Shark NV352 vs NV360: Which one the best?

Shark Navigator Lift-away is a kind of vacuum that many people encourage much to buy in this race. Firstly, the models come from a reliable brand, so people have already trusted the quality. You can always rely on this series to get deep-down the tiny particles inside your carpeted floors. Besides, it works effectively on various types of carpet and comes with dust-away bare floor tool + microfiber pads as attachments. The most impressive thing is that although Shark Navigator Lift-away shows exceptional performance, the price also is the point that Shark wants to set for everyone to afford. However, a lot of people still get confused just because there’re several Shark Navigator Lift-away models out there on the market. For not wasting your time more, now I will pick out 2 of the best products to compare and review, the Shark NV352 vs NV360.

My only goal for those Shark vacuum reviews is to help you have a wider view and get honest and accurate information just by one click.

Shark NV352 vs NV360: Comparison and Review

Despite lying on the same series of Shark, each vacuum still has its weapons to become the most desired products.

The Design

Shark NV352 vs NV360 comes with lavender and blue respectively which is separate and not mixed. One thing you can see in an upright vacuum is that Navigator Lift-away can glide easily on the side that needs cleaning when you push its handle. Also, the handle is designed to give the maximum ergonomic comfort and convenience. With the 2-in-1design, this technology like its name reveals permits the cleaners to function as both an upright vacuum and a canister for portable cleaning above-floor areas. Also, the bagless design is another plus point as it enables you to see when the dirt cup is full, and if the suction is going strong.   

The Portability

You may think that Shark NV352 vs NV360 is heavy and bulky if you see their images. Many people are impressed with their portability so much after observing their sample on Amazon. With 12.5 and 16 pounds, you can easily to bring or take them on storage wherever you want. Especially, they have a great canister that is so flexible for moving in every situation. Finally, things might be easier with the swivel steering feature.

The Cleaning Performance

Despite being in the premium line, there are still some machines missing a few points more than the others. Compared to Shark NV352, the Shark NV360 works better and more effectively with some great features. Let’s see how they are similar and what makes them different.

Comparison of Tables

  • Shark NV352 and NV360 belong to premium lines that get many innovations and improvements in technology. Both of them use cyclonic technology aka never loses suction power. This technique allows the cleaner to operate appropriately without loss of suction and prevents clogs.
  • They keep a special system that is a filtration aiming to blow away and hold the allergen for a minute then releasing clear air. Just by this, they receive trust from most of the users. To remove the dirt and dust particles more efficiently, Shark NV352 and NV360 utilize an advanced system called anti-allergen complete seal technology. The combination of these two is a huge plus point as it can trap over 99.9% of dust and allergens.
  • They also feature a 25 ft-length power cord so that you don’t have to notice the plug all the cleaning time. Besides, the maneuverability can’t be easier with swivel steering for adjusting the movement smoother.
  • Right on their name, we have noticed a feature that many people are very satisfied with. The lift-away functionality adds more versatility to the machines. The vacuums transform from the upright into a canister just by a press of a button. This feature allows them to clean above the floor areas, such as ceiling, stairs or upholstery, and so on.
  • With many attachments they bring, you don’t need to worry about carpets, stairs, and hard-to-reach areas more. Shark NV352 and NV360 can reach any areas and corners.
  • The Shark NV360 has a large capacity and bottom-empty bagless dust cup (than that of Shark NV352). It is easy to empty and large enough to hold a large amount of dust.

The Price

Don’t be tricked by all the amazing things above and think that you’re not able to buy them. Both of them come with very affordable prices, under $200. Hence, for many people who are not too financially wealthy, these products are not difficult for you.

Shark NV352

Shark NV360

The Feedback

Shark NV352 which is a vacuum of premium series still makes many users not worry about its price. Everyone will be able to possess one if they like it. The star rating it receives on Amazon is very high as one of the highest-rated products on this market. However, someone says they are not like its top because it is quite heavy.

Shark NV360 is also quite competitive with 4.4 stars. It can create a strong suction to block all the dirt and remove even the small particles on the floors. However, many users tell that its cord is still not long enough with their demand.

The Final Thought

Shark NV352 and NV360 will be alternatives for those who are looking for a do-it-all vacuum that can do good jobs on various floors. If you want a Shark NV360, perhaps you have to pay more money to own it. However, it gives you many benefits more than the amount of money you spend. A few suggestions for these 2 great products: Shark NV352 VS NV353, Shark NV352 VS NV356E, Shark NV360 vs NV370.

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