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Roomba 650 vs 652: WHICH ONE IS BEST FOR YOU?

Welcome back to my Roombas series reviews : Roomba 650 vs 652. Cleaning house is a necessity, but few people enjoy doing that. Nowadays, the process is shortened and easier with the advent of vacuum cleaners, especially robotic vacuums which bring the cleaning job to the next level. Robotic products attract lots of attention because […]

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Roomba 805 vs 880 : What’s The Difference?

Follow the previous comparison and review between Roomba 805 vs 860, another amazing pair of robot vacuum cleaners popped in my head: Roomba 805 vs 880. From robot vacuum line, these machines are perfect for those who want homes to be vacuumed but don’t want to the vacuuming themselves. Why? Because it is automatically operated […]

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Welcome back to my comparison series irobot vacuum cleaner : Roomba 614 VS 650. Please leave your comments, after reading the comparison and reviews These basic models is appealing due to their affordable price and impressive performance. It used to be a phenomenon for a long time after release. There are thousands of positive review […]

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Roomba 805 vs 860 : What’s The Difference?

If you have been in vacuum field long enough, you may know that presently the most advanced and top quality vacuum cleaners belong to robot models, including roomba 805 vs 860. People favor it for several reasons. Firstly, it is automatically operated. It can does all the cleanup job by itself without human’s interference. As […]

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Comparison Between Roomba 761 vs 650

ROOMBA 761 vs 650: THE POWER IN SMALL UNITS ? House cleaning is never an enjoyable task, especially to busy people. Have you ever felt sick of doing the household chores every day? Or too tired to vacuum multiple rooms? So why not let a robotic vacuum give you a helping hand. Vacuum cleaners which […]

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Comparison Between Roomba 960 vs 980

ROOMBA 960 vs 980: IS ROOMBA 960 REALLY A BUDGET VERSION OF THE ROOMBA 980? iRobot is already well-known around the world with quality assured products and good services. Recently, they have launched their prides (as iRobot claimed), Roomba 960 and 980. Both belong to the latest iRobot’s robotic vacuum line which is considered as […]

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