Shark NV752 VS NV552 : Which one the best?

Human nowadays depends greatly on technology. It is because they bring about great benefits human life needs. Vacuum cleaners are not simply just a machine to make your house clean. They provide a series of advantages such as filtering air before returning to the air, schedule programs, or ability to clean effectively on various types of flooring. Since the vacuum market has flourished for the past decades, many brands have appeared and created an endless collection of vacuum cleaners to meet different requirements. However, it is really hard to find a brand offering quality products at affordable prices. Today, I will put other amazing cleaners side by side to prove why Shark becomes famous so fast. You can have a thorough vision into each machine, knowing how different they are and in which way Shark NV752 vs NV552 resemble each other.

Shark NV752 vs NV552: Comparison And Review

Here, I will introduce you to Shark NV752 vs NV552 with my honest research. Both are also smart and excellent Shark Rotator, so they have the most key features in common. However, each will have some different details to strong enough to fight with other competitors in this race. It will hard to decide which one to buy when both of them are all good but Shark targets different customer groups. Therefore, let’s see which one suits best with your pocket and needs.

The Design

Shark NV752 vs NV552 are easily distinguishable when it comes to appearance. They get a separate color that is not similar to each other. While the NV552 is available in champagne, the NV752 is Bordeaux with silver being predominant. The great thing is that Shark NV752 and NV552 look-alike in the dimension. About 46 inches is still an acceptable height that many ones can afford. Looking at their design, you can believe that they can easily slip on smooth floors. The design is also a difficult, compact piece to help you not take up much space to preserve. ABS and PP plastics make it more stable, strong with other kinds of materials.

Moreover, they all have an outstanding dust cup which is quite larger than other kinds. Its capacity is up to 3.3 (NV752) and 3.2 dry quarts (NV552). Shark also guides you to empty their dust cup in the right and quick way.

The Portability

The first feature of the Shark NV752 and NV552 that I want to mention is the Swivel steering. It makes the level of smooth movement much more improved. It is very useful that many users want to own much. Plus, weight is also a factor affecting their speed and portability. Also, the weight of the pod is half of the full vacuum. There, when you use the lift-away function, you will shorten the weight. From that, these items will be lighter as the basic forms. Nevertheless, the long cord is a great point to carry the machines around regardless of the multi-floor or multi-room. With these factors, people will not have to worry about many problems thanks to their portability.

The Cleaning Performance

Now we will move to the next and important part that everyone is expecting much. This part will reveal more things about Shark NV752 and NV552, let’s continue to read!

General Features

  • These Shark Rotator – Shark NV752 and NV552 all go with Never Lose Suction to upgrade the quality of them. This will guarantee the great suction for all the cleaning performance with no loss of airflow. This energy maintains for start to end with a high level. Therefore, there is nothing to worry much, right?
  • Moreover, Shark NV752 and NV552 are lucky not to be left behind thanks to the breakthrough of AACS technology and HEPA filtration. They “hit fast kill neatly”, does not allow dirt to continue to exist in the home. The amount of dirt and allergen leaving the cleaning surface is up to 99.97%, which is quite impressive. Therefore, even if you belong to a group of people, you can use it to receive comfort and good health.
  • Both “turn” on 3-in-1 mode when you want to use them. This means you will have an upright, a lift-away pod, and a canister in 1 machine. How fantastic they are. The cleaners allow you to do more tricky jobs, like cleaning upstairs, ceilings, or corners.

The Difference

  • A major difference between these two is the control button location. The NV752 will give you the power button to choose the surface you want to work on. It stays on the handle for easy turning to change this surface into another one. Nevertheless, the power switch and brush stay in the lower place will make you not uncomfortable sometimes.
  • The NV552 has a brushroll on/off when it works on different surfaces. Meanwhile, the NV752 comes with 3 preset cleaning modes.
  • The last one I want to talk about is that NV552 doesn’t go with any LED light like NV752. Therefore, NV752 will prevail when cleaning in places where light is not enough to clean up.

The Price

When seeing their price, I sure that you want to quickly buy one between Shark NV752 vs NV552. Between them still creates distance, but it is not enough to make people wonder a lot.

Shark NV752

Shark NV552

Feedbacks of Shark NV752

Shark NV752 is still getting more and more 5-star. Users are satisfied with the quality of the product and the appearance of the vacuum cleaner. Besides, most people like the attraction it creates and maintains throughout the process. Moreover, LEDs are reasonably arranged to light up particular areas. However, the weight is still relatively heavy for the elderly, who have health problems.

Feedbacks of Shark NV552

Shark NV552 is also advancing at a remarkable speed. People have adored the lift-off feature and content with its performance on removing pet fur. Many “best vacuum” comments were seen in the review section. However, the users don’t like its hose as it was heavy to some people.

The Conclusion

Both cleaners are excellent in their way. In reality, there still has something so great from NV752, not NV552. Also, the NV552 gets many other great attachments to make it more perfect.

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