Bissell Proheat Pet Vs Proheat 2X: Which One Is Better?

Welcome back to my series of best Shark vacuums! This time the topic is Bissell Proheat Pet Vs Proheat 2X: The Competition Between Bissell’s Top Products.

When it comes to cleaning, the right assortment of tools are important, considering types of floors, durability, cleaning capabilities and budget. I always recommend my dear readers that selecting a product from top company is a wise choice, which will bring about benefits in many ways. Along with Shark and Dyson, Bissell remains as one of the best producers of vacuum cleaning appliances internationally. The brand focuses on machines that make life easier. It offers a wide collection of vacuum lines and contributes greatly to the diversity of vacuum cleaner market. Most of them are lightweight units with excellent suction power to make cleaning a simple task.

I have done some reviews about Bissell vacuum cleaners and all of them are its well-known products. Today, I’ll focus one another pair from this famous brand – two models from Bissell Proheat. This vacuum line is made for carpet cleaning. It is a home cleaning system that automatically mixes hot tap water with advanced cleaning formulas and heated solution. This type of vacuum machine provides a safe and effective method of cleaning. The ProHeat range is one of the best-sellers of Bissell as it encompasses all of the latest modern technologies developed by the big name Bissell. However, the special thing is the model in Proheat range come with affordable prices so they will be fit perfectly to most families.

That is enough for introduction. I wonder if aforementioned information triggers your curiosity. Well, stay tuned and go with me until the end.

Bissell ProHeat Pet Vs ProHeat 2X: Comparison And Review

Those who have carpets at home know exactly what kind of dirt they can accumulate with time. Pet hair is one of the factor along with heavy traffic, outside environment and even the carpet itself. Most carpet owners usually complain about the difficulty of carpet cleaning because the dust is deep inside. To remove it completely requires a machine coming with great suction power. Luckily, Proheat Pet and ProHeat 2X are two of the best carpet cleaners from Bissell.

BISSELL DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner, 17N4, Grey
  • Get unbeatable pet-stain and odor removal (compared to other upright pet carpet cleaning systems) along with professional-style results with a carpet cleaner that offers a superior clean
  • Heatwave Technology helps maintain constant water temperature throughout the cleaning process 12 rows of dual rotating Powerbrushes
  • 12 rows of dual rotating Powerbrushes; Hose Length: 9 inches stretched
  • EdgeSweep brushes clean against baseboards and Surround Suction helps dry surfaces fast
  • Machine includes pet hair collection basket, 3 inch Tough Stain Brush, Deep Reach Tool, and a 3 year limited warranty. Also included is one trial size bottle of Bissell’s 2X Professional Formula
BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner, 1986,Sparkle Silver with Grapevine Purple Accents
  • Buy BISSELL, save pets; BISSELL donates up to 10 dollars to the BISSELL pet foundation for every pet product purchase, upon activation
  • Engineered to be our best and most powerful carpet cleaning system for the toughest pet stains and odors even removes skunk odor
  • New Max Clean mode, combined with 12 rows of rotating Dual Dirt Lifter Power Brushes, delivers professional grade cleaning to remove deep down embedded stains, dirt and odors
  • Our fastest dry time ever New and improved Express Clean Mode delivers dry carpets in about 30 minutes
  • To attack the toughest stains, activate the Clean Shot Pretreated to deliver a concentrated stream of cleaning solution right where you need it

Last update on 2020-06-06 PST - Details

The Design

Honestly, the design is really extraordinary. The units have triangle shape with providing strong base, which is beneficial as the machines won’t easily tip over like other products. The appearance of Bissell ProHeat Pet vs ProHeat 2X is distinguishable as they come with different colors. The ProHeat Pet is green and black, while the ProHeat 2X is black and blue. Between these two, the ProHeat 2X is taller than the other, 45 vs 25 inches respectively.

The Portability

The Bissell ProHeat Pet vs ProHeat 2X seem a bit bulky. I won’t lie to you: they are a bit heavy. With the weight of 30.1 and 32 pounds, some people may find it difficult to carry the ProHeat Pet and ProHeat 2X respectively around. However, you don’t have to worry about this issue where Bissell foresaw the situation so it attaches 4 wheels under the base. It means you can guide it from one place to another at ease without lifting it up by hand.

The Cleaning Performance

You can’t assess a machine good or bad by basing it on the design and portability. What all we need to know is its cleaning capabilities. Whether it meets our requirements or not before looking at the price.

The Features :

  • The first feature worth mentioned is the heatwave technology. Bissell claims that simply shampooing the carpet isn’t enough. Heating the mixture of water and cleaning formula to a high temperature is necessary to ensure thorough cleaning of carpet. In addition, this system provides constant heat maintaining the water temperature throughout cleaning process.
  • Bissell ProHeat Pet vs ProHeat 2X is designed with dual rotating power brushes. Only difference is the former has 12 rows while the latter comes with 10. This feature helps loosen and remove deep down dirt from carpets. Thanks to rows of bristle, even the toughest dirt stains are not a problem now.
  • The EdgeSweep brushes integrated into Bissell ProHeat Pet vs ProHeat 2X for cleaning against baseboards and ensuring the units to get right up to edges and corners. Meanwhile, the surround suction makes your floor dry fast with the full-width suction.

The Difference :

  • The Bissell ProHeat Pet comes with a variety of pet stain cleaning features. The Pet hair collection basket is easy to empty and helps trap hair and other small dust before it reaches the dirty-water tank. Another one is the deep reach pet tool which shoots formula to the bottom of the carpets, aiming at removing the root of stain. Finally, the tough stain tool attached to the hose of the machine is for stubborn spots or stains on above ground areas, such as stairs, sofas, etc.
  • Only Bissell ProHeat 2X comes with Microban protection. This powerful feature is something that very few carpet cleaners offer. Thanks to it, moist air and damp spots within carpet cleaner is removed. This helps to keep your carpets and upholstery free of mold and mildew and stop those organism from growing in the cleaner. Moreover, it is equipped with large capacity 2-in-1 tank, which means the unit provides deep cleaning faster by making fewer tank filling and emptying trips.

The Price

There is no much difference in price between Bissell ProHeat Pet and Proheat 2X. They are around $200 and available for middle- or even low-income families.

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Bissell Proheat Pet

Bissell Proheat 2X

The Feedbacks

The Bissell ProHeat Pet receives 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Most of them were satisfied with the result of pet hair cleaning. Compared to previous ProHeat models, this one left the carpet much drier. Many people have owned it for more than 2 years but it’s still going strong. However, one expected complain is its weight.

Likewise, Bissell ProHeat 2X has got relatively positive feedback on Amazon. People left comments like “Awesome”, “Fantastic” or “Still running like new after 2 years”. It showed impressive performance on removing 3 to 4-month-old stains out of carpet. Yet, although they agreed it was good at cleaning, the design was horrible.

The Conclusion

In a nut shell, Bissell ProHeat Pet and ProHeat 2X is great products. They are able to return your floors and carpets to a like new look and feel. With little difference in price, you can go for the ProHeat Pet if you have been tied of pet hair for long time. Otherwise, ProHeat 2X shows more overall cleaning capabilities.

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