Dyson V8 Animal vs V8 Absolute: Which One Is Better?

Currently, getting along with the development of technology, the human life is also better with the supporting of many modern things. Machine becomes more and more popular in daily with high convenience. Of which, we can see clearly that vacuum are one of the most machines that exist in their house. People feel bored and tired of cleaning house with traditional methods that are time-consuming and waste much energy. Therefore, they need a machine to help them to reduce time cleaning and make it easy than these old methods. As a result, many manufacturers have taken this advantage to make the series of vacuum cleaners that are modern and trendy. Dyson is one of these brands that bring a lot of qualified products to meet the user’s demands. Its vacuum cleaners often attract customers’ attention through many types. In this post, we will know about Dyson V8 Animal vs V8 Absolute.

Dyson V8 Animal Vs V8 Absolute: Comparison and review

Dyson manufactures many models with outstanding features to compete with well-known brands. About vacuum cleaner, it comes with many lines, many types with improvement for the demands and feedbacks of its customers. Among them, Dyson V8 Animal vs V8 Absolute also belong to the V8 series.

Dyson V8 Absolute provides a great balance of cleaning power and battery life with a fairly affordable price. It comes in two flavors as yellow and iron. Two types different only in the color of the shaft, the others are the same device. It works well on carpets and hard floors that receive high compliments.

Meanwhile, Dyson V8 Animal is very strong, quiet and lightweight. Nevertheless, it has a longer battery life as well as incredible engineering that make it more attractive than other models. Moreover, cordless design makes it easy to grab more dirt.

The Design

Dyson V8 Animal and absolute own a cordless, lightweight as well as portable design. Besides, you can shorten the hose for handheld machines or lengthen for reaching hard-to-clean areas gently and smoothly. However, we can tell them apart through their appearance. Dyson V8 Absolute comes with yellow on its body and purple color on the handheld position and motorized head. In addition, they have lightweight and slim design for easily moving around. However, We can see that Dyson V8 Absolute is heavier than V8 Animal. Therefore, Put them up when cleaning up pretty easily. Of course, V8 Animal will be a little harder that weighs up to 2 kilograms.

Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Stick Vacuum, Iron/Yellow (Renewed)
  • This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished, shows limited or no wear, includes all original accessories, and a 6 month Dyson limited warranty against original defects in materials & workmanship; warranty covers private household use in accordance with the owner's manual
  • Cord-free. Hassle-free. The most powerful suction
  • Up to 40 minutes of powerful suction (up to 25 minutes with motorized floor tool attached). Trigger releases instantly. Battery power is only used for cleaning.. Customers must charge their V8 for a minimum of 4 hours prior to it being functional
  • Whole machine HEPA filtration captures allergens and expels cleaner air than the air you breathe
  • Powered by the Dyson digital motor V8, it creates the most powerful cordless vacuum

Last update on 2020-06-06 PST - Details

The Cleaning performance

They still belong to Dyson, Dyson V8 Animal vs V8 Absolute have many similarities. However, they still have some differences to make themselves brighter than the others. Therefore, people should know and understand them to get the best one.

  • The V8 series all comes with Dyson’s “whole machine filtration” and V8 Animal and Absolute are not exception. This works by spinning air within two tiers of cyclones for easily removing dust, dirt and other debris. Moreover, they have also a post-motor filter to catch particles about 0.3 microns in size. Especially, two models have the same filtration system, which doesn’t exist in the V6.
  • Another great feature of them is direct-drive cleaner head. This device has 150% times more powerful than the standard V6 Animal floor-head. From that, it can dig deep into carpets to get rid of more dirt. In addition, the carbon fibre filaments help to clean hard floors in your house.
  • They go with a long battery that provides up to 40-minutes run-time when using a non-motorised tool. This drops to 25-minutes when using the motorized floor head but enough to clean.
  • When you need extra suction, these products have a max power mode which greatly reduces battery life. Besides, it still provides a handy boost in power for getting rid of stubborn dirt on the floors. Another good feature is that they can quickly convert into a handheld mode. This mode is really great for cleaning stairs, cars or other tricky areas.
  • Cordless design will make more flexible in any situation. People don’t need any socket for this machine when cleaning.
  • Especially, V8 Animal and Absolute have a new dirt emptying system. In this case, this can push the debris out so you’re likely not to need to pull it out manually.
  • The system can capture 99.9% of allergens. Therefore they are good options for those who suffer from allergy symptom. The Dyson’s HEPA filters are easily washable, so you just clean them regularly instead of buying new ones. Therefore, you will save an amount of money for not buying extra filters.
  • However, Dyson V8 Absolute owns the “fluffy” soft roller cleaner head unlike V8 Animal. The fluffy floor head is suitable for those who decorate their house with hard floors. Therefore, Dyson V8 absolute make many users impressed through working on vinyl or hardwood floors. Picking up large debris and fine dust as well as prevention of scratching delicate surfaces is easy.

The Accessories

Dyson V8 Animal: Wand, docking station, direct drive brush roll, combination tool, rigid crevice tool, miniature motorized tool.

Dyson V8 Absolute: Wand, docking station, direct drive brush roll, combination tool, rigid crevice tool, soft roller cleaner head, miniature motorized tool.

The Price

According to information from the seller at amazon, the Dyson V8 absolute cost a bit more expensive for its quality. Their price cost nearly $400. The price is relatively high but you will get the qualified product when buying it.

Dyson V8 Animal

Dyson V8 Absolute

The Feedback

Dyson V8 Animal is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon with many compliments. People do not need to work so hard to move it around thanks to this product. Especially, it is not necessary to equip an electrical outlet because of it cordless design.

Dyson V8 Absolute reaches 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon with many positive comments. Some of the compliments that customers say are lightweight, easy to empty. Actually it easily picks everything up and off of their hardwood floor with these floor attachments. Nevertheless they are satisfied with its ability to remove surface debris and collect fine dust partials.

The conclusion

Overall, Dyson V8 Animal vs V8 Absolute come with high price but they bring many benefits for you. The models are two of outstanding vacuum cleaners of Dyson. People can find out more information in my previous articles like “Dyson V8 Absolute Vs V6 Fluffy” “Dyson V7 vs Shark IONFlex 2X“. through this articles, i hope you better understand the types of Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Dear ! My name is Kendra Dibbert, a Shark vacuum cleaner expert. If you have any questions about this brand. Please contact me via the mailbox.

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