Shark NV650 vs NV651: Which one the best?

Shark creates the connection of motorized sweepers and the main feature of Shark Rocket products to change Navigator upright lift-away into various vacuum. Shark gives the birth of Shark Rocket, Rotator, Navigator, Ion, etc. Among these kinds, Rotator receive much attention of people with its great performances and functions. therefore, Today I will make it clear by taking a comparison between Shark NV650 vs NV651. Although two vacuum cleaners are great examples of what you called high quality and convenience, they both express some similarities that you notice. Specify the differences are essential goals of this article. Hopefully, this would give you a good idea of ​​which units will ultimately the best choice for your home.

If you’re a lover of Shark, you probably know that this series has the features that make the job of continually vacuuming less labor-consuming. It may have some weaknesses, but it works well on different types of surfaces, such as carpets, bare floors or hard floors. People considered this line is a combination of Dyson Cinetic. Nevertheless, Shark Lift-Away Power Rotator goes with more fair prices. So I recommend this series. It is worth your consideration as a vacuum at middle range prices.

Shark NV650 vs NV651: Comparison and Reviews

Shark NV650 vs NV651 have many great points to attract much customer’s attention. They are 3-in-on vacuum cleaners like other types coming from Shark Rotator Lift-away. As you observe, it includes many accessories like HEPA filters, canister caddy, motorized brush.

Between them, Shark NV650 is the first product in the Navigator line, and NV651 is a much newer version. Therefore, there will some progress in the model NV651 than its sibling. We’ll have a look through five different classifications to find out exactly what these two suggestions. Before going to these parts, let’s see a little thing of these two models.

Shark NV650 Reviews

Shark NV650 has many features to an ideal vacuum for everyone who want. It has a cup with large capacity for contains much dirt as possible when you clean your house. Moreover, a lifetime HEPA filter that easily to empty so you just wash it and then use for a long time. You cannot buy new one because it is unnecessary. Neverthless, it extremely do great job on bare floors and carpets with many attachments. Turbo brush helps to collect hair and dirt that lying on stair and upholstery so quickly. Besides, crevice tool extends your reach for not moving much. Furthermore, dusting brush pull hair off on all types of surface in your house. Last but not least, hard floor will done by hard floor attachments with a micro-fiber pad. Another feature that cannot lack is a long cord to reach the narrow place.

Shark NV651 Reviews

Honestly, your house will clearer and fresher with a new vacuum from Shark – Shark NV651. You use it to remove all bad things lying on the floor or hiding in some cracks or crevice. It is famous for creating powerful suction for collect hair or dirt. Nevertheless, an electric powered brush roll is very useful for two modes it carries as upright and lift-away. Therefore, Shark NV651 versatile on every surface when it performs. So excellently! Especially, this unit also comes with HEPA filter to gain more dirt and easy-to-empty after use. Moreover, it has advanced intuitive steering to make its performance more attractive and perfect. Besides, LED headlights do their mission like illuminating dark places for totally getting rid of small particle and dirt. There is a thing to sure that no dirt exist on the floors anymore. It is so great vacuum, right?

The Design

Shark NV650 vs NV651 come with the same thing on their appearance as you observes the samples. They are both best for cleaning carpet, bare floor and hardwood floor.

Both have the 30-ft-cord to helps you avoid wasting time to plug in/out during their performance. Swivel steering receive many great compliments for its ability to make the machines move freely when facing with obstacles.

They have an ergonomic handle to raise the efficiency of workers while they reduced fatigue, discomfort, and risk of injury. The status utility include useful features like handling edges, boating handgrips and coating non-slip, but you should remember that the origin of the impressive design of a tool is, it almost impossible universally ergonomic. At last, people’s body-build vary significantly from person to person, as the type of work that hand tools are used. Regardless of how using a tool built to be, an essential determinant, in fact, make an ergonomic tool, at the bottom line, you.

The Cleaning Performance

Lift-Away mode provides the highest range and maneuverability never give a upright shark-sized vacuum. It’s easily clean under furniture or deep reach into tight spaces with the creative energy of the Shark Powered Lift-Away.

The Features:

  • Shark NV650 vs NV651 contain similar features that many users really like. They both are innovative with the Anti-Allergen99% Complete Seal Technology. Both are equipped with HEPA/Washable Filters of pads vary by model.
  • Both include caddy canister allows you to use the motorized power brush to collect the debris in the extended period of vacuuming. This three-in-one vacuum immediately transferred to a portable box with a straw floor using caddy canister support. Besides, the caddy contain all the attachments that you love so that they are always within reach.
  • Moreover, they are equipped with finger control.The switch from bare carpet floor surfaces using the controls on the handle for the different brush roll. Fingertip controls make it easier to transition to the brush motor.
  • Both models come with hard-floor genie attachment with one pad.The Hard floor attachment Genie provides experience optimal floor cleaning and includes a microfiber pad to pick up debris smooth. Only works well on bare floors that is suitable with homeowners who decorate their house with this kind. Typically comprises at least one fiber micro pad. Hard Floor Genie works on wood, wood floors, tile or any hard surface flooring. It’s like a WetJet Sweeper.

The Difference:

  • Between them, only NV651 is designed with large capacity dirt cup to extend cleaning without disruption.
  • Meanwhile, the NV650 is a five-year warranty in comparison with seven years of the NV651.

The Portability

Shark products have great maneuverability thanks to the Advanced Swivel Steering technology. And this technology in those units is promised to more dynamic and advanced. Advanced Swivel Steering gives excellent control when moving around obstacles stand in your way. Shark NV650 and NV651 around 15 pounds that is not light enough to bring it up or down stairs. Therefore, some people may find them a bit heavy when they want to remove these machine into other places. However, both of them accompanied with Lift-away Pod with Powered Brush Roll for portable cleaning of awkward positions.

The Price

They have reasonable prices for everyone who afford with more advanced features and useful extra tools in. Honestly, the NV651 is a bit higher compared to its sibling.

Shark NV650

Shark NV651

The Shark NV650 Feedback

The Shark NV650 fully appreciated for its performance with excellent traction. Also, most of them gave it five stars and called it the best they’ve ever had. In addition, it comes with many attachments to make it performance better that attracts more users. Besides, the users are extremely like some advanced technologies that Shark gives to it. Thanks to that, they will spend less time and energy for doing their private job like relaxing, reading, sleeping… They also give it many positive comments on Amazon to help other find it as a good option. Despite the praise, many were not satisfied with the performance on carpeted stairs.

The Shark NV651 Feedback

Shark NV651 received 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon that is high rate with a vacuum. Most users will amazed at the power this machine is and commented that it was the best vacuum that they have ever had. This unit includes many LED headlights to illuminate dark areas for cleaning better all the crack or crevice. Moreover, many users are satisfied with its versatility or maneuverability when using it to clean many rooms. Besides, everyone is happy with the many tools for flexibility. However, some people find they are top heavy.

The Conclusion

All in all, Shark NV650 vs NV651 make strong impressions on user mind.  HEPA technology vacuum is never a prudent choice for everyone who likes this kind of vacuum. Even so, if you search for a performer response to low prices, it is valuable your investment. I really choose which one is better because both are equally good.

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