Dyson DC34 vs V6: Which One Is The Best?

Immediately after best vacuums for long hair, I have returned with a comparison between 2 other amazing machines for pet hair. They are Dyson DC34 vs V6. I believe it won’t take much time for you to adhere your eyes to those vacuums. The simple reason is due to their attractive appearances.

Although pets are adorable, they all create lots of mess all around due to their shed hairs and furs. However, the headache is those furs are light, thin and difficult to be completely removed. Therefore, if you have children in the home, making your house free from pet hair and fur becomes extremely crucial.

Among numerous vacuum cleaners being present in the market, Dyson’s products catch lots of attention. As most of Dyson babies are made utilizing the advanced technology, they have become the firsthand choice of the users. Here we have come up with two of the best handheld vacuum cleaners from Dyson, which are Dyson DC34 and V6. They belong to the vacuum line for hair so you can expect these two share many things in common. This is not the first time I review about machines in this vacuum line. Others are Dyson DC35 vs V6, Dyson DC44 vs V6 and Dyson V8 vs V6. If you want to have more choices, take a sneak peek at the alluring specifications of Dyson DC34 and V6. Let’s see which one will be perfect for your house.

Dyson DC34 vs V6: Comparison And Review

Dyson DC34 vs V6 are seen as two of the most powerful hand vacs in the market. The handheld machines are comfortable and convenient when it comes to clean tight places such as corners, sofas or within cars. Not only that, they show fantastic performance on cleaning hairs and normal duties also. If those things are all you concern, then you’re on the right track.

The Design

Dyson DC34 and V6 have similar design which is slim like a stick. The only difference is the color. While the DC34 has an orange part on the motor, the V6 comes with only silver. The appearance of Dyson DC34 vs V6 is like a revolution when Dyson introduced them, because you hold all of the mechanics and bin in your hand, rather than in the body like traditional vacuums. I found that design gave the DC34 and V6 strong ergonomics. In addition, because of slim and thin design, they don’t take up much space while operating or being stored.

The Portability

Firstly, both Dyson DC34 vs V6 are cordless and run on battery. It means you don’t have to worry about space limit while doing your job. You can bring them to anywhere you want without looking for plugs. Another appealing feature of these handheld vacuums is that they are extremely lightweight, under 5 pounds. Dyson also claimed that Dyson DC3 and V6 have a balanced weight distribution and most users seem to echo that claim. Finally, with the handheld mode, you can carry them around for more versatile jobs.

The Cleaning Performance

It is the most crucial factor when it comes to vacuum cleaners. If a machine can’t satisfy your needs, it’s time to look for alternatives. Before reading below section, you should define your house type. It’s an important step to choose a perfect one.

  • First and foremost, the Dyson DC34 vs V6 are equipped with root cyclone technology which allows the air to spin throughout with high speed. Thanks to it, the centrifugal force doesn’t let the pores to get a clog, which is superior to many other handheld vacuum cleaners. In addition, since there is no bag, there is no loss of suction power as well.
  • They are versatile vacuum cleaners as both of can quickly convert to a handheld by detaching the wand for cleaning tight places such as within car or corners.
  • Since there is a dual power mode, the suction remains high. In addition, the machine provide 6 minutes of MAX mode for more difficult tasks.
  • Both Dyson DC34 and V6 are cordless vacuum cleaners so that you don’t have to worry about space limits. You can carry them around the house without the need of plugs. Both of them use lithium-ion battery which release charge evenly, so that the performance stays strong with no drop off. Dyson claimed that the DC34 recharges nearly 3 times faster than other batteries in handheld vacuums. There is even a LED battery indicator which lets you know when it’s time to recharge the vacuum.
  • However, the re-engineered fade-free battery is customized to deliver 1.5 times more power than the DC34.

The Accessories

A bag of attachments adds versatility to the machine. Both Dyson DC34 and V6 come with a package which fits for a variety of scenarios.

Dyson DC34 has 2 attachments, including crevice tool and a pull-out combination brush/wide nozzle tool which can also double as a pet hair tool for using agitation to loosen hair of upholstery.

Dyson V6 has far more extra tools, including fluffy tool, direct drive cleaner head, mini motorized tool, mini soft dusting brush, combination and crevice tool.

The Price

There is a difference in price between Dyson DC34 and V6 and, of course, the V6 comes with higher cost. To get good deals, I highly recommend you to visit Amazon.

Dyson DC34

Dyson V6

The Feedbacks

Up to 60% of customers on Amazon rated Dyson DC34 5 stars. People left comments like “Amazing all-purpose helper” or “Great handheld vacuum”. It was also praised for quick pickups. However, the biggest complaint was about its short battery life.

The V6 receives a better rank as 65% of customers rated it 5 stars. Those who had limited area to clean complimented for doing a good job. Moreover, most people were satisfied with the fluffy head and cleaner head for hardwood floor and carpet respectively. Yet, they weren’t impressed with the wall mount charger.

The Conclusion

All in all, both Dyson DC34 and V6 are great. There is a few differences and you should consider them before making any decision. However, if you are looking for high-quality handheld vacuum cleaner to make your house free from pet hair, dirt and dust, then opting either of them could be the wise choice. So, what do you think?