Shark NV750 VS NV752: Which One Is The Best?

You thought Shark Rotator series ended, right? Well, it’s not.This time we will help you to identify the best product between Shark NV750 VS NV752.I hope this article helps you understand them.

I have returned with another pair from this famous vacuum series, Shark NV750 and NV751. If you still remember, I posted lots of reviews about Shark NV752. It includes Shark NV501 vs NV752, Shark NV682 vs NV752, Shark NV752 vs NV751 and Shark NV752 vs NV801. All of those state that Shark NV752 is really a hot member in Shark Rotator family and the Power Lift-away in particular. If you are a fan of Shark (or not, whatever), you may know that this series has smartly designed features that actually make the chore of vacuuming less labor-consuming. It may not be perfect, yet it performs well on various types of surfaces, including carpets, hard floors or bare floors. People always considered this vacuum line is a matching rival of Dyson Cinetic. However, Shark Rotator Power Lift-Away comes with much more reasonable prices. Therefore, I strongly recommend this Shark series. It’s well worth your consideration as high powered vacuum at a mid-range price.

Shark NV752 is a standard when it’s always brought to compare the oldies or newbies. Plus, the NV700 series has becomes famous with the birth of Shark NV700 and its siblings receive lots of love from customers. Those the main reason why I choose to put these two together and conduct a comparison from head to toe.

Shark NV750 vs NV752: Comparison And Review

As I already said that both Shark NV750 vs NV752 belong to the same family, so you can expect many similarities between these two. However, no two Shark vacuum cleaners are the same. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses to separate itself from the rest. To check whether they worth your money or not, keep on reading.

Shark NV750 Rotator Powered LiftAway Professional Vacuum, Blue (Renewed)
  • Powered Lift-Away
  • 2 in 1 Vacuum
  • LED Lights
  • Enhanced Swivel Steering
  • Fingertip Controls
Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with Hand Vacuum and Anti-Allergy Seal (NV752), Bordeaux
  • Dust cup capacity 1.5 quarts; Shark's original full sized Powered Lift Away; The canister detaches to deep clean hard to reach areas while still delivering power to keep the brushroll spinning
  • Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum
  • XL capacity with full size performance. Hose length (feet): 6
  • Fingertip controls allow you to easily switch from Hard Floor to Carpet mode

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The Design

Both Shark NV750 and NV752 belong to Shark Rotator Power Lift-away manufactured by Shark. They are both bagless, corded vacuums with almost entirely identical features. They are even identical in their appearance. Plus, like many of their siblings, they are made of long-lasting durable plastic with a few metal and rubber components as per design and utility. Interestingly, both of them are available in three different colors, including steel gray, Bordeaux and rose gunmetal. Especially, Shark NV750 and NV752 integrated the lift-away mode which is a trademark of these vacuums. This feature makes them better than other available vacuums within the similar price range.

The Portability

Shark products have great maneuverability thanks to Swivel Steering technology. Shark NV750 and NV752 are no exception. And, this technology in those units is promised to be more advanced and dynamic. Swivel Steering provides excellent control when moving around obstacles standing in your way. Shark NV750 and NV752 have the similar weight, around 15 pounds. Therefore, some people may find them a bit heavy. However, both of them come with Lift-away function for portable cleaning of difficult positions.

Shark NV750 vs NV752 may not feature all the advanced technologies. However, for mid-range price, both of them show excellent performances. This is the reason why I choose to review these two, affordable products for low- and middle-income families. Check it out!

The Comparison 

  • Both Shark NV750 vs NV752 come with Lift-away feature. These vacuum cleaners can be used for complete cleaning of the house thanks to their 3-in-1 mode. It means that you can use these units as a standard upright vacuum or transform them into a handheld vacuum just by lifting away the canister. This is convenient as the machines are more portable and able to reach difficult positions such as ceiling, curtain or under furniture.
  • Both of them come with a 30-feet long power cord. Although they are corded, the long length of the cord is enough to satisfy the need of most of the customers. Plus, both have nozzles which are 12 inches wide. It is made for a decent-sized cleaning path. This is praised for less time-consuming by covering a greater distance in one go.
  • Shark claims that the suction power of Shark NV750 vs NV752 is identical at 270 Air Watts. And, this is much better than many other available vacuums out there with similar prices. In addition, the strong suction power comes from the Advanced Cyclonic Suction technology. Shark guarantees there will be no loss of suction during operation and even many years later.
  • One of the most remarkable features of Shark NV750 and NV752 is the exclusive Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology from Shark. This feature coordinates with the HEPA filters, ensuring to trap more than 99.99% of dust and allergen inside. The air coming out of the machines is fresh and healthy.

The Accessories

Attached tools is the key difference between Shark NV750 and NV752:

The Shark NV750 has dusting brush, crevice tool, a pet upholstery tool, exclusive TruePet mini motorized brush, caddy and an accessory bag.

The Shark NV752 comes with TruePet tool, hard floor genie with a microfiber pad, dusting genie, dusting brush, upholstery, canister caddy and an accessory bag.

The Price

They both come with reasonable prices, in which the NV752 is a bit more expensive than the other. Check Amazon for good deals.

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The Feedbacks

Compared to the NV752, Shark NV750 receives lower rank. However, it still gets positive feedbacks from customers. Most of them praised the NV750 in terms of powerful performance in comparison with Dyson. The vacuum was solid and its canister is considered lightweight. Yet, the only complaint was about short hose.

Shark NV752 receives a pretty impressive score on Amazon. 75% of buyers gave it 5 stars. They were satisfied with the handsome look with nice color scheme from Shark as well as the incredible suction power and convenient feature for pet hair. However, some people found it a bit heavy to carry upstairs.

The Conclusion

Over all, Shark NV750 and NV752 are identical with the only differences are the number of accessories and prices. With the list above, Shark NV752 comes with additional accessories, which also means you have to pay extra for this model. Apart from that, there are no difference in quality-wise. So, which one will you bring to your home?