Roomba 650 vs 652: WHICH ONE IS BEST FOR YOU?

Welcome back to my Roombas series reviews : Roomba 650 vs 652.

Cleaning house is a necessity, but few people enjoy doing that. Nowadays, the process is shortened and easier with the advent of vacuum cleaners, especially robotic vacuums which bring the cleaning job to the next level. Robotic products attract lots of attention because of all the benefits they provide. Many people are tired of the process of dragging around a vacuum cleaner, not to mention the endless stretching, bending over and reaching out to tight position like corner. As a result, house owners opt to borrow a hand from mechanical housekeepers. Robotic vacuums literally go around by itself cleaning your floors without the need of human intervene.

Even if you don’t own one yet, you’ve probably heard of the term “robotic vacuum cleaner” somewhere. They are everywhere. However, not all robotic vacuum cleaners are worth buying. Famous brands, such as iRobot, Neeto or Ecovacs, offer a variety of products which are suitable to different customers’ scenarios. One thing I’m sure about is getting a machine from these top companies guarantees the product’s quality.

This article is perfect for those who are looking for an iRobot’s Roomba but can’t afford the masterpieces from 900 series. The 600s is in the middle of Roomba series. They show fantastic cleaning performance at a very affordable price. Today, I’ll put Roomba 650 vs 652 head to heat for a fierce competition. Check for another comparisons of Roomba 650: Roomba 761 vs 650 and Roomba 770 vs 650.

Roomba 650 Vs 652: Comparison And Review

Roomba 650 vs 652 are belong the same series – the Roomba 600s, so you can expect they will share lots of things. This section will go through various aspects, such as design, portability, cleaning performance, price and feedback. Hope you can decide for yourself by looking at the end paragraph, conclusion.

The Design

Roomba 650 and 652 come with traditional circular shape. The color is still basic black, which isn’t much different from their previous siblings. However, the surface of Roomba 652 is toward more gray. These two vacuum have lots of extra buttons on the surface. More functions are added because they don’t come with a remote control like a few vacuums in Roomba 800s and 900s. In addition, they both 3.6 inches tall so the machines will fit perfectly hard-to-reach areas, such as under sofas, cupboard or bed without getting stuck.

The Portability

Don’t ever question about the maneuverability of robotic vacuums. Great portability is probably the most attractive features of robotic series. Roomba 650 vs 652, just like any other, operates by itself to do the job. The machines are integrated iAdapt Navigation which uses a full suite of intelligent sensors to guide the robot through the room and avoid obstacles. Moreover, Roomba 650 and 652 are 11.5 and 7.9 pounds in weight respectively which is pretty lightweight. I believe you won’t have any problem related to carrying them around the house.

The Cleaning Performance

Roomba 650 vs 652 are basic robotic vacuum cleaners. They show a satisfying performance at a very reasonable price. For those who have tight budget but still want to enjoy advanced technology, Roomba 650 or 652 is a wise choice. Let’s see whether they are worth every of your pennies or not.

The Features :

  • Roomba 650 vs 650 is design with patented 3-stage cleaning system which involves agitation, extraction and suction of debris and dust. Its principle is to loosen the dust or pet hair, use high power suction to remove them and assure the surface of floor is clean before moving on. This mechanical device provides a thorough and efficient cleaning job. In addition to this feature, Dual Multi-Surface Brushes helps pick up everything from small particles to large ones.
  • These machines need little help from human assistance even when their battery runs low. They automatically return to their ho me base and recharge. Another automatic function is Auto-Adjust cleaning head. Roomba 650 and 652 show ability of cleaning all types of floorings, such as carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate and more. Not only that, they also automatically adjust to different surfaces.
  • They all come with a function which allow you to conveniently schedule up to 7x per week. Hence, you can still get your house cleaned even if you’re not at home.
  • Patented Dirt detect technology use a range of sensors to recognize concentrated areas of dirt or high-traffic zones of your home. This feature alerts Roomba to work harder and push more power those areas.
  • In addition, Roomba 650 and 652 perform excellently along the walls. They are designed with Edge-Sweeping Brush which is at 27-degree to sweep dust and debris away from tight places such as edges or corners.

The Difference :

  • The difference between Roomba 650 vs 652 is battery type and life. While Roomba 650 has Nikel metal-hydride, the Roomba 652 comes with Lithium-ion battery. This type of battery is more efficient than the Nikel. As a result, Roomba 652 has longer battery life and perform for 60 minutes. Meanwhile, you can only expect 50 minutes in Roomba 650.
  • In contrast, buying Roomba 650 is beneficial as it includes virtual wall barrier to help the machine get away from forbidden parts of your home.

The Price

Roomba 652 is a bit more costly than the other. However, with those technologies, Roomba 650 and 652 is considered as the cheapest Roombas you can currently buy. I highly recommend Amazon for a better price.

Roomba 650

Roomba 652

The Feedbacks

Roomba 650 is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars-that’s pretty impressive. Up to 70% of the customers voted 5 stars for this piece of equipment. They left comments for praising how well the 650 fought against fur and how clean the floors were after they return from work. However, there’s a major flaw: its small dustbin.

65% of buyers rated Roomba 652 a 5-star on Amazon. Most of them found this machine practical and affordable. They were content with its powerful performance and beautiful design. The robot also accurately sensed cliffs, preventing from falling off stairs. Yet, some people found it noisy.

The Conclusion

The fact that Roomba 650 is cheaper with several similar features is an advantage. Whereas, Roomba 652 is wise choice for those who have large rooms in order to have extra 10-minute running time.

Which one do you prefer?