Shark NV42 VS NV80 : Which One Is The Best?

Many people consider Shark models as relatively good as Dyson’s with more reasonable prices. What do you wish for more, right? Good machines at affordable prices are what I am looking for in order to recommend to my readers. The first rule when it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner is that its function and feature are used for your house. I mean you should know your house well, like what the floorings are, whether traditional upright or handheld cleaner will fit perfectly to the house and so on. Hence, today, I’ll make it much easier for you by putting Shark NV42 vs NV80 side by side. These items surely make you spend your money buying them immediately.

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Shark NV42 vs NV80: Comparison and Review

I think many people will be curious about their full name. You can write their short name “Shark NV42 vs NV80” on Amazon’s finding box. They have quite a few points that make us easy to confuse. However, different products will have points that make them have a stable position in the market.

They are also part of the Navigator line, one of Shark’s outstanding lines of vacuum cleaners that customers trust. Navigator vacuum cleaners often have a light, strong and good-looking design. In addition, these products often have prices that are not too high, resulting in a huge increase in the number of customers who buy them. However, low prices do not mean poor quality.

The Design

The upright form is always a common feature of Navigator products, including the Shark NV42 vs NV80. It can be said that this design brings many benefits that customers always want. Such design makes them not have to bend over to affect the back but can still work as usual. Therefore, there will be many like to use them for this feature. After observing, you can classify them depending on their color: one is sexy and one is luxury. Moreover, they can contain more dust with large dust cup with huge capacity lying on their design.

The Portability

You do not need to worry about weight because they are quite light and easier to carry. Many people often worry to bring them upstairs but with Shark NV40 and NV80, this is too easy. Like the Shark NV70, the NV80 has some more striking features than the NV42 with swivel steering and soft rubber wheels. It leads to that the weight of the NV80 helps you move easily and even faster, despite the same weight. It even cleans more hard-to-reach areas in the home, producing results as many customers expect. So, in terms of convenience, the Shark NV80 dominates over the Shark NV42.

The Cleaning Performance

In this section, we will go into specific studies of how it works to find the most satisfactory product. Looking at the reviews on Amazon, the Shark NV42 vs NV80 are true rivals. Moreover, their prices on the market are quite cheap, so the more you have to consider this part.

  • Large-capacity engines will help them operate more efficiently, especially with the help of “Never Lose Suction” technology. It’s not too strange for everyone because this is one of the features Shark has high expectations on vacuums. It develops the power to remove dirt adhering to all surfaces as well as pet hair in the house. Also, true to its name, power will flow throughout the cleaning process without being lost or stopped abruptly.
  • Next is the amount of dirt that contains the cleaning process. Both possess a large dust cup with a capacity of 1 – 3.5 dry-quart that is enough for everyone. You just need to empty it after completing your job so convenient and quick.
  • Brushroll Shutoff is very great if your house decorates with carpet or bare floor that is hard to clean. Besides, a pet-hair-power brush will help you face much pet hair lying in the house that makes you a headache. It works so effectively in harmony with protecting the cleaning surfaces.
  • Like Shark NV70, Shark NV80 excels with AACS technology and the HEPA filter system to help people ensure more health. They completely clean the dirt but still filter allergen to help you feel fresh and more comfortable when breathing. It is also not a problem that dirt sticks deep into the vacuum cleaner with Shark NV80.

The Price

As mentioned above, they are quite cheap so every consumer can own one of these two types of vacuums. With only $150 you can buy them already, the quality is free of charge. However, many people tend to choose the Shark NV80 because of its superiority. Please check their price regularly on Amazon for getting pretty price with a great vacuum.

Shark NV42

Shark NV80

The Feedback

Shark NV42 is still the No. 1 choice of many customers. They are really satisfied with what this device has to offer. It has almost the full functionality of a Navigator vacuum cleaner for an inexpensive price. Even many people are no longer lazy to do housework as before thanks to the convenience of Shark NV42. It has received numerous 5-stars from customers who have used it with satisfaction with its quality

Shark NV80 is a bit more outstanding thanks to the features that make it more convenient. Customers are happy to find a product that can maintain such a lasting appeal during the cleaning period. However, it seems that there are still many people who do not know NV80 so it only reached 4.2 stars.

The Final Thought

They are all products that people should buy so that house cleaning is no longer heavy and time-consuming. Many people will be interested in their attachments, which add more diversity to the machine. Thus, if you want the NV80, you will save a lot of money and but get more benefits.

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