Shark NV70 vs NV360: Which One Is The Best?

Nowadays, you are familiar with vacuum cleaner which is one of the hottest items for cleaning house. People are really bored and tired of doing this job with traditional methods. They are very out of date, time and energy-consuming as well as ineffective. Especially, they cannot remove 100% dust and allergen like vacuum cleaners do. Therefore, customers are interested with this kind of machine. As a result, Shark’s product becomes the thing that many people want to buy as well as other products coming from other brands. Now, Shark is one of the famous names owning the series of innovative and trendy machines in vacuum market. It provides a variety of models with undeniable charms and of course reasonable prices. Two of them are Shark NV70 vs NV360. They are a couple of vacuum cleaners that catch many customer attentions. To understand about them, please follow the great information below.

Shark NV70 vs NV360: Comparison and Review

Shark provides several famous vacuum lines like Shark Rotator, Shark Navigator, Shark Rocket, Shark Ion and so on. Among them, the Navigator and the Rotator maybe get more fame than the others. Comparing with many similar Shark vacuums and other cleaning aids and tools on the market, it is quite hard.

In this post, I’ll help you to differentiate 2 good-quality Navigator models, Shark NV70 and NV360. Between these two, Shark NV70 is the very earliest product in Navigator line meanwhile the much newer one is NV360. These two vacuum cleaners are amazing with their “efficiency” and “flexibility”. Both of them share some similar features as Shark equips for their product. However, there still exist the differences between them that are the key goal of this entry. Hopefully, this will provide you the useful information about which unit would be the best choice for your house.

Shark NV70 Reviews

As we mentioned about, Shark NV70 is the very first product in Navigator line with many outstanding features. This powerful vacuum is ideal choice for trapping pet hair and dust. This function will help you to keep your home clean and allergen-free, then pay back the fresh air. Besides, the large capacity 2.9-quart dirt cup is also a plus point. It is really good to let you clean longer without stopping to empty during cleaning session. Moreover, Shark NV70 comes with a pet upholstery tool which helps to get stubborn pet hair from your furniture. Especially, versatile floor selector lets you choose between deep carpet and bare floors that is very smart and convenient. Nevertheless, smooth swivel steering works perfectly for getting around furniture. Therefore, you can believe in the quality of Shark NV70 without ignoring it.

Shark NV360 Reviews

NV360 is the newest vacuum cleaner in the Shark Navigator with great thing like Shark NV70. You can press a lift-away button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard to reach areas. Besides, the combination of Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter is perfect thing that Shark gives for it. This connection can trap 999 percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum. In addition, the full unit weighs only 12.5 pounds whereas the canister alone is 7.5 pounds. Similar with Shark NV70, It includes the Swivel Steering Excellent that can control for maneuvering around furniture. Especially, the dust cup capacity is about 12 dry quarts that is quite large and easy to empty. This is able to extend when cleaning without interruption. Moreover, it comes with some attachment like upholstery tool, crevice tool. Overall, it is worth being a great choice for cleaning house.

The Design

Their appearance is one of the main differences between Shark NV70 vs NV360. Luckily, there is easy to differentiate them from their design, unlike many couples on my site. As you can see clearly, they have distinguishable colors. Shark NV70 is coming with gold whereas Shark NV360 has blue color on its body. It is not difficult to realize. In addition, the structure is different too. It seems that the NV70 looks thinner and taller, whereas its brother is a little chubbier which is the common look of later models in this series. Finally, both Shark NV70 and NV360 has an upright design which brings many benefits for the users.

The Portability

Until now, Shark still gives their product with great maneuverability to compete with many famous brands on the market. Aslo, Shark NV70 and NV360 are not exception. They are going with Swivel Steering technology and soft rubber wheels. This feature assists the machines to smoothly move around obstacles in your house. With the weight of around 15-16 pounds, they are not actually lightweight machines. However, thanks to Lift-away function, you can lift Shark NV360’s canister up and carry it around easily.

The Cleaning Performance

Shark NV70 and NV360 excellently perform with good air filtration, large dirt bin capacity. Moreover, very useful cleaning tools and additional cleaning hose for extended reach are also the great thing. Thanks to this, they get high rate as well as positive comments from the users on the Internet now. Please follow the information below to differentiate them with their pros and cons.

Comparison Tables

  • Never Loses Suction technology is one of the main features that make everyone take their attention on them. Shark NV70 and NV360 come with this feature like some other vacuums. This can guarantee that the suction power is consistent from beginning to ending of the cleaning session.
  • One more time, a combination of HEPA filters and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology are the bright thing. Like other vacuum I mentioned on my previous post, it is famous and usually stand in high-end products. Besides, this connection guarantees to capture nearly 100% of small particles and allergens that lie on the floors and carpets. Therefore, Shark NV70 and NV360 are good choices for those having problems with respiratory tract.
  • Next, Shark NV70 and NV360 own a motorized brush roll. You can turn on and off this tool for use on both carpets and hard floors.
  • They also feature a 25 foot length power cord easily moving in wider areas than that of other short-cord vacuums.
  • The Lift-away design is the main thing to differentiate between Shark NV70 and NV360. This feature only stays on Shark NV360. You are able to remove the pod from the floor nozzle thanks to a portable lift-away canister. Nevertheless, carrying it around your house to vacuum is easy and quick than ever. Since the NV360 has ability to reach any areas and corners, so you can skip multiple devices for carpets, stairs. Another different point is the handle of these units. That of the NV360 is detachable when you do above ground cleaning while the handle on the NV70 is fixed and doesn’t attach to the accessories.

The Price

It’s obvious that the Shark NV360 price is a bit higher with more advanced features and useful extra tools compared to its brother, the price of Shark NV360 is around $200. I highly recommend you to visit Amazon for better deals. Sometime, it will have much sale-off from Shark with its products. The price may be lower than that before.

Shark NV70

Shark NV360

The Shark NV70 Feedbacks

Shark NV70 totally worth receiving the praise of customers for its performance with great suction power. Also, many 5 stars come with it that reaches up to nearly 70%.  It performs as the best product the users have ever had. Moreover, it’s also lighter and easier to maneuver as well as easy-to-empty dust cup. Nevertheless, you can wash it assembly and the filter and start with a perfectly clean machine the next time. Inspite of those compliments, many people are not satisfied with its performance on carpeted stairs.

The Shark NV360 Feedbacks

NV360 receives 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon with absolutely many great comments. Its powerful suction really makes most of users amazed and they call as the best vacuum they’ve ever had. Many people leave the comments like “Awesome little vacuum” “it does an amazing job” “Would buy again”. In reality, the users say this vacuum is doing a good job on both bare floors and carpets. Moreover, emptying the canister is fairly simple for everyone. However, the shorter cord is a disappointment of Shark NV360 when comparing to others. It is the shortage of Shark when manufacturing this model.

Final Thought

Compared to several latest products from Shark these days, the NV70 and NV360 seems a bit old-fashioned. However, if you are looking for a machine which can do a good job at reasonable price, Shark NV70 and NV360 are wise choices. It I were you, I definitely go for the newer model.

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