Shark NV352 VS NV501: Which One Is The Best?

No one can deny the benefits vacuum cleaners bring to life. Instead of waste much time on this job, housewives can relax thanks to those machines. They do the job in a much quicker manner. Plus, the efficiency of clean-up jobs is being improved significantly. Fresh air is a must if you want a healthy environment in your house. However, with the industry development nowadays, modern customers sometimes feel overwhelmed among hundreds of things. Finding a perfect vacuum cleaner is not an easy task. Thus, Shark offers a variety of vacuum cleaners with distinct charms. From the title, you can understand everything about Shark NV352 vs NV501. The biggest downside of an upright is mobility for hard tasks. However, with these two amazing vacuum cleaners, you will enter the Lift-away from Shark with allows you to lift a part of the machine. Now, let’s start to find the answer.

Shark NV352 vs NV501: Comparison And Review

I have reviewed many kinds of vacuum that belong to Shark. I’ll put Shark vacuums side by side and help you to make an informed decision about a perfect machine that you can take.

Shark NV352 and NV501 belong to different vacuum lines. The former is Shark Navigator Lift-away, while the latter is Shark Rotator Lift-Away. Despite different series, many things are the same in two ones. For example, they are two of the best upright vacuum that Shark holds. Let’s see which one is more perfect for your house.

Shark Rotator NV501
6,482 Reviews
Shark Rotator NV501
Capacity: 1.3 quarts
Powerful Upright vacuum
Anti-Allergen Complete SealTechnology
Ultra-Quiet Operation
HEPA Filter
Premium pet tools

The Design

In the beginning, you will see Shark NV352 and NV501 are not the same as each other as you think. Although coming with an upright form, the Rotator is slimmer and shorter than the other. Moreover, the color will make you easily take them apart. Shark NV352 is charming and elegant with beautiful lavender. Meanwhile, NV501 has a pure, strong, and sweet appearance with red and white. Also, the two models have some innovation and modern technologies through their design. We can list as Lift-away that removes a part of the unit to be convenient. Besides, Shark NV352 and NV501 hold a cord with a long size and a big dust cup containing much dust.

The Portability

With Shark products, you will never anxious too much about its portability. Swivel steering will take on making the items slide so well on the surface. Besides, you can move around from here to there without making some messes. The NV352 is much smaller at 12.5 pounds than the other one. Surely some people will feel a bit heavy when wearing a 15.5 pounds NV501. Thanks to the Lift-away function, they become more flexible and lighter when separating the canister.

The Cleaning Performance

Shark NV352 and NV501 are also excellent and special vacuums that Shark brings to us. These items don’t rank in the high-end team but they still do what you cannot believe. Therefore, the information below will prove what they deserve with what they present.

  • One more time, we go together with reminding of the unique technology – Lift-away. With Shark NV352 and NV5021, you just need to do a simple action to lift away the canister. From that, the cleaning will be better and easier as well as shorten the weight of them.
  • Next, they hold the transcendent duo that most of Shark’s high-quality products possess. They are known as AACS technology and HEPA filtration system that Shark’s customers love. It not only helps clean the dust but also allergen out of the air to make it more comfortable.
  • Not different from other types from Shark, they all possess the advanced technology that many customers expect. Never Lose Suction has appeared in Shark NV352 and NV501 and did not disappoint. It makes the cleaning process uninterrupted with abundant and strong suction power.
  • Talking about attachments, Shark NV352 doesn’t go with a premium pet power brush. This tool will help you solve all the problems relating to pet hair in a short time.
  • Another shortcoming of Shark NV352 has LED lights for illumination. Only the NV501 can support you to knock off the dust or dirt in the low-light place. Moreover, it makes sure to not leave anything behind in the corners or tight spaces.
  • About other feature, Shark NV352 is also bright and outstanding. Firstly, the dirt cup capacity is larger, 1.2, and 1.3 dry quarts respectively. Secondly, it comes with a long cord and hose for covering more spaces than NV352.

The Price

We can say that Shark has improved and upgrade so much for its products that typical examples are Shark NV352 and NV501. However, the price of the NV501 is a bit higher, probably due to its superior features compared to the NV352. I think of their current prices all classes can purchase.

Shark NV352

Shark NV501

The Feedbacks

Despite the omission, the Shark NV352 is still a product with a high number of searches and sales on Amazon. 4.4 stars are also the result of what Shark did to create this product. Customers are very satisfied with the advanced technology that Shark applied, especially Never Lose Suction. However, many people are still afraid of the weight of the top.

Shark NV501 is still a commendable upright among many vacuum cleaners. The number of customers rating the star still keeps growing, which shows a special attraction of this model. Many people believe that they trust and expect a lot from Shark NV501 with AACS technology and HEPA filtration system. As a result, it met their requirements perfectly. However, the only minus point is the weight that many people feel uncomfortable when used.

The Conclusion

Both vacuums give excellent performance although they are within the middle-priced range. Shark NV501 will be a bit more dominant. It comes with lots of extra functions that provide users with more diversity while cleaning.

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