Shark Navigator NV360 Lift-Away Deluxe Review

Everyone wants to get a good vacuum to support cleaning the whole house after they work hard at the company. However, they don’t sure which one can be suitable for their house. Therefore, we make this post helps them get a great option. We want to introduce is a product from the Shark brand which is well-known as Shark Navigator NV360. This is famous for lightweight design, good filtration, and strong suction when vacuuming. Moreover, it receives many great feedbacks about how effective it works on carpet and floor. To understand what it has and how it performs, please spend time to follow this post.

Shark Navigator Deluxe Lift-Away NV360
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Shark Navigator Deluxe Lift-Away NV360
Shark NV360 can bring to you many marvelous things with its lightweight and flexible design. Also, the attachments of this model will support you clean all the tasks in the session as you want.

Shark NV360 Features

Here are some basic features of Shark Navigator NV360 that everybody wants to know:

Lightweight Design

This is one of the most outstanding features that Shark products always have. Shark NV360 is also with a lightweight design to be easy when cleaning without any pain.

Lift-away Technology

Shark NV360 is very convenient with two cleaning modes. You can do with upright when working in low areas and with lift-away canister for high places. The way to change the shape is so simple and needs a short time to complete. Therefore, you can choose the way you want for making your house like new.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

An anti-allergen complete seal is an advanced technology that everybody knows about in most of Shark vacuums. This is famous for handling with allergen from causing bad with people’s health. It helps to reduce of capability in getting allergic symptoms.


Shark NV360 takes advantage of the versatility of the pair of wheels. It helps the machine gently glide through any surface. You just need to push or pull it as fast as you want. Moreover, a swivel steering helps the cleaning tip become flexible when rotating in all directions. From that, you can adjust accordingly for tight corners when cleaning.

Brush-Roll Shutoff

It plays a role in switching the brush-roll while keeping it running. You can find that brush-roll shutoff will let you clean so gentle on the bare floor. This way still protects your floors without scratching or breaking.

Never Lose Suction

Never Lose Suction is another famous technology that Shark applies for Shark NV360. This gets a task on keeping the suction is the strong and continual status for not interrupting the cleaning session. Therefore, you will be comfortable completing the task in a short time with this stable suction.

Shark NV360 Specs

This part will reveal the important number that Shark NV360 make an impression with customers:

Dust Cup: 12 dry quarts

12 dry quarts is a big number when talking about dust cup capacity. This belongs to XL size that can hold a large number of dust, debris, or pet hair. After being full, you just need to detach the canister to empty without any difficulty. Moreover, because of the large capacity, it will be full in a long time so you can empty it after finish clean a large room. This helps to save much time to do other jobs.


Shark NV360 is so light with 12.5 pounds in the full unit and 7.5 pounds with the only canister. For that reason, users can bring it easily when downstairs or upstairs. Moreover, this also makes two cleaning modes work better.


Another dimension of this item is also impressive. 14.96 x 11.4 x 45.5 is the number that shows more about its compact design. It gets 45.5 in height that is suitable to let users stand straight for not being a pain in the back. The width and length are also great for easy storage with less space in your room.


They use two kinds of filter that is well-known as HQRP® 2-pack Filter Kit. This includes 2x Pre-motor filters with 2 HEPA filters. HEPA filter of Shark NV360 belongs to the H13 filtration class with the capability to retain 99.95% of particles. Other filters are foam and felt that Shark places under dust cup. This aims to protect the motor inside for preventing debris from coming to it. Especially, these filters are washable after use and use again without changing new.


The motor will generate suction thanks to the energy from the electric source. This item uses up to 1200watts and 10 amps power ratings from the motor to get strong suction. From that, the cleaning session still occurs without the problem relating to suction.

25 Feet Power cord

Because it doesn’t use a battery, so it needs a power cord to deliver the electric energy for cleaning. Its length is about 25ft that is enough to cover a large room. You can roll it after use for compact storage.

Noise level

Noise is also the factor that people want to study. Because if the noise level is so high, it will affect badly other jobs and people will be upset. Luckily, the noise level that Shark NV360 makes is quite low with 80dB. Therefore, you can freely clean the house and don’t bother anyone.

Shark NV360 Attachment

Shark NV360 uses various attachments with the aim of taking on more tasks for getting the best result.

Upholstery Tool

The upholstery tool of Shark NV360 is also effective in collecting pet hair and even large debris. Every curtain and lampshades or other areas can be fresh after utilizing this tool.

5.5” Crevice Tool

A crevice tool is a tool that shows its function right on its name. You can clean every edge, crevices or some cracks on the floor with a 5.5” crevice tool. This short crevice tool works so effectively to pick up every dust.

Premium Brush-Roll

Shark NV360 continues to give you another tool that is useful for bare floor – premium brush-roll. It is not afraid of refresh on various materials that include marbles or floorboard and even laminate…

Pet Power Brush

Shark NV360 takes all the advantages of a pet power brush to apply for cleaning. It is successful to catch all the pollen or fine dust flying in the air. Nevertheless, collecting pet hair is another strong point of this item. With a pet power brush, this job becomes so easy and it can complete in a short time. Especially, you can spend less time to lift up and sweep out on some places like drapes, window sills… Many people really like this tool when they have some pets in the house.

Under-Appliance Wand

Reaching a high place is a difficult task that some vacuums cannot complete. However, with Shark NV360, you can receive an extension wand to handle this problem. It can be extendable to clean higher for entirely cleaning with skipping out any edges or corners.

Shark NV360 Best Price

Shark NV360 comes with a cheap price that Shark places it in the group of low-price vacuums. Currently, the price of this item is about 150%. Shark regularly makes some sale-offs or gives discounts to create the best price for customers. Furthermore, Shark also provides a 5-year limited warranty if you buy this model. Every error or mistake will be connected to customer service and answer in a short time. Therefore, you should consider it a good option and buy it after finding it suitable.

Shark NV360 Review

Shark NV360 makes customers feel satisfied so much thanks to its 2-in-1 function. They can do in two modes with carpet and floor as well as stairs when they want. The way this vacuum changes its form is so quickly and easily. Moreover, the filter and dust cup are washable and removable that is so convenient. In addition, this Shark Navigator lets use to extend the capability in cleaning the high place, tight spaces with several attachments. From that, it receives many 5 stars with a total customer rating of around 4.5 stars.

Bare Floor

Shark Navigator NV360 can refresh all small debris from small to large on bare floors. It reaches 7.1 out of 10 points when referring to the capability of cleaning this surface. Sweeping out all the cereal for preventing from stuck inside.

Low-Pile Carpet

The performance of this item is more appreciated when shown on the low-pile carpet. With 7.5 points on a scale of 10, it shows you that it handles well with debris from large to small size.

High-Pile Carpet

With the high-pile carpet, the level is getting higher. It reached 7.7 points when eliminating pet hair or much debris so well. Therefore, people feel satisfied when using this item for their carpet.

Pet Hairs

Shark NV360 is one of the best vacuums that can handle effectively pet hair. Its capability gets 7.3 points when picking up pet hair well. Pet owners really like this function and want to buy it immediately.


Users use the Lift-away function to clean stairs so conveniently. You can control its shape to adapt to stairs for the best result. It ranks on the high top of best cleaning in the stairs vacuum with 7.1 points.


Many people find that Shark Navigator NV360 cleans well not only inside the house but also great inside the car. They rate it with 7.4 points for the capability to clean effectively by the car. That is so great and convenient.


Shark Navigator NV360 is a vacuum that can adapt to all the surfaces with what it has. It owns many great functions in an awesome and flexible design but at a low price. Therefore, the number of people who want to buy this item is increasing so fast. You can think carefully about this product and choose when you feel it is your best choice.