Welcome back to my series of best Shark vacuums! This time the topic is Comparison between Shark NV22s vs NV22L.

Shark is one of a few companies that offer a variety of high-quality models. Its collections include navigator, rotator or rocket line as well as lift-away, professional or pet perfect class. Customers are the ones who benefit from this available diversity. However, it can be a drawback as people get confused and don’t know what perfect one to choose for their house. Shark has a large number of identical products with a few different points. Shark NV22S vs NV22L is one of them. They both belong to the same vacuum line – Shark Navigator lightweight upright vacuum – so you will expect they are extremely similar in- and outside.

I have reviewed a considerable number of Shark Navigator, including Shark NV501 vs NV500, Shark NV356e vs NV370, Shark NV42 vs NV70, Shark NV352 vs 360 and Shark NV752 vs NV751. This vacuum line is well-known for delivering superior cleaning performance without loss of suction power. Moreover, It has very positive reviews from several websites on the Internet. In this article, I’ll focus on 2 famous models from this series, the Shark NV22S vs NV22L. After reading this post, hope you can distinguish these units and choose yourself a suitable vacuum cleaner.

Shark NV22S VS NV22L: Comparison And Review

The aim of putting these two in the same page is to point out the similarities and differences between one of the most confusing pair of Shark vacuum products. Bear in mind that Shark NV22S vs NV22L is not perfect but it works well. It is understandable because Shark didn’t aim them as high-end products. In short, they are a wise choice for those who care about convenience and budget.

The Design

Firstly, Shark NV22S and NV22L are upright vacuums so they have vertical form. The main difference in terms of appearance is each of machine’s color. If Shark NV22S has the color of silver, Shark NV22L comes with the purple.  The different color can be a decisive factor. For example, if you prefer something that look elegant and serene, you should go for Shark NV22S. Otherwise, you should choose the Shark NV22L for a more outstanding color. It all depend on your preference.

The Portability

Shark NV22S and NV22L are designed as upright vacuums so some people will find them a bit bulky. However, with the weight of 14.9 pound, they are seen as lightweight machines. In addition, the attached wheels allow you to easily move the units around and avoid table legs or chairs at ease. In case you want to clean above floor areas, such as curtains or stairs, Shark provides you with additional tools.

The Cleaning Performance

It’s time to dig into the most vital factor of vacuum cleaners. Shark NV22S and NV22L has been arrived in the market for more than a couple of years. They are already known as powerful multitasking vacuum cleaners. Let’s see how well these two operate and whether they live up the hype or not.

The Features :

  • Shark products never disappoint customers thanks to its patented “Never loses suction” technology. It provides the machines with such strong suction power that Shark NV22S and NV22L can pull the stubborn dirt hidden deeply inside your carpet. The combination of “Never loses suction” technology and large-capacity dustbin allows extended cleaning process without interruption.
  • Both of them are not only made for cleaning floors, it can perform other tasks as well. Thanks to the accessories like extension hose, the machines can reach under the furniture, corner, etc. Some people even use these machines to get rid of the spider webs. In short, you can use the units for almost any type of cleaning work at home.
  • Shark NV22S vs NV22L are able to fight against pet hair. Don’t believe? Well, the included pet brush is very affecting on removing fur or human hair. They are a good choice if you have pet at home. Really convenient!
  • Both of them are bagless vacuum, which means you won’t have trouble with a bagged filter or troublesome maintenance. Shark equips Shark NV22S and NV22L with lifetime filters so there is no replacement filter cost. Because the filtration system isn’t high-end, I don’t recommend these two for those who have allergy reaction. Another advantage of these filters is that they won’t face clog dust problems. The filters are washable, allowing you to use the next time.

The Difference :

  • The length of power cord is different between two machines. Shark NV22S has a 30ft power cord, while Shark NV22L comes with only a 25ft one.

The Accessories

There is a difference in additional tools.

Shark NV22S: 5.5” crevice tool, dusting brush, premium pet power brush and accessory bag.

Shark NV22L: 5.5” crevice tool, dusting brush, wide upholstery tool and 24” crevice tool

The Price

Although Shark NV22L is a bit more expensive than the NV22L, the difference is not big. Shark NV22S and NV22L are seen as cheap models. They come with a price of under $150. I personally think this price is really reasonable and suitable for people with low- and middle-income.

If you like one of them, please click the following Amazon buttons to buy:

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Shark NV22L

The Feedbacks

Both of them receive thousands of positive feedback and are among highly-rated products on Amazon. Let’s see what other owners said about them.

Up to 72% of customers on Amazon rated Shark NV22S 5 stars. This figure is really impressive compared to others. People mostly commented on how powerful it was during cleaning process. In addition, many customers loved the lightweight design, the great suction and the capability of removing pet hair. However, a few people were annoyed by the noise.

Shark NV22L was rated 4.4 stars (out of 5) on Amazon from 2,241 customers. People were content with its performance and especially price. Most of the comments were about its great suction and excellence on carpet pickup. Nevertheless, one common minus point is that the machine sometimes tipped over when using hose.

The Conclusion

The difference in color and price might lead you to the favorite one. Basically, Shark NV22S and NV22L are very identical. Both of them are great for using for everyday cleaning. They are powerful and efficient. If you are going to do casual floor cleaning including the pet hair or litter, either of them is a smart choice. What’s your point of view?