Shark NV356E vs NV370: Which One Is Better?

Welcome back to my comparison series about Shark vacuum cleaners. Today, let’s go with another pair in the famous series of Shark line: Shark NV356E vs NV370. Their full name of them always comes with their short name when you search on Amazon. They are differentiated as the professional vacuums and always be sought by consumers on the market. Of course, these products have in the same price range (based on sales).

Shark is a well-known brand with many trendy and modern products that are favored. Through Shark NV356E and NV370, you will have better vision about Shark vacuum cleaner. Moreover, there also are two good options with people who want to buy this hot item to home. Now, let’s start to know about two models.

Shark NV356E vs NV370: Comparison and Review

Before starting to differentiate these two vacuums, we can find the reasons why most of the customers love the Shark Professional Navigator Lift-away vacuums. At the beginning, you need to rely on this vacuum line. The “elimination” and “get rid” of dirt deep in the crevices or on the floor is no longer a concern for everyone. They can work effectively on different types of floors. Besides, most of these products even feature a dust-away bare floor with microfiber pads. This is a striking product with strong and friendly appeal when used for all types of users. Now, let’s start to know about two high quality products as Shark NV356E vs NV370.  Most of you will think they has the same design and function but they are still different in many ways.

Shark NV356E Reviews

With the Shark NV356E, you can know what is “lift-away” vacuum. That is you can take out the main canister of its body. Then, you can use the detached canister to vacuum in difficult-to-reach spaces or a-bit-further areas away from the vacuum. Besides, its weight will not be the problem with every to move hold it up or down. Thanks to the Lift-Away mechanise as well as the lightweight nature, it is suitable for all surfaces that need cleaning. This item undertakes to clean all of different spaces and places that others cannot. Nevertheless, it includes a very nice brushroll to allow you to deep clean the carpet. This tool lies on the cleaner head of its bottom. Moreover, the brushroll has another mission that you can use it on hard surfaces. It is gentle enough to accommodate those surfaces and the dirt and dust staying on those particular surfaces.

Shark NV370 Reviews

Shark NV370 comes with some things similar to Shark NV356E. It has the swivel steering – a great feature that Shark gives. Especially, it owns the excellent cleaner head using the power of suction. Additionally, the brushroll transmits an energy stream that is strong enough to break and dislodge any kind of dirt. These bad things lie on your floor as well as smaller pieces of debris. In reality, Shark NV370 includes several accessories unlike others. At first, it has an eight-inch crevice tool for cleaning dirt and dust in small and tight spaces. Moreover, you receive a pet brush for cleaning up your pets-shed fur. At last, a dusting brush lets you gently remove the dust caked onto certain areas.

The Design

First of all, many people notice to them because both of them belong to upright vacuum. As you all know, this kind of vacuum cleaner brings lots and lots of benefits.  You can extend the cleaning surface through a special hose attached with the products.  This is one of the reason that many people like them so much than other types. Moreover, they can do various jobs with some excellent point on their design. Honestly say that their appearance is so similar maybe get confused at distinguishing them as even thick they are twins. In addition, the Shark Navigator brings the Lift-away feature to let you convert the shark NV356E vs NV370 into a canister vacuum. This is convenient for portable cleaning by just one press of the button.

The Portability

As you know, they are 13.7 pounds that is enough to hold in a short time without being tired. This feature much affects to buyer decision process. Some people don’t want to enjoy dragging around with a heavy and bulky vacuum cleaner. However, getting along with these two models, it won’t matter at all. What’s more, the lift-away technology is an outstanding point that Shark gives for portable cleaning.

The Cleaning Performance

Except the similarities in design, Shark NV356E and NV370 still have this thing relate to how they work. Let’s consider two machines to differentiate them as well as know their pros and cons.

General Features

  • The first thing we find that they use a patented feature of Shark which is never loses suction technology. This technology is really a special feature that supports to clean multiple areas with constant suction power. This power maintains during the cleaning session for entire time.
  • The cohesion between AACS technology and HEPA filtration system produces desirable results for their users. It is really and really perfect for users who suffer from allergy due to its ability to trap up nearly 99.9% of the bad things. These things include tiny dust particles and allergens stuck inside the vacuum. From that, it prevents those particles recirculate to the air. You can enjoy the fresh air right on your house just by use the machines to clean.
  • With lengthy 30ft cord, they help you stand straight to clean without bending down. Moreover, you just need to concentrate on control the machines without watching the plug too many times when vacuuming large spaces or areas.
  • The Shark NV356E and NV370 eliminate the dirt clinging for many types of terrain that people often use when building houses. They do a great job through turning brushroll on/off.
  • Moreover, they are special equipped with its lightweight and swivel steering feature for controlling. Thanks to that, even when you move skillfully below, you can get the job done without a problem.
  • There is a special point that it can become “canister vacuum in a flash”, very quickly right? In addition, it has a huge capacity so you can clean comfortably without emptying the dust bin frequently if you forget.
  • The Shark NV356E and NV370 include microfiber pads which are useful for efficiently cleaning like a high-end vacuum cleaner with standard functions. These units aim to attract and trap more dust and dirt.

The Differences:

  • The Shark NV370 is well-known as a special edition of the Navigator Lift-Away Pro. It includes many advanced technologies with all the necessary features to be able to clean carpets quickly and efficiently.
  • Some other things: the dust cup capacity of the NV356E is larger than the other. Meanwhile, the NV370 possesses a longer hose (8.5 ft) compared to 5 ft of the NV356E.

The Price

Shark NV356E and NV370 are extremely well for all people who have some shortages of finance. Therefore, the price to own them is suitable for all consumers that Shark is targeting. They are favored on Amazon with high rate, so you can consider to get one.

Shark NV356E

Shark NV370

The Shark NV356E Feedback

As statistics on Amazon, Shark NV356E receives many 5-stars that reach up to 73% of its customers. Most of them love it for a powerful vacuum with great versatility as well as many useful features. It also comes with well-known technology for greatly clean the house. Besides, you can clean easily with getting rid of even small particle through a tool like brushroll shutoff. However, the users still bored about this item since it doesn’t have head light. Therefore, they get trouble when cleaning dark areas.

The Shark NV370 Feedback

Likewise, Shark NV370 show equally attractive when it reaches 73% of its customers giving 5-stars on amazon. On this list, many users extremely like how well this vacuum function. Especially, it is very easy to use and friendly with everyone. They also introduce it to their friends after use. However, it still has draw-backs when some of users complained they disappointed with weak weight balance.

Final Thought

If want a good product with lacking of budget, you can consider these product of Shark Navigator Pro. Shark NV356E and NV370 compete on each criterion and are hard to say that which one win or lose. As we all analyzed above, there have just a little differences between these two models. However, they are still wonderful on their own with everyone. In general, when looking a cheap and useful as well as functional vacuum cleaner, let’s choose Shark NV356E. Moreover, if you want a machine giving you more functionality, Shark NV370 is a fantastic choice for you.

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