How To Replace Belt On Shark Vacuum

No one can deny the benefits vacuum cleaners have brought about to our life. They have become human’s great assistance in dealing with daily household chores. Today, finding a suitable cleaner is not that hard since we have lots of brands as well as models ranging in different price tags. Among all, Shark is one of the most leading brand in this market. It models are one of the best and most reliable vacuum cleaners that you can find in the market. Shark comes with different series, including Shark Rocket, Shark Navigator and Shark Rotator and so on. And, many models of these vacuum lines have motorized rotating cleaning head which is driven by a belt. Shark models are durable and reliable, but parts can wear or even break over time. Modern models are made to last, some earlier ones in the range did not have an automatic cut-off switch built into the cleaning head. As a result, the belt might break before the motor is switched off. If something gets stuck in the roller brush, it is highly likely that the belt will snap. If you are owning a Shark vacuum and wanting to replace a belt, you are on the right track. To be honest, changing a belt on Shark vacuum is not difficult. All you need is a few basic tools that everyone has at home. Today, I’ll show you how to replace belt on Shark vacuum.

What Do You Need Before Taking Action?

Fortunately, it won’t give you much of a headache. Taking the broken vacuum belt and adjusting the new one are a piece of cake. Before anything else, you should make sure that the vacuum cleaner user manual coming in handy. You can see more in-depth description of the product, as well as the belt itself. Here are some tools you need:

  • A flat head or a Philips screwdriver: it will depend on the model of Shark vacuum you are preparing.
  • An old hair brush: it will help you with detailed cleaning of the brush roll.
  • A pair of scissors: it will help you free the roller brush of any objects which got entangled in it.
  • Another advice is to have a pair of pliers to hand in case there are any difficult to remove things caught in the roller brush.

How To Replace Belt On Shark Vacuum

Step 1: Prepare the vacuum cleaner

You have to make sure you switched off and unplugged the vacuum from the electric outlets. Lock the vacuum in an upright position. Remove, empty and clean the dust cup. Lay the vacuum down horizontally on the floor so that you get the access to the brush roller unit.

Step 2: Remove the roller cover

Firstly, you remove the cover of the brush roll unit. You can use the appropriate screwdriver, flathead or Phillips, which will depend on the models. The exact locations of the screws vary from cleaners to cleaners, but, in generally, they are relatively easy to locate. In case you find it hard to lift the cover of roller up, don’t force it. Probably, it means that you have missed one of the retaining screws.

Another things is that beware of the fact that there might be electrical connections between the cover and the main body. If yours has one of these connections, unplug the connector carefully.

Step 3: Remove the roller

After removing the cover, you will see the roller assembly and the belt that drives it. If the belt has become worn, broken or lost some teeth, you need to remove the roller itself for further belt replacement.

Step 4: Clean the roller brush connected to the belt

Use the hair brush to clean the bristles. For any larger objects, you should use a pair of scissors or pliers, depending on the size. Make sure to get them out since they affect the belt performance. However, be careful not to rip off any of the bristles.

Step 5: Replace new belt

Slide the new one around the drive shaft of the vacuum cleaner and onto the seat. Also, position the belt onto the end of the roller by following the plastic guides for the belt. Once it is places in its position, press the side of the roller father from the belt.

Step 6: Reassemble the roller unit

Once you make sure the belt is in place, position the roller cover using the same screws.

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