ROOMBA 620 vs 761: Comparison And Reviews

The latest iRobot’s Roomba is the 900 series. However, if you still want to robotic vacuum with affordable price, a product from 600/700 line is an wise choice. Today, I’ll introduce to you Roomba 620 vs 761 and make a comparison head to head.

Vacuuming is boring and tiring. Yes, everyone agrees. That’s why vacuum cleaner business was born and people gradually acknowledge of the importance and convenience of those tools in the house. Vacuum cleaners bring about a great deal of benefits, including removal of dirt, dust, pet hair and unwanted particles in the air, making your cleaning task more fun, easier and simpler, saving time. Specially, it’s not all about house vacuuming. Some vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filtration system which is responsible for eliminating allergens.

Robotic vacuums are not any normal machines. They are small but powerful automatic vacuum cleaners. It means they can be programmed to clean floor when you’re busy doing other things. They feature great technologies to make sure your life at the maximum level of convenience. Prices can vary widely from $150 to over $1000. The more advanced vacuum cleaners are, the more expensively they cost. If you’re looking for a robotic vacuum, the first tip I recommend is looking to a reliable brand. There are hundreds of company which claim high-quality products but doesn’t work out after a few months. Luckily, we have iRobot. They are one of the leading companies in the field and already well-known for their impressive products. In which, Roomba has been a vacuum line which helps put iRobot on the top of the game for a long time now.

Roomba 620 vs 761: Comparison And Review

To be honest, Roomba 620 vs 761 are not the most excellent machines on the market but they still come with many advanced technologies from iRobot. Let’s see what are their strengths and weaknesses and which will be a better vacuum for you.

iRobot Roomba 620 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
83 Reviews
iRobot Roomba 620 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
  • Just press CLEAN on the robot, no programming required
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System loosens, lifts & suctions dirt
  • Navigates under furniture and around clutter
  • Automatically docks and recharges
  • Sweeps wall edges and corners
iRobot Roomba 761 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
130 Reviews
iRobot Roomba 761 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
  • Just press CLEAN on the robot vacuum, no programming required. With just the press of a button, Roomba gets to work.
  • Patented 3-Stage Cleaning System and Dual Multi-Surface Brushes pick up everything from small particles to large debris
  • Dirt Detect sensors alert Roomba to work harder on concentrated areas of dirt, such as high-traffic zones of your home
  • Full suite of intelligent sensors guide the robot under and around furniture to help thoroughly clean your floors
  • Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head automatically adapts its height to effectively clean carpets and hard floors

The Design

It seems that circular design is the optimum for robotic vacuum cleaners. Therefore, you can expect Roomba 620 and 761 in circular shape. While Roomba 761 is only available in gray color, Roomba 620 comes with a variety, namely white, gray and black. In terms of outside appearance, I prefer Roomba 761 over the 620. With the gray color and strong looking vibe, it attracts my attention right away. I believe the Roomba 761 is a wise choice to add another color in your house. There’s one more different point. Although there is one big greenish “CLEAN” button on the surface of Roomba 620 and 761, the organization of extra buttons is different between these two. Roomba 620 has 2 buttons surrounding the “CLEAN”. Meanwhile, there are 4 buttons nearly at the bottom of Roomba 761.

The Portability

The portability is no problem to Roomba 620 vs 761. The latter is larger, both in dimensions and weight. However, the difference is not big and they are able to crawl under bed or furniture without efforts. Carrying and lifting are also easy as they are considered as lightweight units on the market. In addition, they are equipped with iAdapt Responsive Navigation technology to assure the vacuums to navigate and adapt to your changing home.

The Cleaning Performance

I believe 99.99% of customers consider the cleaning capability as the most important factor when they’re looking for a good vacuum cleaner. Hence, knowing how well the machines perform is crucial before making a purchase. Let’s see whether Roomba 620 and 761 is worth your money or not.

The Features :

  • The suction power of Roomba 620 vs 761 is significantly improved. The Roomba 620 offers much better power than the 500 series models and, of course, that of Roomba 761 is stronger than the 600 line. This means the two vacuums suck up more dust, dirt, debris and hair than previous products. Also, both of them are designed to adjust to all types of flooring and of daily environment.
  • The Dirt Detect technology which utilizes acoustic sensors allows Roomba 620 and 761 to be more accurate on finding areas of concentrated dirt so that the machines will give more efforts. As a result, they are able to spotlessly clean the area without going back and forth several times.
  • The iAdapt is an advanced system of software and sensors which allows Roomba 620 and 761 to clean even hard-to-reach places and make multiple passes over the same area to make sure they will leave no debris behind. In addition, the system help avoid stairs and drop-off thanks to those sensors.

The Difference :

  • The 700 series model mark a big change in Roomba line. Between these two, only Roomba 761 comes with a scheduling program which allow user to pre-set up 7 times per week. Moreover, it is designed with high-end HEPA filtration system which may be the main reason why Roomba 761 cost more than the 620. This system is famous as it can remove up to 99.9% of small particles and allergen, make the surrounding air fresh and clean.
  • Compared to Roomba 620, the 761 can operate longer so that the cleaning process won’t be interrupted, 80 and 120 minutes respectively.
  • Unlike Roomba 620, the 761 has an obstacle sensor which prevents the machines from bumping into furniture or vases, etc. on its way. It will slow down when approaching the obstacles.

The Price

It depends on the selling stores, but the difference of price between Roomba 620 and 761 is about $100. It is understandable Roomba 761 is much expensive than its “predecessor” since it comes with HEPA filters and several convenience.

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The Feedbacks

People praised Roomba 620 for its diversity. They could use it to vacuum living room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom and even office in just one go. It also showed impressive performance on picking up dirt and debris. However, customers complained it got stuck sometimes.

“It’s worth every penny”, this is the most liked comment about Roomba 761. Approximately 80% of the customer rated it 5 stars as it worked wonders on cleaning fur of dog and cats. In addition, it did a good job on all surfaces and in a fast manner. One disappointment is its fairly loud noise.

The Conclusion

At the end of the race, Roomba 761 win convincingly. It is more accurate, comes with many good features and convenience, including remote control, larger dustbin, etc. However, if you’re still not satisfied and looking for a more advanced products from Roomba, check this link : Roomba 960 vs 980

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