Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum NV352 Review

Nowadays, people want a tool to help them with cleaning the house and the vacuum cleaner is a choice that they like most. This machine will work great on many cleaning surfaces through its features and technology. Moreover, it can help users save much time thanks to the benefits and convenience it brings. Therefore, we will show everyone a great option coming from the Shark brand. This is Shark NV352, which belongs to the Shark Navigator line. Shark is a big and famous manufacturer in the global market so Shark NV352 also receives many best technologies. It owns Never Lose Suction with Lift-way suction to provide two cleaning modes. Nevertheless, long power cord, great filtration system, and powerful suction are some words to describe this item. So, let’s spend time reading this post to know more about this vacuum.

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum NV352
9,789 Reviews
Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum NV352
Shark NV352 is great for cleaning every edge or corner with various attachments. Moreover, Anti-Allergen complete seal contributes to limit the capability of getting allergic symptoms for people.

Shark NV352 Features

Shark Navigator NV352 now is welcome in many places thanks to the benefits it presents. Many people are curious about this item much because they want to find a good vacuum for their house

Powerful and Lightweight Design

Shark Navigator NV352 comes with an awesome design that is considered as a lightweight vacuum. This is a factor that attracts the attention of customers. It will let them use and work without being hurt. Moreover, it is so easy to assemble and use so people are interested much about this item.

Lift-Away Technology

Lift-away technology plays an important role in changing its shape to work. It means that you can do the housework with two cleaning modes as an upright form and a lift-away canister. As their name, upright shape lets you comfortable when cleaning carpet and floor meanwhile other mode is suitable for cleaning high places or stairs. From that, you can understand the convenience that comes from this model.

Brush-Roll Shutoff

Brush-roll shutoff is very useful when it lets the machine work so well and effectively on the carpet and floor. Every action or operation is so gentle and deep to leave no scratch or trouble on these surfaces.

Swivel Steering

Shark Navigator NV352 is so lucky when it gets swivel steering. This feature allows the cleaning head to turn around so easily and maneuverable for reaching every tight space. Furthermore, two wheels under the cleaning head support users to let it move smoothly for saving energy.

No LED lights

One of the most regrettable factors is no LED lights. If it has this factor, users can limit the dust and other particles that they always skip out.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

This technology is very effective to keep the dust inside the dust cup. This helps to increase the quality of this vacuum. Moreover, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal handles so well with every allergen to kill out the way it intrudes into the air. People won’t less worry about catching allergic symptoms. It is very good as a reasonable-price range vacuum.

Shark NV352 Specs

The specification will let you know more about Shark NV352. All of you can understand why it can perform well as you observed.

Weight: 12.5 Pounds

This is one of the lightweight vacuums that Shark releases. It weighs only 12.5 lbs that you can work under pressure of weight. The lightweight is extremely beneficial when you have to carry the camera upstairs or elsewhere.

Dimension: 15L x 11.4W x 45.5H

The dimension of this model will affect cleaning and storing. It has 15L x 11.4W x 45.5H. The height is suitable to make users not bend down. It is also compact to store with a small space in your house.


Many vacuums use a HEPA filter and Shark NV352 is not out of this group. HEPA is known as a post-motor filter that connects with a pre-motor filter to trap pollen, dust mites, or pet hair. There are two kinds of filters to increase the effectiveness of detaching and keeping bad particles.

Motor : 1200watts – 10amps

Shark NV352 operates a motor with 1200watts – 10amps power rating. It helps to create suction that is strong and powerful enough to knock off all the bad things. Moreover, No loss of suction will keep it stable at the same level at every stage of the cleaning session. Therefore, the suction will continue without losing.

25 Feet Power cord

This vacuum owns a long power cord with 25ft in length. From that, the space you can move and reach in one plug is quite large than the short power cord vacuums. As a result, it can help you save time by not changing outlets much.

Dust Cup Capacity: 1.1 quarts

The dust cup of this Shark Navigator is quite large than other vacuums. This can contain up to 1.1 quarts and easy to empty after being full of dust. It combines with a filter to make the job operate well and connectively

Shark NV352 Attachment

Attachment is one of the most important features to make Shark NV352 become popular and famous in the market. It is various and flexible in cleaning many tasks that you want to implement.

Wide upholstery tool

Wide Upholstery Tool is an excellent tool that you want to make use of each time you do housework. It is good at collecting pet hair and especially large debris on various surfaces like couches, sofa, and some fabrics. It also saves time with effective cleaning for maintaining your home clean.

Dusting Brush

When you use lift-away canister modes, you will have to remove dust and debris or small particles thoroughly like upholstery. With a dusting brush, you can do it easily and gently to trap loose dirt/dust.

Crevice Tool

The crevice tool is one of the useful attachments that Shark NV352 has. This tool has two kinds with short one – 5.5 inches and long one -24 inches. The 24” crevice tool is effective in extending the reach and touching many homes’ ceilings.

Pet Power Brush

Pet power brush can eliminate all the pet hair staying hidden or stuck on the carpet.  It supports much for pet owners to handle pet hair on their house.

Shark NV352 Best Price

Shark NV352 gets a cheap price that many people can afford. It now costs about 150$ with a 5-year limited warranty. Especially, the current price is lower than the previous price. It means that the price has fallen down thanks to the sale-off from Shark. Moreover, the voucher also makes you spend less money to own one. Therefore, all of you need to update and capture the newest information to get more benefits.

Shark NV352 Reviews

Many people have chosen Shark NV352 is the best option they find. It can do well on many surfaces in their house and saves much time. Moreover, this item creates for users the fresh after filtration system handles to detach allergens and dust. In addition, several accessories support cleaning many tasks the customers need to do. The flexible design is also great to adapt to each position to get the best result. Some people give a high rate for its dust cup since it can hold a large amount of dust and debris when cleaning. Therefore, up to now, this model has been rated 4.6 stars with the thousands of people who buy and give feedback.

Bare floor

Shark NV352 receives many compliments about great on removing dust on the bare floor. It just uses a single pass because of the flexible swivel head and the effectiveness of powerful suction. It gets around 8.2/10 points when working on the bare floor.

Low-Pile Carpet

This item can refresh nearly 80% of debris or cereal on a low-pile carpet with passes. It also vacuums both glitter and flour well in a short time than other kinds. Shark NV352 can even handle excellently with small and larger debris on this surface. However, it is good as you make it move slower, the job will be more effective.

High-Pile Carpet

Shark NV352 is really effective when doing on the high-pile carpet with 7.8/10 points. No matter it is hair or multiple sizes of debris, this vacuum can pick up well. Especially, it just needs 10 passes to knock off the glitter. You can adjust the suction to make it work better.

Pet hair

As you have pets, this Shark Navigator will be suitable for you. It can remove much pet hair on all surfaces with powerful suction and attachments. People rate it 8.6 points for capability in pick up pet hair. This is considered a strong point of this vacuum.


The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is also a great choice for cleaning on stairs. It reaches 7.6/10 points removing dust and other particles after using a dusting brush and applies Lift-away technology.


As you read, Shark Navigator NV352 is a vacuum that combines many great features it has to perform well. Moreover, advanced technologies assist to operate the machine to create the result as users expected. Therefore, all of you can consider this suggestion and buy this one. We were sure that everyone will be satisfied with this excellent vacuum.