Shark HV322 vs HV382: Which one the best?

Today, we will discover two vacuums Shark HV322 vs HV382 with great presentation and clean-ability of upright with the lightweight of handstick. In addition, the Rocket is so versatile that it can be used for many cleaning tasks and every surface it reaches. Its small size seems perfect for small houses too. The corded design adds more good points to the machines. This type of vacuum is ideal if you have to clean a large space because there’s no worry about losing power in the middle of a cleanup job. If compared to cordless units, the corded is last longer. Right in this post, it will face and compete with DuoClean (HV382) which is for those who concern about up-to-date pieces of cleaning equipment.

Shark HV322 vs HV382: Comparison And Review

Probably many people already know about Shark HV322 vs HV382. We can see the traffic and buying volume of these products is very large and is on the rise. These are the two types of machines that have quite a lot in common so we will delve into their differences. At that time, we will realize their value and why they are so “hot”.

The Design

After observing their samples, we all agree that they all have eye-catching and delicate looks. Shark HV322 looks so strong with deep red meanwhile Shark HV382 seems to be cool and a bit elegant with charcoal gray. Two distinct colors represent two “personalities”, tailored to the preferences of each customer. They have a mix of stick and upright that make consumers curious and want to use immediately. The overall design is very unique, eye-catching but still seems to be able to show the features perfectly.

The Portability

In addition to a gorgeous design, customers always want a good quality vacuum cleaner to assist them to do housework. At first glance, you can immediately comment that they are quite bulky and heavy, but they only weigh 9-10 pounds. Shark HV322 vs HV382 are still good options if you require a gentle vacuum to move more easily. No matter what happens when you pick them up the stairs or go through much the furniture. In addition, they also have the added assistance of a Swivel steering that you don’t have to worry about. It is this high portability that helps both score points with consumers in the first step.

The Cleaning Performance

And now, we will go to the main part that many people expect. I believe they will meet the needs of the majority of customers with the following great features. If you feel it has not really achieved what you expected, look for more options.

  • “Never Lose Suction” is a feature that is repeated over and over again by Shark products because of how it performs really well. It is almost characteristic and indispensable because it receives no criticism at all. In HV322 and HV382, it still generates great suction power without interruption during cleaning. It helps them maintain their suction to work effectively throughout the cleaning.
  • Both of them include True Pet motorized brush to solve all the pet dirt in your house for pet owners. It is a great option for them to keep the house clean but still get the pets inside. Moreover, cleaning the carpet is not an issue with this tool by knocking out or blowing away the dust.
  • Next, the Shark HV322 vs HV382 has LED lights lying on fixed positions for easy lighting of low-light areas.
  • The low noise level also makes many people interested and interested. Many mothers can comfortably clean without waking their children even though they sleep right next to them. People around them also don’t feel bothered
  • Honestly, the filtration system is never the strength of Rocket. However, Shark HV322 vs HV382 still comes with 2 regular filters.
  • The special thing that only Shark HV382 has DuoClean technology to show you the Triple Particle Cleaning. This is a great one to make the cleaning better with some special brushes that make up a system. It is this system that deals with all the problems coming to the floors.

The Price

The difference between them is only a little different so Shark HV322 and HV382 have similar prices in the market. Both of them are offered very affordable prices which is a big deal.

Shark HV322

Shark HV382

The Feedback

Because of the large number of visitors and users, many customers have rated Shark HV322. 4.5 stars are the result of the efforts made by Shark to create this product. There are two points that people are most interested in is a strong attraction and many effective features to solve problems related to pets. However, the dust cup is still not large enough for people to feel satisfied.

Likewise, Shark HV382 also received a great deal of support from the wise users. Many find it easy and convenient to use, and lightweight and create superior strength. In addition, a range of accessories comes with them to help clean up different areas and surfaces.

The Final Thought

From this information, everyone must see that they both produce good results and save you a lot of money. There is no reason for you to ignore it, right? Also, you can find other options for you or your loved ones such as “Shark HV322 vs HV323” “Shark HV302 VS HV322“.