Shark NV502 VS NV552: Which Is The Winner?

Shark vacuum cleaners are worthy every of your penny. Some Shark products are well-known as the best-sellers list for years to when compete with other rivals. Among those machines, you will see Shark NV502 vs NV552 are really good answers for a premium quality vacuum. They belong to Shark Rotator and I have already made a similar review about Shark NV502 (check Shark NV501 vs NV502). Interestingly, Shark has offered 4 different models of Rotator vacuums: professional, professional lift-away, professional with XL reach and vac or steam. And, Shark NV502 and NV552 are products of Rotator Professional Lift-away with advanced technologies and useful lift-away function.

Shark NV502 and NV552 receives thousands of positive feedbacks on the Internet. If you are looking for a quality machine with reasonable price, you are on the right track. Keep reading to know more about these two amazing units.

Shark NV502 vs NV552: Comparison and Review

If you do a little research about Shark brand, let’s remember that it includes Shark Navigator, Shark Rotator, Shark Ion and Shark Rocket, etc. Shark gives the series of innovative vacuum cleaner per year in the market. Many uses are acquainted with the diversity of product from Shark with high praise. Basically, many same line models have common thing buts still get some differences in price and tools for outstanding. Shark NV502 vs NV552 are not beyond this thing with both common thing and their pros and cons. They still have great thing to differentiate with other competitors. They present many excellent features and capabilities of high-end machines with reasonable price for attract more customer attentions. If you are curious about them, let’s keep reading this post.

Shark NV502 Reviews

Shark NV502 is very powerful as a 3-in-1 upright professional vacuum that “never lose suction” in any condition. This model includes a unique portable and detachable canister for cleaning all around your home. Just by lifting the dust and debris effortlessly, you will feel very satisfied with this feature. Inside this, the extra-large capacity of the dust cup can trap 99.97% dust and allergens at maximum. This item can do this job well thanks to complete seal anti-allergen technology. Besides, it also owns the swivel steering to create complete control. This job aims to increases users ability to clean carpets and furniture more efficiently. At the same time, the users just need to move it around the obstacles for cleaning. Moreover, Shark NV502 can give the best performance on bare floors and carpets that many people leave positive feedbacks. It simply turns its powerful motorized brush roll on and off.

Shark NV552 Reviews

Another Shark Rotator – Shark NV552 comes with a very high-quality and great suction to operate for a long time. The unique technology Never Lose Suction works as its name that the machine will never lose suction. It also helps to increase the using time of the product for long lasting lifetime. Moreover, like other vacuums, anti-allergen complete seal technology gives the best cleaning result to every corner in your house. In addition, its swivel steering supports you to clean some areas like under sofas, tables or cobwebs. Other feature – specific ultra-quiet makes no noise for not interrupting your sleep or your work. Especially, its super lightweight to carry and vacuuming around helps you greatly clean your house, ceiling and under furniture. Nevertheless, a HEPA vacuum can maximum of capture fine dust and allergen for taking the fresh air back. Overall, Shark NV552 also a great items for owning.

The Design

There will be a large number of users confused when seeing Shark NV502 and NV552. However, the color can differentiate them. While the NV502 comes with white and red, the NV552 has gold color. However, the structure is similar as they both bagless and upright vacuum. In addition, Lift-away function allows them to transform into a portable vacuums for cleaning difficult areas without leaving dirt. According to Shark’s information, Shark NV502 and NV552 have the same dimensions, 13.4 x 12.2 x 45.7 inches. Both have incredible design incredibly with the tendency to serve like 3 different vacuums. For this special function, you can use these machines as powerful lift away, upright and canister vacuum. Besides, except the lightweight design, they come with other attachments to make their design look portable. There are many people who want to buy Shark NV502 and NV552 for their pretty design.

The Portability

With the maneuverability that many products have, Shark is successful in building this great feature in its machines. Users consider this as its strength because it presents so well when cleaning house with high rate. Thanks to Swivel Steering technology, there is a great help in guiding the machines around obstacles for getting 100% dirt. In addition, they weigh about 15 pounds and many people really don’t consider them to be heavy at all. Besides, the canister is very portable that you can lift it for easily doing clean-up jobs on stairs. Moreover, its pretty design allows you to pick up the dirt more closely to any places in your house. Nevertheless, their attachments let you clean all around without sweeping the dust and debris through moving around by these functions. Therefore, many users give Shark NV502 and NV552 high rate for their portability.

The Cleaning Performance

Based on the above characteristics, you can see the part that Shark NV502 and NV552 can work effectively thanks to those features. However, you are still curious about how it works, right? Is it really as effective as cleaning up like what Shark has announced?

  • First and foremost, Shark NV502 and NV552 have Never Loses Suction technology which really “never lose suction during the clean-up job and many years of use. This is very well-known and effective with many people who are using it. Some people buy these machines thanks to this technology.
  • Besides, the headlights on the floor nozzle are big advantage that the users are very satisfied. Especially, they can clean easily dark areas, such as under bed or corners because these lights illuminate these areas. Shark ensures there is no dust or dirt left behind on your house so you don’t have to worry about this issue.
  • Shark NV502 vs NV552 are so outstanding to own HEPA filters and Anti-Allergens Complete Seal technology. It estimates to collect over 99% of dust and allergens inside with their powerful suction. For those who have respiratory problems, they are ideal choice because it protects the surrounding air in your house.
  • Another feature that makes both vacuums bright is getting 9.5” cleaning path width and 30” cord length. Shark NV502 and NV552 are able to clean large spaces without moving frequently through the benefit these tools bring.
  • Only the NV552 features cyclonic technology which separates the dirt from the air, keeping it from clogging filters, along with never-loses-suction technology. It is claimed to reduce a number of microscopic particles that linger in the air stream by creating powerful centrifugal forces to spin dust and debris directly into the canister and keep it there.

The Price

Shark NV502 and NV552 both charge pretty high cost, about $300 on Amazon. Hence, it may be perfect for middle- or high-income families. There is a small difference between these two but it’s really not a big deal.

Shark NV502

Shark NV552

Shark NV502 Feedbacks

Now, on Amazon, there are 66% the customers who give Shark NV502 a 5-star with rating 4.4. They love it for powerful brush roll with great suction to clean easier. Besides, its design makes them collect the dirt more closely with the support of some useful attachments. Moreover, picking up hair, even pet hair is so efficiently that can receive mark 10. Especially, you can remove the canister easily that is the excellent feature Shark presents. Furthermore, Shark NV502 works so quietly that doesn’t bother you much when you work through an ultra-quiet.

In general, all customers were satisfied with the NV502’s performance that creates fantastic suction power in cleaning. Additionally, it really does well on even the toughest surface. However, this machine seems to be a bit heavy with some people, especially the older and back-hurt people.

Shark NV552 Feedbacks

Shark NV552 gets quite a high rate on Amazon with 4.3 out of 5 stars from its customer. They impress on its ability to adjust the suction level to vacuuming the different type of surface. It provides the low suction and strong power for the need of the areas you clean. Therefore, you will happy to clean without damage behind. Moreover, with a HEPA filtration, you can get rid of nearly 100% dust and allergen to get fresh air. However, its hose is so heavy for many people that Shark should notice more.

The Conclusion

As the information above, you can know much about Shark NV502 vs NV552. They are also outstanding vacuum from Shark Rotator with many high-rate features for cleaning. Therefore, they are worth with your investment if you decide to buy them.

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