Shark NV752 VS NV356E : Which One Is The Best?

Nowadays, vacuum cleaner is one of the hottest items that everyone wants to own. Why it hot? The reason is that it is an invention that is very convenient to help people clean their house. There are many people who get stress after working and have no time to clean. Moreover, the others use the traditional methods which are out of date and not effective to remove totally dust and dirt. They want more to change the situation and vacuum cleaner can do that. To know exactly about them, you need to research about them. Today, I want to introduce you two machines coming from Shark. Shark is a famous and trendy brand catching every demand of customers. This brand bring to you Shark NV752 vs NV356E – two outstanding vacuum of its. Therefore, we go together to see what they have to be its best-sellers.

Shark NV752 vs NV356E: Comparison and Review

As I research, Shark has many series like Shark Navigator, Shark Ion and so on. All of its products are well-known with high quality and affordable price with everyone. They are equipped with many outstanding feature that make Shark is well-known in the market now. Shark NV752 vs NV356E are the two machine gaining many positive comments on the Amazon. When searching their names, you will see many great feedbacks of users from all around the world. Please continue following this post to gain more knowledge for yourself. From that, you will find which one is fits for you. Let’s go into the detail.

The Design

Shark NV752 and NV356E are different from each other. They differ themselves by the color in their body. There is a different in variants of Shark NV752 vs NV356E. While Shark NV752 has steel gray, dark red and rose gunmetal, the NV356E comes with the pure white. Moreover, you can see that Shark NV356E is quite taller and thinner than the other. Besides, their name reveals that these two units work very well on both floors and above ground areas. Especially, “Lift-away” technology let Shark NV752 and NV356E work well as both upright vacuums and a canister. This is perfect for portable cleaning of high positions such as stairs or ceiling, etc.

A great plus point of the NV752 is that it comes with LED lights on the powered nozzle and handle.

The Portability

The NV356E comes with an advantage which is the weight. It weighs about 13.7 pounds which is lighter as compared to the NV752 (around 15 pounds). In spite of not being lightweight machines, they aren’t heavy either. You can still bring them around your house without any troubles. Shark NV752 and NV356E are the best choices for those who have back problems. In addition, well-known Swivel Steering technology comes with two machines with great maneuverability. Thanks to this, the head of a vacuum cleaner can rotate to move much easier around furniture as well as reach corners.

The Cleaning Performance

Shark NV752 and NV356E show fantastic performances on a variety of surfaces which make many users interested. Shark NV752 and NV356E are worth receiving all the pretty compliments of their customers thanks to their advanced technologies.

Both Shark NV752 vs NV356E are well-known when Shark gives them Never Loses Suction technology. This technology doesn’t make users disappointed when makes the machine provide strong suction over an extended length of time. Therefore, no one has to worry about abrupt loss of air flow that usually comes with many other products.

The General Features

  • To compete with standout among mid-priced products, Shark NV352 and NV356E own a combination of two well-known technologies. This is the HEPA filtration system and the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. This combination makes sure to remove nearly 100% fine dust and allergens in your house. The house will be clean with fresh air turning back thanks to these technologies. The two models are suitable with family members suffering from allergy symptoms or want avoid the bad quality air.
  • Like I mentioned above, you just need to press the button, you can easily lift the canister of Shark NV352 and NV356E away. That is support for cleaning hard-to-reach areas and adds great portability to the cleaning job.

The Difference

  • Shark has stated that NV752 belongs to DuoClean family whereas the NV752 is considered as a TruePet vacuum. As you know, DuoClean is a new advanced technology coming with dual brush rolls. They have a mission to pick up particles on both floors and carpets at the same time. In contrast, TruePet technology is friendly with users who have pets at home. Especially, it can easily picks up pet hair from floor by integrating a motorized brush to.
  • There is a difference in control buttons that you can see when you research them. The NV752 has fingertip controls with two the power button and floor selector right on the handle. In contrast, the power and floor of NV356E switch right on the top of the canister pod.
  • The NV752 has larger dust capacity.

The Price

After all the information you follow above, Shark NV752 worths charging higher more than now. It has the improvement on cleaning path, cord length, dustbin capacity and extra tools which is better than other kinds of vacuum. There is a big gap between these two that you should know to choose if you consider the price much. The Shark NV356E costs around $200 whereas Shark NV752 is higher that over $200.

Shark NV752

Shark NV356E

The Feedbacks

Shark NV752 receives 75% of buyers gave it 5 stars on Amazon. It gets a lot of positive comment like “powerful suction” ”pretty design” “new technologies are so great”. They were satisfied with the compact and beautiful appearance with nice color scheme from Shark. Moreover, it owns the incredible suction power and convenient feature for pet hair. However, it’s still a bit heavy to carry upstairs.

Shark NV356E is also strong with 73% of its customers giving a 5-star. Most of them are very satisfied with its powerful suction and great versatility. Nevertheless, this model is a good choice for people who suffer from allergy symptoms. However it doesn’t own head light to illuminate dark areas when cleaning.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, both cleaners are great. They are powerful enough to deal with tough dust and dirt, but also flexible enough for quick pick-up. Shark NV752 vs NV356E are convenient and will be ideal for houses with complicated structures. If you want to have more options, Please refer to this article : Shark UV540 VS NV356E, Shark NV752 VS NV803 and Shark NV752 VS NV755.