Shark NV80 vs NV355 : Which One Is The Best ?

Shark NV80 vs NV355 : Which One Is The Best ?
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Nowadays, vacuum cleaners have become a necessary household tool in every family. It brings about a large number of benefits, including time-/energy-saving, protecting our health, advanced technology, etc. When you purchase a new vacuum cleaner, brand is one of the key factors. There are hundreds of products coming from a variety of brand names, such as Shark, iRobot, Dyson, etc. Owning a product from these companies can assure the quality. However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a large amount of money for a good quality product. To be honest, I’m here today to tell you something amazing. If you are looking for the best Shark vacuums with reasonable prices, you’ve come to the right place.

Shark is one of the leading company on the market these days. It offers consistently great vacuums at ultra-competitive prices so it’s just the matter which one is suitable for your needs and budget. Many people consider its models as relatively good as Dyson’s with more reasonable prices. What do you wish for more, right? Good machines with affordable prices are what I am looking for in order to recommend for my readers.

Shark NV80 vs NV355: Comparison and Review

They are Shark Navigator Professional NV80 and Shark Navigator Professional Lift-away NV355. They both come from the same vacuum line. Shark Navigator vacuums are lightweight, equipped with swivel steering for easy maneuverability and in fact, receives thousands of positive reviews on the Internet. Because they belong to the same vacuum line, so you can expect Shark NV80 vs NV355 share many things in common. However, let’s see which one will fit in your needs and budget. Read the following information carefully to have thorough insights.

The Design

The most notable thing is that Shark NV80 vs NV355 are upright vacuums. It means you can have all the benefits which an upright vacuum offers. For example, it is efficient for cleaning carpets and rugs or with long hose, you don’t need to bend your back, and more. Shark NV80 and NV355 come with different colors, gold/silver and white respectively. Also, the dust bin capacity is large, which will surely benefit you as you don’t have to empty it many times.

The Portability

With the weight of a bit over 15 pounds, Shark NV80 is much lighter than the NV355 which weighs about 20 pounds. However, luckily, both machines feature swivel steering and soft rubber wheels which make it very maneuverable around obstacles and overcomes the furniture without causing any damage. In order to clean tricky areas, vacuum cleaner swivels back and down, enabling its cleaning head to move and easily clean under the furniture. In addition, Shark NV80 and NV355 both have a 30-ft cord long which is generous enough for you to go multiple rooms without having to plug or unplug many times.

The Cleaning Performance

This is always the most important and curious factor when it comes to vacuum cleaner. If it doesn’t meet your basic requirements, it’s time to consider an alternative. Shark NV80 and NV355 feature some similar technologies.

  • Both vacuums have 1,200 watt motor with 10 amps of power, so it’s a bit power hungry.
  • The primary feature of Shark NV80 and NV355 is the Never loses suction technology. It enable you to use all years without anxiety of losing suction power by dust or dirt getting stuck inside. In addition, this technology will power through the toughest messes, pick up stubborn pet hair and still have room for even more dust. In short, the power will be maintained form the beginning to the end of cleaning job.
  • Both of them come with a large dust cup capacity, especially Shark NV80. Its dust cup is relatively larger as compared to the NV355, 3.5 dry quarts and 2.2 dry quart, respectively. Their large dust bins offer great capacity so that you won’t have to worry about emptying frequently or stopping in the middle of process.
  • Shark NV80 and NV355 have bursh roll Shutoff which help clean carpet and bare floor effectively. What’s more, they both come with the pet hair power brush which pick various hairs easily from a variety of floors.
  • Another similarity is that they are equipped with anti-allergen complete seal technology with HEPA filtration. This system is well known for its capability of trapping approximately 99.9% of tiny particles, including dust, dirt and allergens. Those particles get stuck inside the machine and only let clean air come out.
  • A major difference between Shark NV80 vs NV355 is the lift-away function. It allows users to detach the vacuum canister, converting upright mode into a reliable hand vacuums. Thanks to this feature, you are able to clean curtains or sofas and other above ground areas.

The Accessories

Shark NV80 comes with a 5.5” crevice tool, a dusting brush, a wide upholstery tool and a 16” extension tube.

Shark NV355: an 8” crevice tool, turbo brush, a microfiber pad, hard floor hero, wide upholstery tool and dusting brush.

The Price

Check them out on Amazon in order to receive good deals. Both of them have very reasonable price under $200.

Shark NV80

Shark NV355

The Feedback

Shark NV80 is rated 4.2 out 5. It totally was praised for its performance with great suction power. Also, most of them gave it 5 stars and called it the best product they have ever had. Despite of those compliments, many people didn’t happy with the performance on carpeted stairs.

Shark NV355 receives positive feedbacks from customers on Amazon. They were content with its performance on deep cleaning and agreed that it were worth every penny. Also, people were surprised at its extra suction power. Nevertheless, some customers complained about its heavy top which tipped easily.

The Final Thought

Shark NV80 and NV355 are the pretty old model from Shark. It has developed an assortment of vacuum cleaners with more advanced technologies. Yet, these two remained unbothered as they deliver satisfying and powerful performance at reasonable and affordable prices.