Shark IF251 vs IF252 : Which Is The Winner?

Household chores now are not boring or tiring tasks anymore. It’s all thanks to the advanced technologies, and in this case, they are vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners provide great helps to deal with housework every day. Obviously, cleaning and keeping your space fresh and dust-free are important for our mental and physical health. With vacuum cleaners, the jobs will be done in much quicker and easier ways. You surely have more time for your family and beloved ones. Also, some kinds of dust and debris are stubborn and hard to be gotten rid of, such as hair, just by using traditional methods. Luckily, vacuum cleaners make sure dust in tricky positions, like corners, carpets, or under furniture, isn’t left behind.

There are many vacuum brands in the market right now. Some of them have already established their names. Shark, a prestigious brand, always offers quality products at reasonable prices. A lot of vacuum lines are under Shark’s name, such as Shark Navigator, Shark Rocket and Shark Rotator and etc. Today, I would like to introduce you to a pretty new yet famous series, which is Shark IONFlex. Vacuums in this line are stick vacuums that are lightweight and convenient. However, don’t underestimate their power in getting the job done. They can be as powerful as traditional upright ones. If you are curious, then let’s see how Shark IF251 vs IF252 is doing. Also, I kindly recommend following posts if you want to have more options: Shark IF251 vs IF281

Shark IF251 vs IF252: Comparison And Review

Shark IF250 vs IF251 prove that Shark has an endless innovation. They are close siblings so that you can expect many similarities between these two. Here we have Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean cordless Ultra-light stick vacuum IF251 and Shark IONFlex 2X lightweight Cordless Stick. In general, the cleaners have a lightweight design which is convenient for movement and storage and advanced technologies from Shark. I will put this two side by side for an honest comparison and review. If you are currently interested in Shark IF251 and IF252, then keep on reading.

The Design

Shark IF251 vs IF252 are really identical. Both have slim design of stick vacuums. Their bodies will fit most of areas in your house, like corners, stairs, under furniture or even in a car. In addition, they are cordless, which means they don’t depend on electric power. They use 2 lithium batteries. That’s why they are called Shark IONFlex 2X. Using batteries means you won’t be limited by a power cord. You can bring them everywhere and don’t have to worry about sockets or when your home is out of electricity. Another things is that the vacuums look fabulous with blue and black colors.

The Portability

With their slim design, Shark IF251 vs IF252 are suitable to work in various spaces. It will go well under furniture and corners and be good for storage. You can even transfer them into handheld machines for trickier areas, like inside a car. Plus, they have lightweight designs. They both weigh about 8.7 lbs (stick mode) and around 4.7 lbs (handheld mode). This is one of the biggest advantages of stick vacuums. In addition, they have low profiles which can stay flat to slide under coffee table or sofas.

The Cleaning Performance

Both Shark IF251 vs IF252 show fantastic performances which are proved by thousands of positive feedbacks on the Internet. People usually think stick vacuums are weaker than traditional upright machines. Yet, these two will prove them wrong.

  • They have DuoClean technology, which means they have two types of brushes. Rotating soft brushes which grab dust particles and send them towards the suction spout. These brushes are for hard floors which you don’t want to harm them and give them a polished appearance. In additional, bristle brushes are for cleaning carpets by picking up dust or hair deep down under carpets. In short, the vacuums are designed to clean an assortment of floorings.
  • Shark IF251 and IF252 have LED lights on their cleaning head. Hence, you are able to clean in dark areas and make sure no dust left behind.
  • Since both of them are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which are the latest technology, the vacuums have a long-run time with strong suction power.
  • Multi-Flex feature is another great advantage of Shark IF251 and IF252. They come with a wand which can be folded. This is a practical technology as folding the wand forward allows you to clean under the furniture while you remain in an upright position. It is good for your back.
  • Like I mentioned above, Shark IF251 and IF252 can be used as upright vacuums or handheld ones. Since they run on batteries, you can also bring them outside to clean the inside of your car.
  • Both have a dust cup of 0.3 quarts.
  • They have smart response technology, providing a range of performance-enhancing power settings, tailored for your cleaning needs on carpets and floors.

The Accessories

This may be the main difference between Shark IF251 and IF252.

Shark IF251 comes with 2 ION power pack batteries, an anti-allergen dust brush, a charging cord, a single charging dock, a duster crevice tool and a pet multi-tool.

Shark IF252 has 2 ION power pack batteries, an anti-allergen dust brush, a charging cord, a single charging dock, a duster crevice tool, a multiFLEX under-appliance wand and a pet multi-tool.

The Price

They are not cheap. Both come with pretty high prices for many people, under $ 350. Prices may vary over time. For exact prices, you can click on the links below to buy them.

Shark IF251

Shark IF252

The Feedbacks

Shark IF251 receives 5 stars form 64% of commenters on Amazon. Customers are contend with its strong suction power and lightweight and convenient design. It performs wonder on different floorings and is great at picking up pet hair. It is quiet and has great battery life. However, it sometimes overheats and has to shuts down.

Shark IF252 is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. People praise it for good suction power and good battery life. Some who used to own Dyson’s stick vacuums found it as good as Dyson’s. Pet owners love it for great hair pick-ups. Yet, it has the similar problems as Shark IF251.

The Conclusion

To be honest, it may be hard to choose one between Shark IF251 and IF252. Both cleaners are advanced with top-notch technologies from Shark. However, most of their technological features are similar, making harder to choose. Thus, either of them are good.