How to Clean Shark Vacuum Filters

We use vacuum cleaners every day to clean our house. Like dust cups, we have to empty and clean them frequently because the cleaners’ performance will be directly affected. Another part which need washing on a daily basic is the filters for optimal performance and in order to increase the cleaners’ lifespan. Even the best Shark vacuums or high-end products require regular cleaning. There are an assortment of Shark models, which means the actual process of accessing and removing various parts such as filters may be a bit different for each. It will depend on their designs. Therefore, an advice from me is that you should check the manual so that you know exactly where each part is located and how to remove it.

Today, I’ll show you how to clean Shark vacuum filters. In this article, there will be some tips for you to clean the vacuum filters without damaging other parts of the vacuum. You know, many people don’t clean appropriately, which leads to reduce the vacuum’s lifespan.

Clean pre-motor filters

To begin with, you have to remove the canister. There are two pre-motor filters, which are a felt filter and a foam filter. You can hand-wash these filters under cold water until they are completely clean. Some people take them to a sink of warm soapy (Blue Dawn) water, giving them a thorough bath. Remember to wash both the foam and felt filters in an extremely careful way, especially those made of felt. Once cleaned and rinsed, the filters may or may not return to their new white appearance. However, don’t worry as long as they are not torn or broken. After washing, let them air dry for approximately 24 hours and put them back into the vacuum when they are totally dry. I highly recommend you to clean the pre-motor filters monthly for optimal performances of your vacuum cleaner.

How to Clean Shark Vacuum Filters

Next, we have to clean the post-motor filter. It can be HEPA standard depending on your models. As you know, the HEPA filter is a high-end filtration which is useful if you or your family members have asthma or allergy sufferers because it is able to trap up to 99.7% of allergens and small particles. It is fascinating that nearly every Shark vacuum cleaner has one. And, just like other filters, they need cleaning. Usually, you can find it located near the motor. However, it may be different in some models. You have to find the owners’ manual to find out. Remove the filters carefully and set them aside. Then, you should wash each filter thoroughly until they’re clean. Remember to rinse it with cold water and rub it gently with your fingers to get rid of all the dust and dirt out. Some people use some warm soapy water. It is not recommended using detergent or soap while cleaning these filters, as it can affect the filters’ functionality over time. Actually, cool running water is mostly the best and most effective method. And, you can use a non-abrasive detergent to make the water soapy. Squeeze all the water from the filters and then place them in an appropriate place to dry. It takes much longer for HEPA filters to dry as compared to other. It is important to know that any filter must be completely dry before being put back in the vacuum. Otherwise, it could lead to mould and mildew growing on the filters. Once you have completed all of the steps, they are ready to be put back together and start vacuuming again. You will notice a change in the suction power right from the start. This is because all of the filters are clean and free of dust and dirt. The air is circulating freely and there is no debris in any part. In addition, cleaning filters help you experience an odorless vacuuming. The machine gets rid of any foul emanating from the vacuum cleaner. The weird noises as well as leaving dirt behind will also be a part of the past. You can continue enjoying hassle-free cleaning experience.

The Conclusion

In short, cleaning filters is not a difficult task, but it is not easy either. You have to especially careful if you don’t want to tear the filters and spend lots of money buying them again.

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