Shark NV351 VS NV355: Which One Is The Best?

To be honest, Shark best vacuums are a great inspiration to me. I believe Shark products are what you are seeking for an ideal machine: powerful and affordable. Shark mainly aims the vacuum cleaners at home users, so that easy operation and reliable performance are taken into account during production process. If you are looking for this kind of machine, Shark NV351 vs NV355 appear to work perfectly. These two units are capable of delivering intensive carpet cleaning and sucking dust and dirt at the minutest scale. As a result, your carpet and floor are left as new and elegant ones. In addition, the dust will be kept inside the machines, filter in particular, so it can’t escape and helps reduce the risks of dust allergies. Because of similar characteristics and price, people usually have a headache over which one they should choose.

It is the ultimate goal of every of my article. I’ll put two potential products head to head in order for readers to make decision more easily. I hope that at the moment you reach the end of this page, you do already have one specific favorite machine in mind. Let’s see in which ways Shark NV351 vs NV355 are similar and how they different from each other.

Shark NV351 Vs NV355: Comparison And Review

It’s worth mentioning that Shark NV351 vs NV355 belong to Shark Navigator line. However, the NV351 is the Navigator Deluxe while the NV355 is within Navigator Professional series. In general, Shark Navigator vacuums are lightweight, equipped with swivel steering for easy maneuverability and in fact, receives thousands of positive reviews on the Internet. Because they belong to the same vacuum line, so you can expect Shark NV351 and NV355 share many things in common. Let’s find out which one is best for your needs.

The Design

They have the same upright design but the appearance is really different. Firstly, while the NV351 is lavender or purple, the NV355 is more white or silver. Also, the newer model is thinner and a bit taller than the precious one. I love Shark NV355’s design more as it looks elegant with the silver color. Furthermore, Shark NV351 vs NV355 have been designed with the portable canister for above ground clean-up jobs.

The Portability

Although both of them look bulky, Shark NV351 vs NV355 are lightweight (14 and 12.5 lbs respectively). Besides, the canister alone only weighs 8.0 lbs (Shark NV351) and 7.5 lbs (Shark NV355). There won’t be any problem relating to carrying the canister to do clean-up job on stairs, etc.

One special thing of Shark vacuums are that they are equipped with a technology called swivel steering which allow users to easily maneuver. This great portability is a great feature for cleaning in a small room and the need of taking frequent turns. Shark NV351 and NV355 are no exception.

The Cleaning Performance

This is always the most important and curious factor when it comes to vacuum cleaner. If it doesn’t meet your basic requirements, it’s time to consider an alternative. Shark NV351 and NV355 feature some similar technologies.

  • First and foremost, the lift-away function allows users to detach the vacuum canister, converting upright mode into a reliable hand vacuums. Thanks to this feature, you are able to clean curtains or sofas and other above ground areas.
  • Both Shark NV351 and NV355 feature so called suction control which is used to adjust the suction power. Therefore, the machines can produce more power while cleaning tough floors or reducing the air flow on dedicate surfaces.
  • The cord length of these two units are both 30 ft long. It is a great advantage as you can cover a large area without moving too much. Also, it allows you to reach the ceiling and difficult positions with ease.
  • There is a marked difference in terms of dust cup capacity. According to information from Shark, the NV351 has a dust cup of 1.2 dry quarts to the fill line and 3.0 dry quarts (real usable capacity). Meanwhile, the NV355 comes with 2.2 dry quarts (to the fill line) and 4.4 dry quarts (completely filled)
  • Although both of them don’t come with HEPA filters, Shark NV351 and NV355 are equipped with a micro-filter pad which can be separated from the machines, washed and made ready for the next use. In addition to those filters, they have built-in Anti-Allergen complete seal technology which is able to trap up to 99.97% of small particles and allergens.

The Accessories

Shark NV351 and NV355 come with different set of extra tools. If you don’t know how to utilize these available tools, then you’re not getting the full value of your appliance.

Shark NV351: handle with stretch hose, accessory holder, extension wand, detachable canister, motorized floor rush nozzle, 12” crevice tool, dusting brush and turbo brush.

Shark NV355: an 8” crevice tool, turbo brush, a microfiber pad, hard floor hero, wide upholstery tool and dusting brush.

The Price

Although the NV355 is a bit more expensive than the older, the difference is not big. Their price is under $200, which is really reasonable and suitable for low- and middle-income families.

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The Feedbacks

Shark NV351 receives 3.9 stars on Amazon. People praised it for easy operation and the reasonable price. Also, they all agreed that it was a great sweeper, powerful in a space-saving size. Not only did it do wonders on dust and dirt, it also worked fantastic in removing pet hair. Another plus point customers mentioned several times is lightweight design. They were really satisfied. However, there is small complaint. Older people or back-pain suffers found it a bit heavy.

Likewise, Shark NV355 receives positive feedbacks from customers on Amazon. They were content with its performance on deep cleaning and agreed that it were worth every penny. Also, people were surprised at its extra suction power. Nevertheless, some customers complained about its heavy top which tipped easily.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, Shark NV351 and NV355 is ideal for those who are seeking for a fast and quick vacuum cleaner. The price is not a big deal, so it all depend on your needs.

Share some thoughts with me. Which one will you choose?