Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E Review

Nowadays, we have many choices when finding a vacuum to help us do housework quickly. However, which vacuum can be suitable for our house is a different question. There are so many types in the market with various features and functions as well as price ranges. So, this post will so this problem by taking one to let you study. That is Shark NV356E which comes from Shark and belongs to Shark Navigator. This item can do with two modes thanks to Powered Lift-away technology. Besides, it will refresh the house and “kill” the allergens in the air through Anti-Allergen Complete seal. Moreover, it also uses flexible attachments or accessories to adapt to other tasks. So, please read this post “Shark Navigator NV356E review” to know more.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E
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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E
Shark NV356E comes with a lot of things that people cannot deny its effective cleaning on every surface in their house. Moreover, you can also make use of several attachments to reach more space and make the best result.

Shark NV356E Features

Shark NV356E presents many simple actions but effective in cleaning through many great points. These connect and combine so well to get the best result with perfect performance.

Lightweight Design

Shark NV356E is quite lighter than other vacuum coming from Shark Navigator. There is an important factor that people always take more attention to when choosing. It helps them feel comfortable whenever you work with it to clean your house.

Lift-Away Technology

This is an advanced and easy-to-apply technology that appears on this Shark Navigator. In this way, you can do with its two cleaning modes. It presents two ways like upright and lift-away canister modes. From that, you can refresh your house with upright for under furniture and lift-away canister for high places.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

Now, we will talk about the technology that plays an important role in making the air fresh with no allergens. It helps to keep allergens in the dust cup to make people not catch allergic symptoms. It connects so perfectly with the HEPA filter.

Multi-Surface Cleaning

Shark NV356E is one of the best vacuums that have the capability in cleaning every surface in the house. It can deal so excellent and effective in a rug, hard floor,s, and even carpet. To do this job well like this, this item utilizes many features and technology with various attachments.

Swivel Wheels

Contributing to its perfect performance, Swivel steering combines with two wheels to move cleverly and reach more tight space well. It makes you waste less energy to push/pull this unit. Therefore, it will be no problem with every customer when using a vacuum to make their house clean.

Never Lose Suction Technology

Of course, suction is the best point in vacuuming dust and pet hair with Shark NV356E. Never Lose Suction helps this model keep it strong and powerful with continual that is suitable for every cleaning surface. Therefore, there is no loss of suction like other vacuums.

Brush-Roll Shutoff

This kind of brush-roll gives an easy way to solve with dust and debris. Also, this part is so good at switching to transition the cleaning surface, from carpet to hard-floors flexible. This protects the carpet when sweeping out, too.

Shark NV356E Specs

To know about this vacuum, please continue to read some specific information that we mention below:

Air Filtration System

Mentioning on filtration, we have known about Anti-Allergen Complete Seal that handles so greatly with the allergen. Now, we can know about the HEPA filter and other washable filters. These filters belong to the type of foam and felt with pre-motor as well as a post-motor air filter. Two kinds work so well to keep dust inside the unit in a dust cup. All the filters support to catch nearly 100% of dust and pollen or other particles that go to the vacuum.

Dust Cup 2.2 – 4.4 quarts

Relating to filters, the dust cup of this item is quite large in capacity. Namely, Shark NV356E can keep up to 4.4 dry quarts in total capacity and even 2.2 dry quarts of fill line. From that, this vacuum can let you work comfortably and spends less time to empty it. This just occurs in a short time with a simple action.


There is a lightweight cleaner with only 13.7 lbs in total and its canister is around 8lbs as well. As a result, whether you do with an upright or lift-away canister, the weight will have no bad effect on your hand or body.

Power Cord: 25feet And Other Dimension

The power cord is another noticeable point coming from Shark NV356E. Of course, it doesn’t weaker than other vacuums with 25ft long power. Along with that, it uses an 8.5ft long hose with a 9.5 feet cleaning path width. Moreover, this item is so compact with 14.96 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches in white/silver.

Power Rating of Motor

In addition, the motor will take on the job to create and deliver the suction for cleaning performance. It gets a 1200W – 10A – 120V power rating to make the suction become strong with powerful.

Noise Level

Noise will affect much for many other people but with Shark NV356E, it is not an issue. It only makes a small sound, about 77dB. This is quite good, so people can be safe-in-mind when doing housework.


Shark NV356E goes with many attachments that cannot absent when you clean the house:

Pet Power Brush

Pet power brush will give you a new and interesting experience when using Shark NV356E. This is a useful tool that helps you vacuum your pillows or sofa and bed in a short time. Therefore, no pet hair can appear on the surface more thorough cleaning with this device.

Crevice Tool

Moreover, this Shark Navigator also makes use of finger-controlled suction ports that combines with 8” – 24” crevice tools. The long crevice tool is a perfect alternative for the lack of intention wand to extend reach with Lift-away function. In this case, the short one along with the brush tool is successful when picking up dust and pet hair in the edges and tight areas.

Dusting Brush and Hard-Floor Attachment

Dusting brush is another great tool that helps you to refresh your sofa, bed with some pillows staying on the couch. Nevertheless, hard floor attachment with washable pads supports to clean the hard floor with high protection and effectiveness.

Accessory Bag

Lastly, you can have a more accessory bag. This will contain all the attachments above for compact storage. Moreover, when you want to bring or carry this product to other places, this bag will let you easy to wrap the attachments and bring so conveniently.

Shark NV356E Best Price

Shark NV356E are welcome in every place with affordable price. Currently, this Navigator comes at a cheap price that is $199.99. This is the range of price after Shark holds a big sale-off for customers. Therefore, we can say that this is one of the best prices that you can buy an excellent vacuum with various features and functions. Especially, Shark also gives you a five-year limited warranty for every customer after purchasing this product. Therefore, everyone will be more interested in knowing and buying it.

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Shark NV356E Reviews

Shark Navigator NV356E receives many 5 stars from customers and the rating it gets is up to 4.5 stars. This is considered as a vacuum that can work well on carpets and floors, especially hardwood floor. Moreover, customers find that it create and deliver powerful suction for cleaning session with high quality and effectiveness. Pet owners are very interested when they can own an excellent product like Shark NV356E. It gives them pet tools like a pet power brush for picking up and sweeping out pet hair. Plus, the filtration system also contributes to making their house fresh so they like much. Thanks to that, customers want to buy this model immediately. They also give Shark many great feedbacks and high ratings for this item. This is the reason why it reaches up to a high rate as we can see.

Hardwood Floors

Shark Navigator NV356E stands out with its best capability in working on the hardwood floor. It can remove dust and debris up to 93% with some particles like cereal or sugar and rice

High-pile Carpet

Honestly, this is weaker when cleaning in the high-pile carpet. However, it is better on the low-pile carpet and vacuums up to 98% cereal or small particles. Therefore, customers feel so satisfied with the way it works on the carpet.

Pet Hair Removal

Many people say that this vacuum can remove pet hair so effectively. There is nearly 90% of people agree with this point. Many pet owners have chosen this product with a high level of picking up pet hair.

Area Rugs

Shark Navigator NV356E gets the best result on lifting off the area rugs with powerful suction on area rugs. Moreover, all the dust, debris on this cleaning surface will come to the dust cup in a short time. It gets a high rating for the level of cleaning all the particles on areas rugs.


Everyone knows that the vacuums of Shark always meet the customer’s demand by creating great features and advanced technology. Shark Navigator NV356E is one of the best vacuums that Shark possesses. Nowadays, Shark NV356E still belongs to the top of the vacuums which are selling best. You can buy this product through a website, e-commerce, or retail agent, electronics supermarket. With a great price, you can own it easily with many other benefits. Please consider this option to get the best one for your house.