Dyson DC35 vs V6 : WHICH ONE WILL WIN?

Welcome back to my comparison series of best dyson vacuum : Dyson DC35 vs V6. Please leave your comments, after reading the comparison and reviews

To continue with my Dyson series, I’ll pick another pair from DC line and V line to compare. Just like its sibling – DC44, the DC35 possesses great features which is desirable for anyone out there.

Nowadays, there are several vacuum manufacturers with hundreds of tools on the market. Vacuum cleaners come with diverse shapes, features and price ranges. The reason for this various array of selections is the wide array of needs from different customers. Along with Shark, Bissell, iRobot or Neeto, Dyson is one of the trending brand in the market at the moment. It offers a great variety of  products towards its ultimate goal: making life easier. Therefore, most of its models are lightweight and space-saving.

The DC and V series are famous amongst customers as they provide great maneuverability and excellent performance at affordable price. Before purchasing either Dyson DC35 vs V6 Absolute, as a smart shopper, you should know how well these two offer beforehand. You’ll find out through this article whether Dyson DC35 vs V6 are worth your time and money – just about 2 minutes.

Dyson DC35 vs V6: Comparison And Review

Prior to today post, I gave some comprehensive information about Dyson DC44 vs V6 Absolute. In this article, I’ll write another post on comparison between Dyson DC35 vs V6 which are the early models in the series. Building on the strengths of the handheld bagless vacuum, these two units come with a good filtration system and a raft of accessories. Each cleaner has its unique attractive points, but also shares several similarities. They are considered as excellent choices for cleaning the toughest messes.

The Design

Both Dyson DC35 and V6 Absolute come with an upright design which brings about several benefits for users. Those who have back pain can stand straight and easily clean many places around the room without bending too much. In addition, Dyson claimed that the center of gravity is located toward the grip for easy and lightweight clean ups. Thanks to compact design, Dyson DC35 vs V6 Absolute are one of the wisest choice for cleaning small space like car. Their appearance is very identical with not much difference in height, 44.1 inches (DC35) and 46.4 inches (V6 Absolute). Although the color on the body is the same (silver), there different point on the handheld. While Dyson DC35 comes with green-blue, the V6 has white color.

The Portability

With the slim design and weight of 4.8 pounds (DC35) and 4.5 pounds (V6), these two units are perfect for maneuverability. You can effortlessly carry them around the room and even up and down stairs with ease. Housewives can find them convenient and easy to lift up for cleaning curtains and ceiling with little effort. Also, older people or back pain suffers will love those machines.

The Cleaning Performance

What makes a machine worth waiting and buying is no other than its cleaning capabilities. If a machine can’t meet your minimum requirements, it’s time for you to consider an alternative.

  • Dyson DC35 and V6 Absolute are equipped with Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone technology. It uses centrifugal forces to spin and loosen dirt, keep  it out of filter inlets and go straight to the dust bin, making it more efficient.
  • Both of them use Li-ion battery which is a very well-known type, providing constant power throughout the charge cycle and requiring low maintenance.
  • Dyson DC35 vs V6 Absolute are both convenient as they can quickly convert to a handheld by detaching the wand for cleaning tight places such car or corners and quick clean-ups.
  • A bag of attachments adds versatility to the machine. Both Dyson DC35 and V6 Absolute come with a package which fits for a variety of scenarios.
Dyson V6 Absolute
Its floor attachment comes with a motorized brush head which is able to pick up tiny particles of dust or dirt on hard floors and larger ones on carpetIt also shows fantastic performance on carpet thanks to the direct-drive head spin and push brush bristles which reach deeper and remove dirt with ease.
The charging time is short, around 3-1/2 hours to fully accomplish. However, it has just 15-minute run time and maximum of 6 minutes, which is shorter compared to the V6 Absolute.The V6 Absolute comes with additional soft roller cleaner head. It is designed exclusively for hard floor to avoid scratches. Dyson claims that it is able to pick up large debris and fine dust simultaneously in a single shot
Although it doesn’t have HEPA filter, the DC35 is equipped with a filtration system which will last the life time of the machineOne of the most important feature in the V6 is integrated HEPA filters. It is considered as certified asthma and allergy friendly system. The filters have capabilities of capture up to 99.97% of tiny particles. It helps separate V6 Absolute from the DC44 and its siblings.

The Accessories

Dyson DC35 has 4 attachments, including crevice tool, extension wand, combination and motorized floor tool. Especially, the floor vac attachment which boasts a spinning brush ideal for carpets and hardwood floors.

Dyson V6 Absolute has far more extra tools, including fluffy tool, direct drive cleaner head, mini motorized tool, mini soft dusting brush, combination and crevice tool.

The Price

As expected, the V6 is more expensive. The DC35 comes with a price around $300, while the other are around $400. It can be different depending on stores.

Dyson DC35

Dyson V6

The Feedbacks

The DC35 receives 5 stars from 51% of customers on Amazon. Most people praised it for portability and suction power. In addition, all of them loved the elegant design and were happy with the results. However, its short run time upset many people.

The V6 Absolute receives a better rank as 65% of customers rated it 5 stars. Those who had limited area to clean complimented for doing a good job. Moreover, most people were satisfied with the fluffy head and cleaner head for hardwood floor and carpet respectively. Yet, they weren’t impressed with the wall mount charger.

The Conclusion

Between these two, I highly recommend the V6 Absolute. Although it charges you some extra money, it comes with the most attachments. Also, the HEPA filter itself is worth the price.

It’s time for personal thoughts and preference.