Shark HV322 vs HV323: Which one the best?

Just a few days ago, I posted a comparison about Shark HV322 vs HV321. And, although I have posted lots of reviews about Shark Rockets (including Shark HV302 vs HV322, Shark HV322 vs HV382 and Shark HV382 vs HV381), I feel like something is missing. Therefore, in order to complete this series, I decided to make another review about Shark HV322 vs HV323.

First off all, Shark Rocket TruePet is one of the most popular pet hair vacuum lines. Especially, those machines are designed with ultra-lightweight mode and well-thought-out and innovative features. In addition, Shark Rocket vacuum cleaners have everything you’d expect in premium models. In other words, those units will make your job easier without necessarily causing operational fatigue. Plus, Shark Rocket’s performance is excellent so you can rest assure that your request of getting rid of dog smell in your house will start on the right footing. It is said that there is no corner of your house that Shark HV322 vs HV323 can’t reach. In short, if you’re looking for a great pet hair vacuum cleaner or the versatility of an upright and a handheld in one machine, then Shark HV322 vs HV323 is surely worth a look.

Let’s take a closer look at perhaps the most advanced model in the Shark Rocket Ultra-light series.

Shark HV322 vs HV323: Comparison And Review

Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum, Bordeaux
  • No loss of suction
  • Powerful 2 in 1 vacuum deep cleans your carpets and hardwood floors
  • Perfect for quick pick ups; Cord length: 30 feet
  • Designed to clean everywhere with the included attachments; Rinse both with tap water until the water runs clean, then air dry completely and insert back into your vacuum
  • Included attachments: Handheld vacuum, motorized floor nozzle, wand, duster crevice tool, pet multi tool
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum with Hand Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with XL Dust Cup and Hard Floor Attachment (HV323), Gold
  • Ultra-lightweight. At under 9 pounds, it converts into a hand vac for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning.
  • Dust-Away hard floor attachment + 1 washable microfiber pad. Picks up large debris and fine dust from bare floors.
  • TruePet Motorized Brush and Pet Multi-Tool. Two tools designed to capture embedded pet hair on all surfaces.
  • Powerful LED lights on hand vac and nozzle. Spot hidden debris throughout your home.
  • 2X-Capacity Dust Cup (compared to the original Rocket) allows for extended cleaning without interruption.

Last update on 2020-04-03 PST - Details

What are Shark HV322 and HV323? They are Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-light Upright Corded Vacuum HV322 and Shark Rocket DeluxePro Wired Ultra-light Upright HV323. According to feedbacks in the Internet, Shark HV322 and HV323 have some great features making them very easy to handle and use on a regular basic when you compare them with other best-selling units. Let’s see what they’ve got in common and how they differ in main aspects.

The Design

Shark HV322 and HV232 look extremely identical. However, thanks to different colors, people can distinguish them. According to Shark’s description, Shark HV322 comes with Bordeaux and the HV323 has more fancy color, glowing blue-silver. In addition, they have slim design which is accordance with the weight. This kind of design is beneficial because it don’t take up much space while they are operating or restored. The motor head is flexible as it can rotate different angles. Especially, both Shark HV322 vs HV323 can be transformed into handheld machines for quick clean-ups. And, I think that may be one of the main reason why these models are famous.

The Portability

Shark never disappoint its customers about the maneuverability of its products. Shark HV322 and HV323 weigh just under 9 pounds, extremely lightweight. Along with slim design, people won’t have any problem related to carrying around the room. Also, the handheld design is great in cleaning in tight place like within car, sofas, etc. However, there is a drawback because both Shark HV322 and HV323 are corded. It means you may have space limit.

The Cleaning Performance

Shark HV322 and HV323 are ideal for those who are looking for a satisfying machines. Along with Shark HV321, these two are very similar with few different details. They receive thousands of positive feedbacks on powerful performance. Check it out!

  • Both Shark HV322 and HV323 utilize Never Loses Suction technology. It is one of the most famous features of Shark products. They are guaranteed that there won’t be any loss of suction power during operation. In fact, the HV323 is way better at picking up dust and pet hair than its predecessor. Shark claims that the HV323 comes with a slightly improved motor which allows users to switch from bare floor to thick carpets by pressing a button. The air flow will be different in various surfaces.
  • Advanced swivel steering technology make sure users can get difficult areas such as below kitchen’s countertop, under bed and so on. You don’t have to bend while cleaning because this brush head rotates as per your cleaning needs.
  • Shark HV322 and HV323 don’t fall short when it comes to extra tools. Both of them feature a patented brush and Pet Multi Tool. This combo works to suck up all the pet hair and dander embedded in any surface.
  • Another similarity is powerful LED lights on the hand vac and nozzle to assist you to spot hidden debris in corners or under bed.
  • The Hard Floor Hero is famous for picking up surface litter and stuck-on debris, promising superior bare floor cleaning.
  • Shark HV322 and HV323 both come with large dust cup capacity. However, that of the HV323 is 2x that of the original Shark Rocket HV300, allowing for extended cleaning without interruption.

The Accessories

Another thing to separate Shark HV322 vs HV323 is their accessories. Both of them come with lots of attachments. Check it out:

Shark HV322: accessory bag, wall mount storage hook, dust away hard floor tool + 1 microfiber pad, flexible hose, TruePet mini motorized tool and On-board accessory storage.

Shark HV323: a motorized brush, multi-purpose tool, hard floor attachment, a microfiber pad, a crevice tool and an adjustable dusting brush.

The Price

As you can see, Shark HV322 vs HV323 share lots of things in common. A few differences I mentioned above are the main factors for difference in price between these two. Luckily, the gap is not big. Both are around $200. Get good deals on Amazon.

If you like one of them, please click the following Amazon buttons to buy:

Shark HV322

Shark HV323

The Feedbacks

Amazon customers rated 4.5 out of 5 stars for Shark HV322. They were all satisfied with its performance on pet hair and strong power. However, small dust cup is its most complained weakness.

Shark HV322 receives 4.4 out of 5 stars, pretty high score on Amazon. The customers all were impressed with its small movable head in getting into tight places. In addition, everyone was pleased with multiple tools for versatility. Yet, some people found it was top heavy.

The Conclusion

Over all, Shark HV322 and HV323 belong to Shark Rocket which is lightweight and has great features for clean-up jobs. Their price is reasonable and affordable for middle- or even low-income families. I actually can choose which one is better since both of them are equally good. How about you?