Shark NV355 vs NV356E : Which One Is Better?

Nowadays, many people feel very tired and bored when they have to clean their house every day. If not, the dust and bad thing will lie on their floors and carpets and fly around. It will make the air worse. Besides, they are not satisfied with some traditional cleaning methods that are out of date. Moreover, those methods are not effective to get rid of 100% fine dust and allergens. Therefore, they need vacuum cleaner – an innovative invention thanks to the development of technology. This machine can facilitate the load of household chores especially for housewives and people with less free time. They will help save lots of time and energy for personal relationships and relaxing after working. Today, we will know about Shark NV355 vs NV356E that come from Shark. This is one of the most well-known brands right now in the market that many people are concerned.

Shark NV355 vs NV356E: Comparison and Review

Shark NV355 vs NV365E come from the same vacuum line, the Shark Navigator. It has an assortment of vacuum cleaners with different prices. In general, Shark Navigator vacuums are lightweight and easy to use and assemble. They are equipped with swivel steering for easy maneuverability and powerful suction. In reality, the users give the thousands of positive reviews on the Internet for two models. Shark NV355 and NV356E can share many things in common thanks to belong to the same vacuum line. People can get confused and find it hard to make decision as they look pretty similar and have the same features. Yet, of course, Shark equipped or changed some details in order to meet a wide range of requirements.

The Shark NV356E Reviews

Shark NV356E is a Navigator vacuum with lightweight design and easy to maneuver with swivel steering. It is so portable and versatile at 13.7 pounds, so light weight. This creates an ideal cleaning experience. Besides, it works for both deep carpet cleaning and gentle bare hardwood floor cleaning that many people are satisfied. Moreover, it comes with dust cup capacity 2.2 quarts. This dust cup can contain much dust and other particles during the cleaning session. Additionally, it goes with other attachment like dusting brush, crevice tool, and pet power brush. They also support to cleaning everything bad that lies on the floors and carpet, at high place and hard-to-clean areas. Especially, you don’t have to worry about its quality because this product is certified refurbished and tested by Amazon.

The Shark NV355 Reviews

Like Shark NV356E, Shark NV355 is also easy to maneuver with swivel steering. Moreover, many users say that it has gentle deep clean technology so it can remove more dirt. This model comes with lightweight design as well as XL capacity portable canister. This can contain much dirt and dust for cleaning during a long time without any troubles. Besides, this machine includes some tools like hard floor hero, wide upholstery tool, dusting brush and crevice tool. Of course, you can clean easily and quickly thanks to these tools. Especially, it has some features like easy to assemble, great for stairs and hardwood floors and powerful suction. Therefore, many people know this and want to buy this machine for their house. This is also a good choice for you to find a great vacuum cleaner that can work well with many useful functions.

The Design

As we all know, Shark NV355 and NV356E are both upright vacuums coming from Shark brand. Therefore, they can create powerful suction like other kinds from this typical type. They come with long hose and 30ft-long cord. This is enough for you to cover multiple rooms or large space with one plug-in. Talking about colors, Shark NV355 and NV356E are really similar as they both have white/silver shade. Luckily, if these two are placed next to each other, you may know which one is Shark NV355 or NV356E. The NV356E is much taller than the other by almost 20 inches. Also, we can easily realize that the newer model is thinner as well as a bit taller than the older one. Furthermore, Shark has equipped for Shark NV355 and NV356E with the portable canister in design for above ground clean-up jobs.

The Portability

The NV356E is much lighter as compared to the NV355, around 13.7 and 20 pounds respectively. Yet, Shark always bring a special thing to its products. therefore, now they include a technology called swivel steering which allow users to easily maneuver. This great portability is a attractive feature for cleaning in a small room and the need of taking frequent turns. Shark NV355 and NV356E are no exception and they still do well with these innovative features .

The Cleaning Performance

This is always the most important and great factor when it comes to vacuum cleaner that many users are interested in. in case your basic requirements is beyond its ability, you still have an alternative with other Shark’s products. Shark NV355 vs NV356E have some similar technologies that can make you satisfied and worth with your investment.

Comparison Tables

  • As you know, two models also have the lift-away function. This allows users to detach the vacuum canister and convert upright mode into a reliable hand vacuums. As a result, you are able to clean curtains or sofas and other above ground areas easier.
  • Both Shark NV355 vs NV356E have suction control for using to adjust the suction power. Hence, the machines can create more power while cleaning tough floors. Otherwise, it can reduce the air flow on dedicate surfaces instead.
  • The long cord of these two units is both 30 ft long as I mentioned above. It is an outstanding point that you can cover a large area without moving too much. Also, you are able to reach the ceiling and difficult positions with ease, even the hard-to-reach places.
  • They come with the same dust cup capacities, which are 2.2 dry quarts (to the fill line) and 4.4 dry quarts (completely filled)
  • Shark NV356E is different from the other thank to the HEPA filtration system and the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. They combine in one to guarantee that it can remove nearly 100% fine dust and allergens in your house. Of course, your house will be brighter and fresher after cleaning. It is extremely fit for people who are suffering allergy symptoms or want to avoid the bad quality air. You should consider this type of vacuum cleaner for your family.

The Price

After checking the price o Amazon, the NV356E is a bit more expensive than the older with no considerable gap. Their price is under $200 that is relatively reasonable for everyone to buy one of them, which is really reasonable and suitable for low- and middle-income families. The price distance between them is not considerable so you can chose one of two models if you find it fits more for your house. Sometimes, you can buy the products when Shark has sale-off. The price will reduce a bit.

Shark NV355

Shark NV356e

Shark NV355 Feedbacks

NV355 is favored by many users who give around 70% 5-stars on Amazon. It is hot item with 4.2 out of 5 stars with great comments and good feedbacks. When you search this machine, it will appear some comments like “very good” “powerful suction” “pretty lightweight design”. Everything it does is just perfect. It works really well for hard wood floors and carpets with some attachments. Nevertheless, the reasonable price is also great factor that many people like. Some people shout that “works amazing! I love it! It is such a great vacuum for a great price”.

However, there is still some complains about Shark NV355. They are not satisfied with the extension wand for cleaning corners, couches, window seals, cars etc. It is a bit short and the unit usually falls over. They wish canister locate slightly higher on the handle to get under low tables easier but overall great performance.

Shark NV356E Feedbacks

Shark NV356E receives 4.3 out of 5 stars with nearly 70% users who give 5-stars on Amazon. This Shark Navigator Lift away pro can deep clean carpets, tackle hard floors, and take on above-floor messes. It does good jobs thanks to a detachable Lift-Away pod. This upright vacuum cleaner delivers powerful cleaning on floors and everywhere else to help people decrease more stress after working. Nevertheless, it can pick up hairs and pet hairs that make pet owners interested and give more attention. They also concern about this bagless vacuum cleaner with an XL dust cup. This unit gives you extended cleaning to tackle your whole home without interruption. Moreover, it provides excellent control when maneuvering around furniture and other obstacles in your house with swivel steering. However, some users feel that it is not good enough to collect pet hair or fur in their house.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, Shark NV356E is a bit more costly due to a high-quality filtration system which you will find extremely beneficial for your family’s health. The performances are almost the same with just a few differences.

However, you need to reach some following notice:

  • Clean all the attachments after using many times
  • Clean the filter or canister for long lasting cleaning
  • Check the device regularly
  • Unclog the vacuum if needed

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