Shark NV750W vs NV752 : Which One Is Better?

Shark is on a frantic vacuum made recently. Every brand also wants to bring their product closer to users with innovative and trendy items. Therefore. To hold the number of available models in the market is quite hard. Nevertheless, we have persistently been reviewed and classified each canister and upright we could get the hands of us. Anyway, the other day we considered the models in the line of Rotator Shark (the NV400 vs NV501 and their clones). And we had to consider the Powered Lift-Away (NV650 vs NV651). Therefore, in this post, we will know the details of other high-end models: Shark NV750W vs NV752. For brevity, you want NV750W for personal purposes and NV752 if it earns a paycheck.

They are also great items that are always available on Amazon. I sure that all of you are curious about the two models and want to study right now. Study bellow article for details why.

Shark NV750W vs NV752: Comparison And Review

The Shark Vacuum NV750W and NV752 both are vacuum-three-in-one of the series Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away. Both vacuums own advanced HEPA filter, great motorized brushes, perfect LED lights as well as other accessories. So how do they vary with each other? And what is the best of them that make people want to own it immediately? Look for the answers in the comparison and evaluation of the Shark NV750W vs Shark NV752.

Shark NV750W Reviews

This is the first post I review about Shark NV750W. It is one of most outstanding models that come from Shark with many great things. It also comes with Lift-away technology that is a well-known feature that contributes to raise the Shark reputation. Besides, enhanced HEPA filter gets high rate for its ability to contain dust and allergens during cleaning session. Working with this feature, advanced technology – Anti-Allergen Complete Seal makes you breathing fresh air right in your house. Nevertheless, this item is powerful vacuum with its versatility when cleaning that many users like much. In addition, LED headlights also appear on Shark NV750W to make users clean on dark places through its illumination. Furthermore, you can detach the canister through Lift-away function for not causing interruption when you working. For extending the cleaning areas, Shark designs for this model a 30-ft long cord as most of its products.

Shark NV752 Reviews

Another pretty vacuum coming from Shark is Shark NV750 with many great features. It makes many people amazed with its ability to collect pet hair thanks to TruePet Technology. Not many vacuum owns this function, therefore, this is the feature to make Shark NV750 brighter than other kinds. This feature helps users, especially pet owners, collect all the pet hair in all surfaces effectively and quickly. Moreover, HEPA filters hold the dust and pet hair going to inside the vacuum and you just empty them. Besides, it also has Lift Away Technology as well as Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. As you know before, there are two technologies with high rate from many people from this field. Two technologies serve for cleaning to help users enjoy its excellent performance with fresh air. At last, easy fingertip controls let you quick switch for changing into any surfaces you need to clean.

The Design

As you can clearly see that after unboxing, Shark NV750W vs NV752 are the same ones on the inside. Of course, you know exactly the difference right on the accessories coming with them. Most of what you are about to study related NV752 will be applied to two other of Rotators.

First, let’s give the eye on the basics. Shark describes as the three in one Rotator vacuum, note the competency to utilize it in a canister mode, upright mode, and in a mode on the floor. The upright mode is suitable for hardwood floors and carpets. The powered lift-away can work well for hitting under the sofa and bed. Especially it also does well on the floor that you can see the small head canister and stairs.

This Rotator line will work depending on its mission that Shark sets up. We also try testing on many case with many times for sure. from the things Shark Rotator supplies, the vacuums make themselves pull for cleaning .

The Cleaning Performance

As you know in the beginning, the Shark NV750W vs NV752 belong to Rotator series that is so reliable and never lose suction like other items. The products feature power-lift-away allows it to turn into a device which can quickly go into the tightest corners of your house.

The Features:

The NV750W and NV752 are three-in-one ‘Right Pet’ series equipped with lift-away. They feature a detachable canister and convenient caddy to provide you with a handy cleaning. Lift-away technology for in-depth cleaning assistance in areas difficult to access.

Both come with a HEPA filter to trap all the dust and allergens. The AACST makes it perfectly to capture and keep above 99.99% bad things like dust or allergens inside. It does not let it come back to the air. They are pro models which Shark Ninja family makes, a trendy brand in the floor cleaning industry. It is an important feature when seeking a household appliance.

They have advanced active swivel steering allow you to own a full maneuverability around obstacles.

It is an improvement in the performance of both products. It also offers easy fingertip control, which allows users to switch from hard floors to carpet to and contrariwise. This fingertip control is the reason why many people like this product compared to the regular vacuum cleaner.

On the handy nozzle and vac, LED lights on two models to move in the dark areas like under furniture.

The Difference:

What makes the NV752 an upgrade on NV750W is its technology of TruePet. It makes vacuuming fur coat and quickly from all surfaces. Say so, if you are an owner of the pets, this upright vacuum is suitable for your need.

Comparing to its brother, not all of the NV750W accessories included to make it a full vacuum set and Caddy isn’t included.

For NV752, you can maintain it at a low cost but if you utilize the product regularly. You should clean the filter regularly as the experts suggest.

The Portability

Portability is perfect, all of them with dimensions of 46 x 12 x 13 inches and lightweight of 15 lbs. They have a 30-foot long cord and plastic enclosure ABS and BB. Adjustable suction power which is vital on specific sensitive rugs, carpets, and similar surfaces is really great. When you have problems with particular surface cleaning, be sure that you utilize the right attachment and proper suction power.

The Price

Shark NV752 is more expensive than NV750W, but it is just a small gap, then you can consider. You can get a price change in the holiday seasons and festivities.  You can check the price again on Amazon regularly for receiving the changing of their price. Sometimes the price will go up or down for some reason to attract buyers.

Shark NV750W

Shark NV752

The Shark NV750W Feedback

Shark NV750W gets good views from buyers, reported to Amazon. Most buyers are happy with its performance in the pet hair and agree that it is perfect for small apartments. Most of users like the lift-away technology with other purchasable accessories reach some hard-to-clean areas. Besides, they also love the LED light to make dark places bright for cleaning, so perfect when electric off. Moreover, with only one action to push the button, users can remove the canister for storing or cleaning stairs. Especially, most of people feel convenient to make use of three different settings in on vacuum – Shark NV750W. Nevertheless, each machine goes with drawbacks. Some customers do not like the battery. In addition, you have to buy the attachments separately and check the compatibility for sure that it access successfully.

The Shark NV752 Feedback

Buyers who have purchased NV752 love how it is done. Mainly they like the flexibility, choice mostly for the consumer using the significant motorized head.

This option allows consumers to vacuum the underneath furniture after allowing for the tools and appropriate extension wand. Moreover, many people give compliments to motorized brush for its ability to pick up pet hairs and loose debris. Some says they were impressive when Shark NV752 can remove very much dirt from their carpet quickly and easily. However, some are so bored when they have to change the filter after using many times. It wastes a little money to do this.

The Conclusion

We could vote for the only model, and at present, we have a better choice or the best of both. So either it’s. The NV752 is a vacuum cleaner that comes complete with all useful attachments and significant cleaning functions for your home. That doesn’t mean that NV750W is a valueless machine, but NV752 is better between the two.

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