Shark IF251 vs IF281 : Which Is The Winner?

Vacuum cleaners now come in a variety of shapes and sizes like traditional upright cleaners, stick cleaners and robotic vacuums. Talking about power, upright vacuums are the best but are usually heavy and a bit hard to move around. Robotic vacuums are the most advanced when it comes to convenience and are the most expensive among all. Meanwhile, stick cleaners are slim and lightweight, which is flexible to use with affordable price. They can be used on a variety of floorings and platforms. If you prioritize convenience and flexibility, stick vacuums are always good choices. Shark IONFlexDuoClean is a turning point in the history of SharkClean with strong suction, excellent performance and smart features. Today, I will review Shark IF251 vs IF281 in the same series. Both can be good choices if you want to try using the vacuum cleaner from Shark. Therefore, you can check them for diverse options. Besides, you can check Shark IF251 and IF252

Shark IF251 vs IF281: Comparison and Review

Shark IF250 belongs to Shark IONFlex 2X, while Shark IF281 (F80) does not. The IF281 is called an upgrade of the IONFlex 2X. Both come with features which make them more usable and able to clean different floor types. The combination of powerful batteries, unique brush construction, and several other features. In general, the cleaners have a lightweight design which is convenient for movement and storage and also are equipped with advanced technologies from Shark. I will put these two side by side for an honest comparison and review. Keep on reading if you are currently interested in Shark IF251 vs IF281.

Shark IF251 Review

Overall, like other vacuum cleaner, Shark IF251 is very easy to carry and maneuver. It has the charger which shuts off automatically when done. Besides, blue lights indicated the charging state. Moreover, the instructions recommend that you leave the batteries in the charger when not in use. Therefore, you always start vacuuming with a full charge.  Also, you should drain the battery completely before recharging. In addition, it has a great thing that there are no bags to buy. There are 3 washable filters that you can all easily clean with water. Hence, you do have to wait 24 hours after cleaning for them to dry before you can put them back in the vacuum. Besides, it has narrow vacuum head which allows you to get in tight spaces on your house.

Shark IF281 Review

Lightweight and versatility are also the outstanding point of Shark IF281. It is not heavy as someone think, very easy to hold by hands. Some said that the vacuum head is not terribly wide is a detriment. However, you can find that it’s perfect for getting into places where many other vacuums cannot. Nevertheless, flex feature also helps you easily to clean without moving heavy furniture. It makes getting under sofas and beds with no difficulty. This feature also allows you to get to places without having to get down on your hands and knees. With attaching the hose and brush, you can vacuum your whole house quickly. It goes from hardwood to carpet with just one touch of a button. Besides, it can pop off the vacuum head and using an accessory is a snap. It is really convenient, right?

The Design

Shark IF251 and IF281 have similar design. Yet, luckily, they come with different color scheme. While the IF251 is available in black, red and blue, the IF281 has black and dark gray. They are also stick vacuum with slim design. Both can fit most of areas in your house that hard to reach. For example, it is corners, stairs, under furniture or even in a car. In addition, they are cordless, so that you can clean with no electric power. Besides, they use 2 lithium batteries and it is the reason why they are called Shark IONFlex 2X. Once using batteries, you won’t need any cords. There will be no limitation with a power cord. Additionally, it is easy to bring them everywhere without sockets. Evenly, that your home is out of electricity is not the problem. Moreover, they look fabulous with blue and black colors on the body.

The Portability

As I said above, Shark IF251 and IF281 all have slim designs. Therefore, both are suitable to work in various spaces. It does well under furniture and corners and even hard-to-reach places. Besides, the two ones are also good for storage. You can even change them into handheld form for easily clean trickier areas, like inside a car. Plus, lightweight design is also an outstanding feature. Their weight is about 8.7 lbs (stick mode) and around 4.7 lbs (handheld mode). That is one of the biggest advantages of stick vacuums that they own. Nevertheless, the low profiles make them stay flat to slide under coffee table or sofas.

The Cleaning Performance

Shark IF251 and IF281 are versatile. They work like upright cleaners and provide convenience like robotic ones. In addition, the machines can be used on various platforms, including floorings, above ground and even inside of cars. Let’s take a closer look into these masterpieces.

Comparison Tables

  • First and foremost, Shark IF281 has a redesigned motor which allows it to run for twice as long as the Shark IF251.
  • Both are equipped with DuoClean technology, which involves the use of two brushrolls. Each brushroll is strong and durable, and you can use these brushroll on soft floors, as well as hard ones. The two brushrolls work in harmony.
  • On Shark IF251 vs IF281, the LED lights lies on their cleaning head. Therefore, you can clean in dark areas with no problem. Also, it makes sure that no dust left behind after you finish cleaning.
  • Both of them also are equipped the latest technology which is lithium-ion batteries. As a result, the vacuums will have a long-run time with strong suction power.
  • The next feature I want to tell you is Multi-Flex. This is another great advantage of Shark IF251 and IF281. They have a wand which can be folded very convenient. Moreover, it is a practical technology that is good for your back. When folding the wand forward, it allows you to clean under the furniture while you remain in an upright position.
  • You can use Shark IF251 and IF281 as upright vacuums or handheld ones. Because they run on batteries, you can also easily bring them to clean the inside of your car.
  • Moreover, both one have a dust cup of 0.3 quarts. It can freely contain any dust or pet hair when it is cleaning.
  • Nevertheless, Shark equips two machines with smart response technology. Nevertheless, it provides a range of performance-enhancing power settings. Therefore, it tailors for your cleaning needs on carpets and floors. The cleaning will easily and quickly.

The Price

They are not cheap. Shark IF251 is less expensive than the IF281. You need to consider both their price and their potential to choose the right machine for your house.

Shark IF251 

Shark IF281

The Shark IF251 Feedbacks

Shark IF251 receives 5 stars form 64% of commenters on Amazon. Customers are satisfied with its strong suction power and lightweight and convenient design. It performs wonder on different floorings and is great at picking up pet hair. It is quiet and has great battery life. Nevertheless, it is actually clean your hard floors very well. Moreover, Shark IF251 picks up so much more dog hair than everyone ever thought was in their rugs. No dog hair can exist on their floors, rugs or carpets. Besides, this model is super powerful when picks up everything in one pass. We can see that it unfolds in a second, no cords, no tangling. Additionally, it has no wrapping the hose around your legs. Also, this is no reaching for that last extra inch because you don’t want to change outlets again. However, it sometimes overheats and has to shuts down.

The Shark IF281 Feedbacks

4.4-star is the score of Shark IF281 on Amazon. Most reviews are about its lightweight, powerful suction and user-friendly design. The fact that 69% of customers agreed to give it 5 stars tells a lot about its capability. Besides, the multi-flex storage option of Hark IF281 is a great feature. It allows the hand vacuum to be stored upright easily. Moreover, the multi-flex wand is also good choice for cleaning under furniture. As we mentioned above, many people also say that it is small and fairly lightweight and so versatile. Last but not least, emptying the dust container is also as easy as pushing a button. Because Shark IF28 comes with two batteries, you can always have one on the charger so for ready to go. However, there is a small complaint about it getting clogs sometimes.

The Conclusion

Shark IF251 and IF281 are both great. If you want a powerful machine, choose IF281. However, if you don’t have thick carpet at home and would like to save some pennies, Shark IF251 will be a wiser choice. Let’s research more product of Shark to get more choice for your house.