll helps it to complete its tasks on carpets and rough floors. The combination of these two features attracts a lot of customers’ attention.
  • 3-in-1 Mode: “Three modes in one” will make many people curious about Shark NV501 much. From that, you can use it as you are using three other kinds of vacuums.  Thanks to this function, you can do various tasks that it can take on. Firstly, cleaning is easier when moving becomes freely. Secondly, its design makes you stand straight for not back-hurt. Lastly, it conquers all the high areas in the house, even the stairs or the ceiling.

5.Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-away Professional with Reviews

Shark NV356E - Best Shark Vacuum For Carpet

  • Great Maneuverability: Its weight won’t be a problem, event that it makes cleaning more convenient. Moreover, swivel steering supports so much to complete the job. You can capture the movements of the vacuum cleaner and adjust it accordingly.
  • Lift-Away Feature: Needless to say, this feature makes it easier for you to clean. It helps you to clean up areas that you can easily overlook because they are difficult to clean. Moreover, you do not need to carry the whole vacuum.
  • Anti-Allergen: When researching Shark products, we see that almost all products have an anti-allergen mode. The complete removal of dirt is in your control. Also, it creates a fresh atmosphere as soon as cleaning up dirt.
  • Accessory: The important highlight is the brush roll Shutoff which you can adjust to clean carpets and bare floors. It will work flexibly on these surfaces, preventing dirt from sticking

6.Shark AZ1002 Zero-M Vacuum for Hardwood and Carpet

Shark AZ1002 - Best Shark Vacuum For Carpet

  • DuoClean Technology: Shark AZ1002 is very famous for owning a Dual brush roll system that is so great. This is the reason why you can simply clean the carpet so well and make floors brighter with this item. Furthermore, Zero-M self-cleaning brush roll helps you not afraid of collecting hair lying on the cleaning surfaces.
  • Lift-away Feature: You can remove the canister as well as extend your reach with a motorized brush. Besides, it helps to heighten portability with a detachable canister.
  • Anti Allergen: You can use this vacuum cleaner to remove all dirt to keep the space cool and fresh.
  • Great Design: LED lights can take full advantage of their function when you clean the underexposed area. No matter how much dirt there is, how well they escape, they cannot escape. It also has a fairly compact design, not bulky, not entangle, and very easy to move.

Final thoughts

Above, I showed you 6 types of best Shark vacuums carpets that staying at your house. Each type will benefit you, it depends on the requirements you set. In addition to finding products for carpets, you can refer to other articles to find ones for floors. You can read more other posts here: Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors, Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair.