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Comparison Between Bissell 1940 vs 1940W

This is my second review about Bissell vacuum cleaners. In the first one, I put Bissell 9595a vs 1330 in the same line. Since then, many people asked me to review more about Bissell products. Therefore, today I will pick out another couple from this famous brand: Bissell 1940 vs 1940W. From their names, you […]

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Comparison Between Bissell 9595a vs 1330

BISSELL 9595A VS 1330: LOVELY TWIN ?? If you have learned about vacuum field long enough, Bissell is no stranger to you. Right? Bissell Inc. is founded in the late 1800s and now one of the largest manufacturers of floor care products in North America. Its models look cool and there are tons of positive reviews […]

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