Shark HV302 VS HV322: Which One Is The Winner?

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When it comes to deep cleaning, traditional upright vacuum is a number 1 choice as it offers a combination of strong power and agitation. There are two noticeable brands on the market currently – Shark and Dyson. They are considered as matching rival in the vacuum cleaner field, thanks to their diversity in the products they provide. Shark and Dyson vacuums show performance without clogging and losing suction. They also use the similar technologies and the design is identical too.

Shark have introduced a variety of vacuum lines since beginning, including Shark Navigator, Shark Rocket, Shark Rotator, Shark Ion and so on. Many of them are best sellers and build Shark name on the market. Shark HV302 and HV322 belong to Shark Rocket series. Before them, I have reviewed several Shark Rockets, such as Shark HV322 vs HV382, Shark HV382 vs HV381 and Shark Rocket HV302 vs HV301. Hence, you can go back and check your favorite Rocket vacuums. This series is renowned for lightweight design, ability to clean both hardwood and carpets. In short, it is designed to be sleek but powerful. In addition, you’ll find out that this vacuum line comes with very reasonable price, especially Shark HV302 vs HV322.

These two products are somehow different even with their appearance. In order to know which one is best for your home, keep reading.

Shark HV302 vs HV322: Comparison And Review

Shark HV302 is short for Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright vacuum (HV302) and Shark HV322 is short for Shark Rocket True Pet Ultra-Light Upright Corded vacuum (HV322). The HV322 is another series of uprights offering more advanced features and technologies.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning with Swivel Steering and Car Detail Set (HV302), Gray/Orange
  • Ultra lightweight At under 8 pounds, it converts into a hand vac for versatile floor to ceiling cleaning
  • Home & Car Detail Kit Micro tools that clean the tiniest of spaces
  • Fingertip controls to easily switch from hard floor to carpet
  • Dual storage options Fix the hand vac to the bottom of the wand or secure it to the wall mount
  • Swivel Steering Excellent control for maneuvering around furniture
Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum, Bordeaux
  • No loss of suction
  • Powerful 2 in 1 vacuum deep cleans your carpets and hardwood floors
  • Perfect for quick pick ups; Cord length: 30 feet
  • Designed to clean everywhere with the included attachments; Rinse both with tap water until the water runs clean, then air dry completely and insert back into your vacuum
  • Included attachments: Handheld vacuum, motorized floor nozzle, wand, duster crevice tool, pet multi tool

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The Design

You won’t get confused when looking at the pair of Shark HV302 vs HV322 like many other couples. They are dissimilar from color to structure. While Shark HV302 has orange nuances and simmer body, Shark HV322 comes with a combination of pink and purple and slightly bulkier. The newer model look strong and sound to me. Both of them are designed to convert to as handheld vacuum in order to allow for easy corner and car cleaning. In addition, Shark HV322 is especially designed for pet hair so it will come with features strengthening this characteristic.

The Portability

Shark HV322 is slightly heavier than the HV302, 8.6 and 7.6 pounds in upright mode and 3.01 and 3.25 pounds in handheld mode, respectively. However, the difference is not big and both of them are listed as lightweight machines. Also, Shark HV302 and HV322 can be transformed into handvacs so people can lift them up and do the job without any trouble. Thanks to swivel function, the two units easily move around furniture and reach to the corners.

The Cleaning Performance

Shark designed the HV302 and HV322 with difference targets. Hence, you can expect they feature some different technologies. Although cleaning power is a difficult metric to compare, I promise to make it clearer and easier for you to decide.

  • One special feature of Shark vacuums is consistent suction power and Shark HV302 and HV322 are no exception. They are powered by the mains so the power is strong and long-lasting. This is so good enough to rival the higher end Dyson products. Shark guarantees that you won’t never run out of power and it will remains strong from the beginning to the end of the cleaning job.
  • Shark HV302 vs HV322 come with extra-long cord, 25 and 30 feet respectively. They are long enough to go from room to room without unplugging. The HV322 has longer power cord, which means you can cover a larger cleaning space.
  • Another favorite point about Shark HV302 and HV322 is that these units are attached with different accessories. As a result, you can clean multiple types of floors, including hardwood floors, carpets and rugs, tiles, pet hair and inside cars. HV322 especially comes with pet tools for pet owners.
  • Only Shark HV322 comes with the True Pet Mini Motorized Brush which is a great help for sucking up pet hair and loose debris. Also, this feature is beneficial for deep cleaning of various surfaces.
  • Having LED lights in nozzle and hand vacuum is another great improvement of Shark HV322. Cleaning in dark places, such as under bed, furniture or in corners is never that easy with the lights. Make sure no dust left behind.

The Accessories

There’s a multitude of attachments you will get with Shark HV302 vs HV322.

Shark HV302: motor driven brushroll, 12” crevice tool, car detail kit, pet upholstery tool, dust away attachment with a microfiber cleaning pad.

Shark HV322: crevice tool, dusting brush, True Pet motorized brush, hard floor genie with microfiber pad.

The Price

There is a small difference between Shark HV302 vs HV322 in terms of price. You can guess which one is more expensive, right? Yes, the more advanced one –  Shark HV322. However, the prices are reasonable and affordable.

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The Feedbacks

Up to 69% of customers on Amazon gave Shark HV302 5 stars, which proves its popularity. It is said that Shark HV302 was easy to operate and able to pick up so much dirt on the first few passes. Some even said that Shark HV302 could beat the Dyson V6 in many ways. Nevertheless, one problem was that its head was heavy so it couldn’t stand on its own.

Amazon customers rated 4.5 out of 5 stars for Shark HV322. They were all satisfied with its performance on pet hair and strong power. However, small dust cup is its most complained weakness.

The Conclusion

Each vacuum offers its own benefits. Shark HV302 is perfect for cleaning cars as it comes with car detailing – a niche feature. In terms of power, Shark HV322 is stronger and the fact that it comes with pet tools is another plus point. It depends on your specific situation to choose between these two.

Let’s share some thoughts: Which one do you prefer?