Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Is it hard to find the best shark vacuum for hardwood floors? This post will help you because of the values good it brings. Vacuum cleaners now take a significant part in human daily life. Now, people are not scared about doing housework alone that is so hard and time-consuming. Life has become much easier for housewives. Maybe you don’t know that a messy living environment can lead to a stressful life. Therefore, we have to clean up our house almost every day. Clean air and tidy house is a must for our well-being. Traditional methods still do their job to get rid of dirt and dust.

However, this kind of product is good for cleaning the whole house in minutes in much more effective ways. You will see many benefits it brings for you in cleaning through various functions. If pets stay on your house or simply you shed lots of hair, this item can knock out and suck it up even though it lies deep into carpets. The most advanced cleaners now are robot vacuums. They can clean your house asset schedules. This also makes you do their job at home regularly.

Currently, the market is flooded with various types of vacuum cleaners as well as the rapid growth of brands. This variety also makes it difficult to choose… Shark has come up with an assortment of vacuum lines meeting different needs. It may depend on your type of floors to pick a suitable cleaner up. If you want to own the best Shark vacuum for hardwood floors, you need to find out this article right away. In the next section, I have mentioned about 6 best shark vacuums for hardwood floors.

Common Features

Most vacuums have their purposes for cleaning to make great jobs however they still get the limitation with specific floor types. People find that most of the machine gets trouble with hard floors. This type of floor requires very dedicated cleaners but can pick up all the gross debris off the floor. When checking your floor surface, if you see the grooves or indents, it is high time you needed a higher level of suction power. The design might include rubber wheels instead of plastic as well as some excellent accessories attached. Also, it should have a beater bar which turns off to protect the floor. Therefore, choosing the best Shark vacuum for a hardwood floor is a real pain.

Everyone chooses a hardwood floor to decorate because it looks luxurious, elegant, and worthy of the value of their house. What are the reasons people choose the way Shark products, especially the best Shark vacuum for a hardwood floor? Just simply that you will get many perfect things from this famous brand giving when owning its product, which is considered so friendly and great so much.

In the market, you can see that there are many vacuums for wood floors available. It has diversity from uprights and canisters to stick and cordless models. “Best shark vacuum for hardwood floors” is your criteria, let’s choose the items that Shark makes it special for only this kind of floor. Moreover, there are many types of multipurpose vacuum cleaners so you need to know the product thoroughly before buying them.

Top 6 Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

You can know the 6 best shark vacuum for hardwood floors in my post with all the information you need. Here is my introduction to their advantages and disadvantages. if you feel they are the best choice, think the way to possess one.

1. Shark NV70 Navigator DLX Vacuum For Pet Hair and Wood Floors

Shark NV70 - Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

  • Reasonable Price: We can understand that buying this vacuum may not difficult for everyone with the amount of money, around $200.
  • Well Avoiding Allergen: This Shark’s model is provided with the HEPA filtration system and the appearance of AACS technology that people expect. They combine to remove all the bad things covering on the floor, carpet, or in the air. It almost blows away 100% of dirt, even small ones that all people, in general, will feel comfortable whenever staying at home after use.
  • Power:  It’s quite a strong suction power that seems to wash away all the dirt in the house. It does a wonder pick-up job on carpet and bare floors. Pet hair is sucked up well too.
  • Hardwood Floor: You can control the brush for the surface like hardwood one to limit the bad thing coming to your furniture.

2. Shark Rocket HV302 Vacuum for Carpet and Hardwood Floors

Shark HV302 - Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

  • Affordable Price: One more time, Shark brings to us a machine that many people feel that they can own one. It costs under $200 so that you can consider buying this one for your house.
  • Pretty Design: Around 8 pounds is so light as for a vacuum. Moreover, the transition into a handheld form to clean every area you want to make a job. Besides, moving around your house also is easier.
  • Modern Technology: This model comes with various technologies for moving easily and clean effectively on any surface that you need. Besides, it provides some options to help you well store for preservation. Moreover, you can collect more dirt or debris with smart tools for the hard floor. Many people like to use this tool for its convenience

3. Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away Pro Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Shark NV356E - Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

This vacuum is very well-known among other Shark vacuums. That’s because it does a very good job on various types of floors at a reasonable price.

  • The Cost: This cleaner comes with a price of nearly $250 or less, depending on stores. It is affordable to most families out there. However, Shark often opens sale-off event so people can buy products at the most preferential prices
  • Power Source: The airflow strength is considered as strong as a Dyson or Hoover. This is a thing that you can only expect in the below $500 range. Shark NV356E brings insides a strong suction to defeat all the bad particles even lying deep in the crevices. According to the study, this suction is created through the direct command of the brush rolls from the canister. You will get an impressive piece of modern technology when this vacuum is turned into a portable unit.

The Versatility:

  • Carpeted Floor: The NV356E can deliver consistent suction power during the work thanks to the “Never Loses Suction” technology. Through this feature, people will make the job done perfectly and fast beyond their expectations. It works by generating deep suction for picking up dust and dirt lying in the carpet’s bed.
  • Bare Floors: Many people said that this type of flooring is not exactly its forte yet it does an awesome job. Its power maintains powerful without ever losing anything along the way.
  • Lightweight and Upright Design: Shark NV356E comes with a “Lift-away” function which allows them to convert into both upright units and canisters to clean all the high places that you cannot reach with normal machines. It is lightweight (just about 13.7 pounds) and perfect for older people or those who cannot bend to make their back hurt. I believe you won’t enjoy dragging around a vacuum which is heavy and bulky. However, it won’t become an issue more because this feature will thoroughly solve it.
  • Friendly to Use:  Every machine all has many functions to make the job perfect and Shark NV356E is no an exception. This machine is very simple with the guideline, even very easy and friendly in use. It is lightweight and designed with simple buttons. Just read the instructions and you can get started with using it easily.

Noise and Warranty

  • Long Warranty and Good Service: Shark give customer 2-year warranty with this product. This policy is very necessary for all users when they check it and see the mistakes, please connect to customer service. Besides, a great in customer service will improve the reliability of customers for brands. It is convenient for them to be solved all the problems the customers face when using. Therefore, people are satisfied and gave it 5-stars for its customer service.
  • Noise: The NV356 generates about three times less noise than some comparable cleaners like the Hoover stick vacuum. Of course, the NV356E is pretty loud with a brush bar motor running for carpet. Moreover, it gets the high-pitched whine with a brush head motor. However, it will amazingly quiet when vacuuming hard floors while the brush off.

4. Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382 Ultra-Light Corded with Hand Vacuum

Shark HV382 - Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

  • Lightweight: 9.9 pounds is not a big number, which won’t affect its maneuverability. Lifting the machine is easily more than ever to clean upholstery or stairs. You can even control it to move around and still avoid hand pain. Furthermore, the swivel steering makes it crawl more smoothly on the floor with no damage or breaking.
  • Modern Upright Design: I find this cleaner extremely attractive. It catches all the attention of people through the deep red color on the body. People barely take their eyes off the slim and pretty vacuum cleaner. It has a hybrid thing between a stick and an upright vacuum that you should know. Its unique design is the pretty thing that comes with swivel steering for removing dirt or debris. These bad things always stay deep-down in the carpet that so hard to do. Another benefit is that you can bring it to overcome several obstacles in your house with ease.
  • Price: The great point is that it costs so affordable, both low and middle-income people can own it if they want. Its price ranges from $200 to $250

Advanced Features: 

There is one thing that makes you interested in this vacuum product. Many vacuums in the market now really need an item with the feature which can hold the suction forever. As its name, it won’t cause losing suction, so you don’t have to worry if you own these machines.

Shark HV382 runs with the strong power working for all time of the cleaning sessions. Except for this, many useful LED lights and hand vacuum support strongly for cleaning the dark areas in your house. These lights illuminate all these areas like under the bed, under furniture for not leaving dirt behind. The patent DUO CLEAN technology is one of the elite characteristics that make up the Shark brand that this item owns. It can show Triple Particle Cleaning that is a great feature you cannot see it in other types of vacuums.

Besides, the utilization of a dual brush roll system is very perfect for cleaning with the soft and bristle brushes. The combination of them helps to solve all the issues from different types of floors. These issues may be the existence of many particles that stay hidden insides the floor that you cannot clean.

5. Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet for Hardwood Floors NV752

Shark NV752 - Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

  • Powerful Upright Design: One more time, lift-away technology appears for Shark NV752 to do their job as an upright and canister vacuum. From that, you can freely use it for getting the high places clean that is greater than other kinds. Moreover, you can notice one thing when you clean the dark sides. The LED lights of them stay in the nozzle or eve locates on the handle.
  • Good for Allergy Sufferers: A great couple of technology from Shark is attractive. HEPA filtration system and AACS technology don’t make users disappointed when buying NV752. This feature makes Shark NV752 more attractive and pretty than other kids in the same range price or higher. They are life savers when they help them to throw all the bad particles away that exist on floors or in air. Especially, it can blow away the dirt as you expect. From that, the fresh air will come to your house for every member to enjoy.
  • Affordable Price: The Shark NV752 comes at a reasonable price, so people still feel happy to pay money for this model.
  • TruePet Feature: Shark NV752 is a perfect vacuum for pet owners. The TruePet motor-driven brush and pet multiple tools will be able to clean up the pet hair from all areas.
  • Various Settings: It comes with 3 quickly accessible settings that so convenient when you want to change the cleaning surface. The surfaces you can cover are hard floor, thick/high/low-pile carpet, please choose the suitable setting for your job. Moreover, a hero accessory will support you to remove the dirt trapped inside very quickly.

6. Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum for Hardwood Floors, IF251

Shark IF251 - Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

It is another well-known cleaner from Shark. The Shark IONflex IF251 gets 2 times the power to help you clean faster without making any mistake during the session. Owning 2 batteries pack ION and various attachments for all tasks, you will be confident to clean every place you need to do.

  • Price: The Shark IONflex IF251 is the most expensive as compared to the above two. If those two are below $250 and suit low- and middle-income families, this one may be considered as high-end as it is priced at nearly $400. Although it’s so high, you will feel lucky for buying one of the best shark vacuum for hardwood floors.
  • Lithium-ion Power: If your house is out of electricity in the middle of your cleaning. This vacuum is equipped with 2 rechargeable Lithium-ion Power packs to help you maintain the cleaning session and prevent anything interfering. These batteries fully charge in three and a half hours, and you will stay in a comfortable situation to take on the important to easy and regular jobs in your house. Each one has a series of LED lights for seeing the rest of the power that the battery can work when you are making cleaning.

Advanced Features:

  • MultiFlex: This is a unique feature of this vacuum that many users compliment so much. It can bend the wand at the center for more benefits that you could receive thanks to this action. Especially, you can take much advantage of this unit to defeat all the dirt under the low-profile obstacles. Moreover, you can fold it for easy storage, preserve as well as space-saving.
  • DuoClean Brush Technology: It includes two brushes that work together for the methods to remove dirt in all bad terrain. Nevertheless, they can knock out all the bad particles with small size but still protect the floors. It cleans not only deeply but also gently.
  • Active Glide: this feature makes the vacuum maneuver like it is on rails.
  • Smart Response: Shark brings in new technologies, helping automatically adjust the capacity of vacuum. Because each floor material requires a different level of care.

Final thoughts

Those are all reviews of the best dust-free machines available for hardwood floors. If you don’t want to hurt your floors or ruin its beautiful surface, you should consider 6 vacuums above which is designed to work on hardwood floors. Learn much with Best Shark vacuum for Carpet, or Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair.

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