Shark NV352 vs NV360: What’s the Difference?

When you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, what do you need? They have to be beautiful, must be of good quality and price? But now on the market, there are many such types, you will choose which one. Therefore, come to us, you will no longer have a headache to choose from. We will donate articles comparing different types of vacuum cleaners, from similarities to different points. Thereby, you can think about the information in it to make a decision. And today’s post is an example. It will talk about Shark NV352 vs NV360. They are hot items under Shark – the most successful brand in this field. Through that, you can find their strengths and weaknesses as well. 

Shark Navigator NV352 Upright Vacuum
9,637 Reviews
Shark Navigator NV352 Upright Vacuum
Shark Navigator NV352 makes sure that your house will be clean in a short time. It is able to solve all the dust, pet hair or debris in your carpet and floor with high effectiveness.
Shark Navigator NV360 Lift-Away Deluxe Vacuum
10,770 Reviews
Shark Navigator NV360 Lift-Away Deluxe Vacuum
Shark NV360 Upright Vacuum has its strength on cleaning every surface on your house. Besides, this item uses several attachments to support cleaning the place you find hard to do.

Shark NV352 vs NV360 Comparison

When comparing the two products, it is very important to know the similarities and differences between them. With these two types of vacuum cleaners, you will also see those spots shortly. They are quite similar in both design and technology with energy source zone filters. However, factors like attachments, noise level and other dimensions – color make them different much.


  • The biggest difference between them comes to the version and the improved cleaning on all surfaces. Shark NV352 is a Navigator upright vacuum that belongs to the 350 Series with powerful improvements from dirt removal on hardwood floors. Shark NV360 is a Navigator deluxe of 360 Series version is superior with collecting pet hair.
  • Shark NV352 and NV360 can extend their capacity with many excellent attachments like (wide) upholstery tool with a pet power brush. However, they distinguish each other through other different ones. In particular, Shark NV352 is outstanding with the presence of a dusting brush with a 24-inch and 5.5-inch crevice tool. In other cases, Shark NV360 gets better with a short crevice tool and extension wand. 
  • Next, there is a slight difference in weight overall when Shark NV352 is lighter a little bit compared to Shark NV360. 12,5 Pounds is the number when talking about the weight of Shark NV352. 13 Pounds is the weight of the Shark NV360. Besides, the dimensions in length and width also reflect the better in the slimness of the Shark NV352.
  • Shark NV352 has a 1.1 dry quart dust cup canister capacity with a low-level noise of 73dB. Meanwhile, the Shark NV360 has a larger dust cup capacity with 12 dry quarts of actual capacity. of course Shark NV360 has a higher noise level with 80dB. The difference in dust cup capacity and noise level is also of special concern to customers.
  • In addition, you can realize that Shark NV352 gets many cyclones to generate powerful suction. It also avoids clogging insides that affect badly to cleaning session. However, Shark NV360 has a light sensor to be effective in showing a tangled brush.


  • The Shark NV352 and NV360 have an upright shape that fits quite well with a height of 45.5 inches and the ability to separate canister thanks to the Lift-away function. This means that it offers 2 working modes for you to choose from.
  • In addition, so that users do not have trouble moving, Shark has arranged wheels to make it run smoother. Furthermore, a swivel steering wheel is also present to show how maneuverable these vacuum cleaners are.
  • Next, when vacuuming, the dust filter is very important. It is responsible for separating dust from both pet hair and allergen allergens, which cause more problems. To do this, these items use a HEPA filter and a foam filter behind the filter grill. In addition, to help with air purification, Shark also installs Anti-Allergen technology.
  • In addition, the design of these models uses a long cord with a length of about 25ft – just right to be able to clean up a relatively large space. Furthermore, the motor’s power supply is also large to create suction power that quickly removes dirt. 
  • Specifically, they use up to 1200 watts of power rating that comes with 10amps for strong and stable suction. Also, the brush-roll shutoff causes you to change the cleaning mode to the bare floor and carpet respectively.

Shark NV352 vs NV360 Overview

When you look for a vacuum cleaner, what attracts you first? Of course, this is their look. People tend to like products with eye-catching colors and compact designs that are easy to use and maintain. And these two products both meet the above criteria.

The Design

Shark NV352 and NV360 are quite light as both are only around 13Ibs. They are all of the medium height to facilitate working with their upright format. Additionally, the Lift-way function helps you to clean in a suitable way after detaching their canister. Besides, a long cord is always a great factor to reduce the time of changing the outlet. Moreover, their filtration system stays at the center with a HEPA filter and filter grill. In addition, their dust cup is also quite large to hold everything these products suck in. Then you just need to empty it to continue working in the future. This is convenient and users are very satisfied with them.

The Portability

Both the Shark NV352 and NV360 have a well-designed design aimed at creating high portability. First, we can easily understand that being underweight is weak and making it easy to carry them. Nobody likes to have to pull a heavy, bulky vacuum cleaner. It is both times consuming and takes a large space to store. Next, you can transform your upright design by lift-away the canister. With just a simple operation, you can clean and move easily with areas like stairs. Finally, with the help of a wheel and a swivel steering, this becomes even easier and more convenient.

The Price

Shark NV352 and NV360 have no price difference with the current price of $ 159. Furthermore, with Shark NV352, you get 90 days limited warranty and 5-year limited warranty corresponding to Shark NV360 from SharkNinja.

Shark NV352

Shark NV360

Final Tip

In brief, Shark NV352 and NV360 deserve the value and praise they receive. They do their job well on all stairways, hardwood floors, or carpets. Shark NV352 is a great choice with hardwood floors and Shark NV360 will do better with pet hair.