Shark NV501 VS NV502 : Which One Is The Best?

This is my second time talking about Shark NV501 (Shark NV501 vs NV752). Today, I’ll introduce to you other masterpieces from this vacuum line: Shark NV501 vs NV502. They have established reputation for enduring quality and value for money. In addition, they have received thousands of positive feedbacks from customers on the Internet.

These days, Shark is one of the most prestigious company in the market. It is famous for high-quality products at affordable prices, which makes Shark is a friendly vacuum company to customers. It offers a large number of products which can suit to each family’s budget. Among all of its vacuum lines, Shak Rotator is probably the most famous one. When you’re looking for a trustworthy vacuum, you really can’t go past the Shark Rotator models.

Talking a bit about the Rotator models. Their body is developed with very lightweight materials which allow less wear-and-tear. Also, they are integrated a really big dust cup which makes less frequent emptying. Especially, one element of Shark Rotator which gives it a slight edge over another famous line – Shark Navigator is its headlights that is located on its base. As a result, vacuuming in dark places can’t be easier, making sure that no dust is left behind. In short, Shark Rotator is favored because of a few more bells and whistles and more superior performance.

Shark NV501 vs NV502: Comparison And Review

This section will cover 5 different parts which are considered important factors when it comes to vacuum cleaners, including design, cleaning performance, accessories, price and feedbacks. In each category, I’ll put Shark NV501 and NV502 head to head for a clear comparison. I hope you can find your best bud after reading this article. And in order to know which one is best for you, keep on reading.

Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with Lift-Away Hand Vacuum and Anti-Allergy Seal (NV501), White with Red Chrome
  • Dust cup capacity 1.3 quarts. Powerful upright vacuum with Lift Away pod for convenient cleaning of stairs and above floor areas
  • Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology, HEPA
  • Rotator Technology Enhanced Swivel Steering and better deep carpet cleaning
  • Lightweight & Ultra Quiet Operation.Hose length (ft.): 8.4
  • Premium Pet Tools and Ergo Cleaning Accessories
Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum (NV502)
  • Dust cup capacity 1.3 quarts. Powerful upright vacuum with Lift Away pod for convenient cleaning of stairs and above floor areas
  • Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology, HEPA Rotator Technology Enhanced Swivel Steering and better deep carpet cleaning
  • Lightweight & Ultra Quiet Operation
  • Premium Pet Tools and Ergo Cleaning Accessories

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The Design

Their appearance is really identical since they are siblings. Both Shark NV501 vs NV502 come with upright mode along with lift-away function. While Shark NV501 is found in different version, including red, blue, green and purple (at least), I only know one version of the NV502 which is the red one. In addition, the dimensions of Shark NV501 vs NV502 are really similar, 12.1 x 12.2 x 45.7 and 12.2 xx 13.4 x 45.7 inches respectively. It means they have the same size which seems efficient and space-saving.

The Portability

Shark NV501 vs NV502 have the same size of weight, about 15.5 pounds. With this, they are considered pretty lightweight and in general, people won’t have any problems relating to carrying Shark NV501 vs NV502 around the house. Besides, Shark models are famous for integrated swivel steering feature which facilitates your force while you move Shark NV501 and NV502 around and avoid furniture.

The Cleaning Performance

It is the most important factor whenever it comes to vacuum cleaners. If a machine can’t meet your personal needs, it’s time to consider another one. I believe Shark NV501 and NV502 is a definition of what you need for a good product at reasonable price.

  • First and foremost, the highlight of Shark vacuums is the Never Loses Suction feature. This technology is no joke as it’s going to suck everything across the path. In other words, Shark NV501 and NV502 will show you what’s called as “deep and clean” clean-up job.
  • The machines feature 3 vacuums in one, including a powerful upright, a lift-away pod for portable cleaning and convenient canister vacuum. This lift-away technology is a great benefit as you can use one machine for many types of needed areas. You can even lift them up for cleaning stairs or above ground places such as ceiling or curtain.
  • Another plus point is that Shark NV501 and NV502 share similar premium function with the use of Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. However, there is a small difference, in which the previous model is equipped more with jumbo volume dust cup. The combination of large capacity dust bin and anti-allergen technology results in trapping over 99.99% of dirt, dust and allergen inside the vacuum. It will make your air fresh and clean.
  • The swivel steering feature is mentioned above but unlike previous models, Shark NV501 and NV502 are equipped with enhanced and ultra-maneuverable one which offers the ultimate control to go into and around obstacles such as furniture. It is quiet to operate anywhere and anytime.
  • Both of them are equipped with an effective and powerful motorized brush roll which can be turned on and off, providing superior performance on both carpets and bare flooring.

The Accessories

Shark NV501 and NV502 vacuum cleaners are identical except for the accessories they come with. Particularly:

Shark NV501: multi-tool, 18” flexi crevice tool, canister caddy, straight suction nozzle, premium power brush and multi-angle dusting brush.

Shark NV502: home and car detailing kit, multi-tool, 18” flexi crevice tool, canister caddy, straight suction nozzle and premium power brush.

The Price

There is a difference in terms of price between Shark NV501 vs NV502. The latter will cost you a bit higher.

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The Feedbacks

Shark NV501 is a best seller among upright vacuums on Amazon. It is hot and receives 5 stars from 72% of customers. Most of the comments are “Love it”, “Blown away” or “Very pleased”. They praised Shark NV501 for good cleaning power, easy portability from carpet to hard floors and edges. However, the weight is the most complained issue.

Shark NV502 receives 4.4 out of 5 stars with up to 66% of customers rating 5 stars on Amazon. In general, all customers were satisfied with the NV502’s performance. They praised the NV502 for its fantastic suction power. It did a wonderful job on even the toughest surface. Nevertheless, some people, especially the older, found this machine a bit heavy.

The Conclusion

It’s actually hard to decide which one is better. Shark NV501 and NV502 are very identical with slight differentiation which shows the strength of each product. In my opinion, the NV501 is enough for daily housework. However, the NV502 comes with car kit accessory which may make you spend more money.

Share some thought with me. Which one is your favorite?