Shark APEX DuoClean Upright Lift-Away AZ1002 Review

Now, many people are finding a great vacuum that is suitable for houses but afraid of the various kinds of them. Each brand has a big number of vacuum cleaners that belong to many lines and range of price. Therefore, we make this post to share information about an excellent vacuum for you. We call it Shark AZ1002 that many customers know. This item has many advanced technologies that we can list as Powered Lift-away, DuoClean, and Zero M. Moreover, the great filtration system with the presence of the Anti-Allergen Seal – HEPA filter makes the job better and good for people’s health. Therefore, all of you need to follow this post to get more knowledge when finding a vacuum.

Shark APEX DuoClean Upright Lift-Away AZ1002
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Shark APEX DuoClean Upright Lift-Away AZ1002
Shark APEX Upright Vacuum AZ1002 is a great machine when it has DuoClean to handle dust and debris. Nevertheless, this model has the presence of Zero M to remove and pick up pet hair and prevent it from stuck inside.

Shark AZ1002 Features

Now we will share with you some basic features to let you get a little information about this vacuum.

Powered Lift-Away Technology

Everyone can see that Shark AZ1002 comes with an upright form. Besides, it also removes the canister to apply Powered Lift-away technology. This function makes use of the flexible design to change form for removing dust and debris. This detaches from the wand with a floor nozzle to easily holding by and to move around. From that, users can use this unit to clean hard-to-reach places or in the care and garage when needed.

Especially, Shark AZ1002 has 3 settings to let you choose for a suitable purpose. It includes Hard Floors, Carpet/Low Pile Carpets with Thick Carpets/Area Rugs. Therefore, you just need to notice more for getting the result as you want.

DuoClean Technology

Shark AZ1002 takes advantage of the innovative DuoClean technology in cleaning for convenience. This provides two brush-rolls that are separate and combine so well and effectively. Specifically, the soft brush-roll is great on handling particle of every size on bare floors with carpets. In addition, bristle brush-roll do other the task that deep cleans carpet and removes pet and human hair with dirt embedded.

Zero-M Technology

This modern technology serves for picking up and solving pet hair coming. It gives users a self-cleaning brush-roll that is perfect to face up with tangled hair, debris that sucked inside. This vacuum can complete the task with good results in a short time. This technology is also well-known as Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap that spends for pet owners.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

Most of Shark vacuum comes with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal that is so advanced and innovative. This is excellent with the aim to capture allergens with dust to make no one catch allergic symptoms.

Noise Reduction Technology

We need to share that Shark AZ1002 gets a quite strong motor to vacuum smoothly. However, this vacuum is so good with a low noise level when working. This limits to bother other people and doesn’t let anyone upset.

Active-Glide Technology

In its design, Shark AZ1002 has two wheels to serve for moving well along with a swivel head to be maneuverable and flexible. It keeps the brush-roll spin to push forward instead of pull backward when refreshing carpets and bare floors.

LED lights

Shark gives many LED lights to Shark AZ1002 and arranges them on the handle as well as floor nozzle. Therefore, users cannot be afraid of cleaning in low-light areas.

Shark AZ1002 Specs

The specification below will show what it has to serve for cleaning.

Power Cord: 30 Feet and hose: 5.5 Feet 

Shark AZ1002 also uses a long power cord to cover more space. It is about 30feet in length of power cord with a 5.5ft long hose as well. It plays an important role to deliver electric power for generating strong suction. Besides, it is outstanding with an 11” cleaning path width.

Weight: 17.1 Pounds

This vacuum doesn’t light as other kinds with 17.1 pounds in weight. Therefore, you can feel a bit tired when holding it by hand for too long. However, it doesn’t affect much for upright form thanks to the supporting of wheels.


This vacuum has a pretty physical dimension with 11.2L – 12.2H – 46H inches. It owns a suitable height that makes users can work with a comfortable posture. Also, it is quite compact to store in a space that is small.

Dust cup: 1.5 quarts

Shark AZ1002 stands out with XL capacity of dust cup which can contain 1.5 quarts dust. Moreover, when it is full of particles, you need to spend a little time to empty. This device is removable so you just detach the canister to make the dust cup clean.


This features a great air filtration that is so good at solving dust and pet hair. It gets pre-motor air filters that are foam and felt as well as washable. Besides, a post-motor exhaust air filter is well-known as the HEPA filter that many vacuums have. These filters can trap nearly 100% particle which can only be 0.3 microns or bigger. Especially, you need to rinse the filter to keep suction in great status.


The main reason that Shark AZ1002 gets stronger suction than other kinds is the motor it uses. It estimates that this item takes advantage of a motor with a 1350w and 11.3a power rating. Therefore, the suction is very strong and plenty for a long cleaning session.

Shark AZ1002 Attachment

Shark AZ1002 comes with several attachments with separate functions as their name reveals.

12” Crevice Tool

12″ Crevice Tool is a tool that many people like to use much. It is so long with narrow to capture dust in edges and corners with crevice or gaps. Therefore, these tight spaces in your house will be clean in a short time with a simple action.

Upholstery Tool

This tool is great that spends on reaching upholstery or bed, sofa, and even stairs. Users use upholstery to handle all the dust and pet hair that stay on these surfaces with the highest effectiveness.

Pet Power Brush

Pet power brush supports pet owners to remove all the pet hair. It Self-Cleaning Pet Power Brush is an excellent cleaning tool for pet owners – it is used for cleaning above-floor surfaces, like stairs, upholstery, pet beds, and similar. This pet tool has a small brush-roll as well to make the cleaning better.

Pet Multi-Tool

Pet multi-tool is so flexible with 2 functions. It gets a stiff bristle brush that is good for picking up or collecting pet hair with debris.

Anti-Allergen Brush

Anti-Allergen Dust Brush is suitable for the task of eliminating fine dust or multi-size objects in tight areas. It makes use of strong suction to agitate or deep clean dirt on carpet and floor.

Canister Caddy

Canister Caddy is a tool to support the pod when you apply Powered Lift-away technology. This job will be easier and more convenient.

Shark AZ1002 Price

Compared with other vacuums, Shark AZ1002 has a quite high price. Now, we updated that this vacuum belongs to the middle range of price at around $350. However, it has perfect performance through the effectiveness of innovative technologies and great features. Therefore, this price range is suitable for what it can do and what it brings to you. Moreover, this model gives you a 5-year limited warranty. From that, every error or mistake will be solved with the support of Shark customer service. You can update all the information to capture the changes for buying a great vacuum cleaner at the best price.

Shark AZ1002 Reviews

The customer is very interested in using this great vacuum cleaner like Shark AZ1002. They can see it applies many advanced technologies to use for cleaning. Specifically, DuoClean utilizes its brush-roll system to knock off the dust and debris on both carpets and floors. Besides, Zero M provides a self-cleaning brush to sweep out pet hair inside and outside the unit. Moreover, Shark AZ1002 can do in two cleaning modes with Powered Lift-away technology. In addition, this item gets LED lights for supplying the light to clean entire the house. Furthermore, it creates a low level of noise for not affecting others. From these features, Shark AZ1002 can perform so well to bring benefits and best results for users. So, 4.5-star is a worthy rating for what it presents.

Bare Floor

Shark AZ1002 is really perfect on bare floors with the setting it has. With some attachments, it can eliminate all sizes of debris and another particle. No matter how small or large the debris is, this vacuum also complete so quickly. It gets 8.3 points for this function.

Low-Pile Carpet

This item receives 7.4 points for the capability of cleaning on low-pile carpet. It gets a setting to work well on picking up the large debris. However, it is quite well when faced with a small one.

High-Pile Carpet

Cleaning on the high-pile carpet is not its strength but it still reaches 7.0 points through great performance. It just collects a small amount of dust and debris on this kind of surface.


Shark AZ1002 is better at handling pet hair in both carets and floors. This is slightly difficult when cleaning on high-pile carpet but it still does a good job. Sometimes you have to cut the hair wrap by scissors that are on the Zero-M brush-roll.


For cleaning stairs, Powered Lift-away will support you much. Although it is quite heavier than other vacuums, it is still effective when serving on stairs. 7.7 points spend on every effort it does on this position.


With people owning cars, Shark AZ1002 is one of the good choices. Many users rate it 7.5 in 10 points for the capability of removing bad particles inside the car.

Final Verdict

Finding a good product among a multitude of other products is a blessing. If found, find out more about pricing and shipping for your immediate return. Through this article, people have a better look at Shark AZ1002 and understand how it works and what it offers. It can be considered a quality product that many of you should buy for your family.