Welcome back to my comparison series irobot vacuum cleaner : Roomba 614 VS 650. Please leave your comments, after reading the comparison and reviews

These basic models is appealing due to their affordable price and impressive performance. It used to be a phenomenon for a long time after release. There are thousands of positive review about it on the Internet. Till today, Roomba 650 remains as one of the most successful smart floor cleaner all the time. Moreover, it is always in the list of best-selling devices with the highest ratings on Amazon.

After all of the features justify a hefty amount of money( around $900 for the Roomba 900s) iRobot goes back to the basics, reels back the price and gives customers an upgrade version of the 600 series. Lots of people consider Roomba 614 as an alternative of the 650 product simply because they can save some money but still own a similar machine if not better.

Roomba 614 vs 650: Comparison And Review

This is my third review of Roomba 650 (the first two ones is between Roomba 650 vs 652). Let’s find out the reasons why these two can take the top spot among various models and how they differ to choose a better one for your needs.

The Design

Nowadays, modern customers tend to find a unit that looks attractive and good-looking. Therefore, the machines which have appealing appearance attract people’s attention as quick as they see it before they dig deeper into the technology. Speaking of appearance design, Roomba 614 and 650 are nearly identical. They have typical round shape like any traditional Roombas. Black is the main color of Roomba 614 vs 650, with a yellowish inner circle on the body. Whereas, there is a different point when you look at the buttons on surface. Roomba 650 features more buttons on top of it in comparison with Roomba 614.

The Portability

The dimensions of Roomba 614 is 17 x 18 x 5 inches and the machine weighs 11.5 pounds. Meanwhile, although Roomba 650 is as lightweight as Roomba 614, it seems a bit smaller with dimensions of 13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches. They are both considered as lightweight devices so you won’t have any problems carrying it to another position in the room.

The Cleaning Performance

This part is the most crucial because if Roomba 614 vs 650 don’t meet acceptable requirements, you should think about alternatives. Before starting, bear in mind that both of them are not high-end products but it doesn’t mean they are cheap or undesirable. They are a wise choice for those who care for convenience.

The Features :

  • Roomba 614 vs 650 integrate iRobot’s patented 3-stage cleaning system which is a combination of agitation, brushing and suction to provide optimal cleaning performance. Thanks to this system, Roombas from iRobot are able to suck up more dirt from tighter places than its rivals.
  • Obviously, Roomba 614 vs 650 can’t be released without iAdapt technology. From previous Roomba reviews, you can see the importance of this technology in iRobot’s frame. Once you turn on the units and they start the cleaning process, Roomba 614 and 650 will pass over the same places more than once. This happens thanks to the iAdapt navigation which uses sensors to detect dirt. As a result, the machines continually clean one spot until the remaining dirt or hair is gone. In addition, the technology makes use of the sensors to avoid stairs and go around furniture. Some people even say that the navigation system of Roomba 614 can rival popular models like Roomba 860 and 880.
  • You will be impressed at their capability of automatically and smoothly adjusting to all floor types, including carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate and more.
  • At the heart of every Roomba is iRobot’s AeroVac technology. It involves 3-stage cleaning system and helps streamlines and optimizes the vacuuming process. The technology helps fill the bins more evenly so you have to empty it less frequently.

The Difference :

  • Some new software of Roomba 614 makes the device act smarter and better compared to Roomba 650 which makes more mistakes and get confused more often.
  • One of the main differences between Roomba 614 vs 650 lies in their type of battery. Roomba 650 has a Ni-Mh battery instead of a Li-ion battery like Roomba 614. The benefit is that the second type of battery lasts longer and allows you to clean multiple rooms. In addition, the ability to schedule the cleaning time is different between these two. While Roomba 650 can be preset to operate up to seven times a week, Roomba 614 doesn’t have this schedule option.

The Price

Like I mentioned many times above, Roomba 614 vs 650 come with a very reasonable prices, around $400. Especially, you can find a better price on Roomba 614.

Roomba 614

Roomba 650

The Feedbacks

Roomba 614 receives 5 stars from 63% of customers on Amazon. Lots of people was shocked at the new technologies in an older design with such a lovable price.Although it was not perfect, people agreed it did a decent job. Nevertheless, they were still upset with the lack of schedule function.

Roomba 650 is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars-that’s pretty impressive. Up to 70% of the customers voted 5 stars for this piece of equipment. They left comments for praising how well the 650 fought against fur and how clean the floors were after they return from work. However, there’s a major flaw: its small dustbin.

The Conclusion

Both are good but I will recommend you to go with Roomba 650. Firstly, the scheduling feature is really practical whenever you’re away from home for several days or busy with other work. Secondly, the virtual wall is something else that is really handy in protecting the machine.

Now, it’s time for you to share some light. Which one do you prefer?