Shark NV472 vs NV480 : Which Is The Winner?

The purpose of technology is to make human life become easier and more comfortable. Traditional methods are usually time- and energy-consuming. In many cases, they are not effective ways to solve the problems. Take cleaning for example. A few decades ago, people used traditional methods like mopping, wiping or sweeping to get rid of dust and dirt. However, mostly, those ways aren’t effective. The dust in the air are still there and it effects directly our health. Vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, they have filtration system to make sure dust or dirt will not recirculate into the air. In addition, by using vacuum cleaners, the work will be done more quickly. You now can have some time to rest after work while keeping your living space dust-free and healthy.

Shark is one of the leading companies in this field right now. If you are looking for a machine which can do a good job on various surfaces and have affordable prices at the same time, you are on the right track. Shark NV472 vs NV480 both belong Shark Rocket. When this series hit the market, Shark claimed to have revolutionized vacuuming with their new portable unit called Rocket. The models in this series are easier, lighter and can clean better than their rival Dyson’s machines. Hence, let’s see the claims are true or not.

Shark NV472 vs NV480: Comparison And Review

When it comes to innovation, Shark is one of the best vacuum cleaner manufacturers around the world. And, Shark NV472 vs NV480 prove this statement. Shark Rocket Professional Performance plus upright Swivel vacuum cleaner (NV472) and Shark Rocket Professional bagless Upright vacuum (NV480) are affordable and sturdy upright vacuum cleaners. They come from the same series but each has its own pros and cons. Side-by-side comparison will be made in this article to point out the similarities and differences between Shark NV472 and NV480. From this, you will have a better vision of which vacuum perfectly fits your needs.

Shark NV481 Rocket Professional Upright Vacuum, 30' Power Cord
  • Hard floor, hardwood and carpet multi-surface cleaning Upright vacuum 30' power cord
  • Ergonomic handles Never Loses Suction Technology Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • Rocket Technology with enhanced swivel steering and better deep carpet cleaning
  • 5.5" crevice tool, 18" crevice tool, pet turbo brush and pet hair power brush
  • Brushroll on/off switch Bagless bottom-empty dust cup Headlights Lightweight at under 13 lbs and ultra-quiet

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The Design

Shark NV472 vs NV480 are both upright vacuum. Hence, you can expect to get powerful suction from this typical type of vacuum cleaners. They are strong and come with long hose and cord. Both come with 30ft cord powers and they are enough for you to cover multiple rooms or large space with one plug-in. The NV472 has LED light attached to crevice tool allowing for spot-on cleaning of above-floor surfaces. They are almost the same with the design pattern yet have different shades to be distinguishable. While the NV472 comes with purple, the NV480 is available in orange.

The Portability

Their bodies are not different; therefore, their weight are similar too. The NV472 comes with 13 pounds and 12.8 pound is the weight of the NV480. It is safe to say that Shark NV472 and NV480 are pretty lightweight. They are suitable for everyone. Also, Shark equipped them with a special moving feature. They both use swivel steering for easy movements around obstacles. Although they don’t come with the famous lift-away function, they are still portable to clean various areas. The long cord and hose help Shark NV472 vs NV480 work over a large space without having to plug and unplug frequently.

The Cleaning Performance

A vital factor that you cannot ignore. To see if these two are worth your investment, it’s time to spend some time digging deeper into each of its pros and cons.

  • First and foremost, both Shark NV472 vs NV480 are armed with Shark’s well-known Never Loses Suction technology. It explained that the technology ensures the machine can continually provide strong suction over an extended length of time. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about abrupt loss of air flow like many other products.
  • A special feature which makes Shark NV472 and NV480 standout among mid-priced products is the HEPA filtration system and the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. This combination is great for removing fine dust and allergens in your house, up to 99.97% statistically. The air is return fresh and safe for your health. You must consider these two if any family member is suffering allergy symptoms or simply you want to avoid the bad quality air around the house.
  • Especially, Shark NV472 vs NV480 are designed with advanced Swivel Steering. Yet, only the NV472 comes with LED headlights so that you can use it to clean the house in the dark.
  • Both have a brush-roll shutoff allowing for versatile cleaning on any type of surface.

The Accessories

Shark NV472 comes with extension handle and hose, extension wand, dusting brush, 11” crevice tool.

Shark NV480 includes upholstery tool, premium pet power brush, dusting brush and 5.5” crevice tool.

The Price

They come with very reasonable prices. Both are below $200. There is just a small gap between Shark NV472 vs NV480.

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The Feedbacks

Shark NV480 receives 4.3 out of 5 stars. People found it easy to maneuver around their furniture. The machine did a super job of cleaning, thanks to some attachments (crevice tool, dusting tool and upholstery tool), at a price which is far below comparable competitors. The cleaners are light, according to many customers, self-propelled and quiet. With the pet tool, it is a great choice for pet owners. However, some people thought it would be better if Shark equipped it with lift-away mode.

Shark NV472 has great suction on the floors. The headlights are big plus points since it can clean in dark areas. Like the NV480, the NV472 is easy to push around and maintain. “It is worth the money”, said the customers. Nonetheless, some people were disappointed since there is no lights on the handle.

The Conclusion

In general, both Shark NV472 vs NV480 deliver acceptable results. Later Shark models are equipped with more advanced features, yet you have to pay an extra amount of money to get them. These two come with reasonable prices for such good performances and useful bags of attachments.