Shark NV350 vs NV352: Which Is The Winner?

As you know, Shark accounts a great position in the market various vacuum cleaners. Today, I’ll make another comparison between Shark NV350 vs NV352 in Navigator line. They are similar yet different. The difference may be so small that you can barely notice. That’s the reason why I make vacuum comparisons like those: to help you clearly know weaknesses, strengths and the major difference between two worthy units. If you can’t choose between Shark NV350 and NV352, you’re on the right track. I’ll help you figure it out. Stay tune and keep reading.

Shark NV350 vs NV352: Comparison and Review

Shark is unique through the diversity and quality in the producing of high-end models with affordable prices. It divides into many lines as Shark Navigator, Shark Rotator, Shark Ion and Shark Rocket… with strength and weakness. Shark NV305 vs NV352 are two of the most well-known and outstanding ones in Shark Navigator series. Therefore, it is easy to understand why they have some similarities. Of course, they have even differences for making themselves pretty and attractive in users’ eyes. Besides, Shark also gives many attachments to support much jobs as they can perform. If you cannot use any of them, please see the guidebook attached. Although they may not meet all the criteria you make, Shark NV350 and NV352 also are great solutions when you find a good vacuum.

Shark NV350 Reviews

If you own it right now, you have a perfect decision. Why? It brings so many benefits that you see it is really suitable with your house. It is popular with powerful suction and quiet operation with no noises much. As other vacuum of Shark, it has brush bar with ability to turning on and off for cleaning easier. Of course, Shark NV350 also own attachments to do other mission with every surface. It can do well on carpets and floor types, even stairs with detachable canister that is easy-to-empty. Nevertheless, it supplies several filters that are washable. Therefore, you don’t have to buy new one just by washing it regularly. In addition, its maneuverability rises higher and higher thanks to Swivel head and ability to assemble easily. For all the features above, you can trust in this machine more than other way you have tried before.

Shark NV352 Reviews

Shark NV352 proves itself as an ideal option with many great features that no one can pass by. Firstly, as quick look, you detach the canister out of the body as well as the floor base. It is not make interruption when cleaning and easy to empty if needed after working. Besides, a famous technology – Cyclonic technology – will maintain the powerful suction when it works. Especially, if you want to breathing in fresh space, Shark NV352 is very suitable thanks to HEPA filter. It helps to remove maximum dust as possible in your house.  Moreover, brush on/off switch serves well on bare floor without breaking. Nevertheless, it contains a large dust to hold much dirt during runtime of the machines. Last but not least, long cord gives more space to clean without moving much. Overall, if you choose it, you will get a lot of benefits it brings to you.

The Design

Shark NV350 vs NV352 show their similarities right on their design at the first look. As you see, both vacuum cleaners come with traditional upright appearance. Shark NV350 and NV352, along with the NV351, are so identical that you can easily get confused. They are bagless and come with lift-away function to support for cleaning difficult places you cannot do with old ways. Reaching some areas such as ceiling, curtain or stairs is not difficult with these models. Especially, the color are the same as both of them come with lavender or purple, whatever you call. This design makes them attractive with many people and more maneuverable when cleaning like other pretty machines.

The Portability

As we said about, most of Shark products are greatly maneuverable and versatile thanks to Swivel Steering technology. Therefore, whenever you read my articles about Shark vacuums, you always see this feature as an outstanding point of the machines. Through this thing, you will receive a guide to let the machines smoothly around obstacles like under furniture or table legs. In addition, Shark NV350 and NV352 are seen as lightweight units with the weight of approximately 12 pounds. Nevertheless, you find it so easy to drag them around, even elderly. Especially, their dimension is one of the criteria we need to know because it is like each other. As we search on Amazon, the dimension is 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches. Thus, it is pretty tall that you don’t have to bend over much while cleaning.

The Cleaning Performance

Now, everyone also wants to know what they have and how well they perform. Are they worth with the amount of money you have spent to buy them? In general, Shark NV350 and NV352 aren’t high-end vacuums, so, of course, they have lack of some features to be perfect. Indeed, each one has strengths and weaknesses that buyers like you should know when choosing. Getting a high-quality vacuum with affordable price is not difficult when you come with Shark.

Comparison Tables

  • One more time, we have heard the word “The Never Loses Suction technology” in my articles. This is a famous feature in Shark’s marketing strategy that many users are impressed. Many users have seen the benefit it brings to them after finishing cleaning. With this technology, you have never worried about the loss of air flow during cleaning session. Shark NV350 and NV352 can give the consistent suction power from the starting to the ending job.
  • Besides, Shark NV350 vs NV352 include another well-known feature – HEPA filtration as a high level of filtration. It does a great job when removing allergens from the air that up to 97% which is not low rate that other vacuum cannot. Especially, this line of Shark has actually been certified by the British Allergy Foundation for great thing to those who suffer allergies or asthma.
  • Shark NV350 and NV352 have a motorized brushbar which can be turned on/off, depending on surfaces. Feedbacks on the Internet indicates that the two vacuums are very good on both carpets and bare floors. However, they come with pretty narrow cleaning path, only 9.25 inches.
  • Shark NV352 has a 25-ft-power cord meanwhile that of Shark NV350 is 30 foot in length. After many trustworthy tests, 30 foot cord is long enough to reach the high places or tight space and extend the cleaning areas.
  • The last feature I want to mention is the Lift-away function that Shark is very acknowledge. From that, you can detach the canister along with the handle from their main body with easy. Moreover, carrying around is not difficult for cleaning tight places such as corners, crevice.

The Price

Both Shark NV350 and NV352 have an affordable price that from low to high income can buy these items. Of course, there still exists an inconsiderable gap between them with the cost around $150. For sure, you can check it again on Amazon.

Shark NV351

Shark NV352

Shark NV350 Feedbacks

Shark NV350 is considered as one of the most famous items in the Navigator line in particular and Shark in general. It can work well on carpets and every type of floors when totally removing dust, dirt and allergens. Also, bagless design is also a great thing that most of customers are satisfied. Moreover, they can empty the dirt canister easily after using without interruption. Many users give it 5 stars and leave good compliment for its amazing performance.  However, some of the users don’t disapprove with its narrow nozzle width.

Shark NV352 Feedbacks

As you can see, Shark NV352 plays important role on raising Shark reputation when it is #1 best-seller upright vacuums. It receives 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon with many positive compliments for its popularity. You can see the comment under its names as “Powerful suction”  “So great” “Worth buying”, etc. In reality, most of users say Shark NV352 is so powerful, lightweight and versatile that makes them want to own it. However, they still find it top so heavy to tip over.

The Conclusion

To sum up, Shark NV350 and NV352 are relatively ideal as they deliver satisfying results at reasonable prices. It’ll depend on your preference which may base on the attached tools. Let’s think carefully before deciding. Besides, if someone finds these two items doesn’t fit, you can choose another. Please follow these articles like “Shark NV352 VS NV501” “Shark NV352 VS NV353” “Shark NV352 VS NV356E”.

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