Shark NV751 vs NV752: Which one the best?

Nowadays, vacuum cleaner plays is very necessary for everyone in cleaning the house. However, choosing a perfect product for needs and budget is not an easy task. People can easily get confused at a large number of vacuum models on the market these days. Therefore, I’m here today to make things easier by narrowing down 2 highly-rated vacuums and give you useful information. Today, we will introduce to you two products Shark NV751 vs NV752. They are brought in its unique technology for pet hair. They also come at a reasonable price so you can buy them for daily cleaning tasks. Please stays tuned for more details.

Shark NV751 vs NV752: Comparison and Reviews

#1.Shark Rotator Powered NV751
69 Reviews
#1.Shark Rotator Powered NV751
As you can see, some people consider Shark NV751 as an affordable vacuum. It also has a detachable canister for not interrupting the cleaning session. Moreover, this item owns a HEPA filter that can easily replace with high antiallergenic to everyone. You quickly see that it has a LED light to make the dark disappear from your cleaning areas. The advanced technology like Lift-away helps users feel free for moving when using it during the cleaning session. Furthermore, a long power cord with 30-foot is a big advantage for reaching spacious areas with ease and quick. Of course, Shark NV751 attaches with several tools for multipurpose cleaning. Also, some places like under furniture, tight spaces are so hard to vacuum. However, with swivel steering, this model can do this job to gain pretty results. Shark NV751 is a perfect choice for a versatile vacuum cleaner, right?
#1.Shark Rotator Powered NV752
5,453 Reviews
#1.Shark Rotator Powered NV752
Another affordable vacuum cleaner that Shark brings to us is Shark NV752. In the first look, it is so attractive with elegant and pretty design. Besides, it is so easy to detach the canister without affecting the job. Especially, you will not spend much money change filter because Shark NV752 uses a washable one. The two outstanding features that make the cleaning more effective are dynamic swivel steering and LED lights. Moreover, this product comes with incredible pet hair as well as convenient fingertip controls to prove its strength. Shark also says that it’s able to create powerful suction to clean various types of surfaces with several attachments. They are divided into separate tasks for the bare floor, tight spaces, high places… Overall, Shark NV752 gets high maneuverability and convenience with many functions to meet users' demands. You should take your eyes on it much.

The Design

If depending on merely the appearance to distinguish them, I think it is so hard to do. Their look is an extremely similar, only different color. The Shark NV752 comes with a deep red color, while Shark NV751 is lavender. Both of them come with 3-in-1 design, which means they can be used as classic upright with power and the lift-away pod with powered brush roll as well as portable canister vacuums with caddy.

To be honest, looks aren’t the most important when it comes to vacuum cleaners. However, a cool designed machine attracts more attention than the bulky and ugly ones. I appreciate the appearance and feel of this vacuum. They give me a modern, simple but convenient feel.

The Portability

The dimensions and weight are much more important than looks. It is because people will prefer light machines for carrying around. Interestingly, they are engineered as the same size, 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches. Also, the weight just about 15 pounds which are listed as neither lightweight nor heavy. However, they aren’t large or bulky at all when you hold or see it in reality.

The Cleaning Performance

The big concern when it comes to a vacuum cleaner is how well it works on different types of floors and dust. I believe Shark NV751 vs NV752 will present well as the customers expect.

  • With the Lift-away technology, you can expect Shark Rotator Lift-away Deluxe to get many benefits for cleaning. With this mode, you can extend the cleaning space with full power. Therefore, some areas like underneath the couch, bed, and sofa, or even in-car won’t be the problem more. Many customers come to Shark due to this feature and it is a huge selling point of this unique vacuum type.
  • In terms of surfaces, it can work on, Shark Lift-away Deluxe can deal with almost anything. Also, you can switch from to another without the need of turning off the vacuums. However, although they work wonders on all different lengths of carpet, they a bit less effective on smooth floors.
  • Shark NV752 vs NV751 reaches up to 1200W, which means they have more than enough suction power to suck up the dust on your carpets. Also, the 12-inch nozzles are enough width to hold the large spaces with a single and narrow sweep. This will be useful for cleaning around and under furniture in your house effectively.
  • The connection between anti-allergen complete seal technology and HEPA filtration makes users satisfied with the great benefits. As statistics, it can solve well 99.97% of dust and allergen just with some simple steps through this combination. This system is perfect for allergen suffers.

Difference Between Shark NV751 vs NV752

  • Both are purple but have different shades. Gentle lavender NV751, stronger NV752 vs dark purple in the same weight.
  • They have a lot of technology in common when it comes to a series of extreme features. We can list like Never Lose Suction, fingertip controls, swivel steering.
  • Their cord is so long for more tasks. Besides, both vacuums possess many attachments for raising their ability. In Shark NV751, there is a dust-away hard floor attachment, pet upholstery tool, pet multi-tool, accessory bag. Shark NV752 has a powered motorized brush, dust-away hard floor attachment, pet power brush.
  • Talking about differences, Shark NV752 is more stand out than Shark NV751 in many ways. From its name, you can say this vacuum will attract pet owners. It is extremely quiet and features TruePet technology which gives you an independent handheld motorized brush for removing pet hair from your furniture. Besides, Shark NV752 is designed with the LED lights on the cleaning head. It is another great feature as it helps you clean in dark and tight areas.

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The Price

With many useful things you followed above, you can guess that Shark NV752 will more expensive than the other. However, many customers say it’s still an incredible deal. Moreover, you should check it carefully and regularly to get a change in price when you decide to buy it.

Shark NV752

Shark NV751

Reviews of Shark NV751

Many customers praised Shark NV751 for excellent suction and impressive performance. They love it for a pretty design, powerful suction, useful attachments together with innovative technologies. The lift-away feature or swivel steering helps it more maneuverable with high portability as the customer rate. Moreover, someone cannot clean well in dark areas so LED light is so useful with its ability to illuminate. Nevertheless, the long cord makes them reach more spaces without moving much or avoiding obstacles. The mini pet tool or TruePet motorized brush will make pet-owner satisfied to remove any stray and stubborn hairs. However, people still disappointed over limited pet-specific features.

Reviews of Shark NV752

Many users say that Shark NV752 is worth buying with 75% of Amazon buyers gave it 5-star. It owns an elegant design with nice color that is suitable for a lot of customers. Pet owners are very happy with this unit because it can trap nearly 99% of allergens, fur, or dust. Moreover, it protects the fresh air with several advanced technologies for good health. Some say that it is so easy to use and assemble as well as powerful suction at a reasonable price. However, some customers comment that they find it quite hard to carry it for its weight. Besides, some complain that dust goes directly to the filter that makes suction reduction.

Should you buy Shark NV751 vs NV752?

Shark NV751 vs NV752 is incredibly similar in both form and function. Both ones can be a great choice for many excellent features they give to you. However, I think it’s better if you get a cleaner that suits your needs except for their price. If you love having a pet in your house, you should pay a little extra to purchase the Shark NV752 for absolute cleaning.