Shark NV831 VS NV801 : Which Is The Winner?

The vacuum industry is blooming with hundreds of brands offering a vast collection of models. We all know the importance of vacuum cleaners in our current daily life. To meet with diverse needs and budgets, each brand usually comes with an assortment of products. I know lots of you usually have a dilemma because we have more than one model we want to buy. However, one is enough and make the right decision if we don’t want to waste our money to buy another one or buy other pieces of furniture. And, if ever you are considering Shark NV831 vs NV801, this will help you a lot. Both of them come from the NV800s which are seen as an advanced series as Shark added many innovations into those models.

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Shark NV831 vs NV801: Comparison And Review

Shark is a brand that many users are interested in and using its products. These products attract a lot of customers with diverse designs, beautiful inside and out. Shark has a good way of promoting products, from the smallest to the biggest. It also takes advantage of advertising on TV, retail at agencies, or advertising through e-commerce channels such as Amazon. And that’s one of the reasons many of us know about Shark NV831 and NV801.

Shark NV831 Reviews

Shark NV831 must have become familiar with the majority of users. It has a 2-in-1 design to take on more tasks in two ways. You will see it work like both upright and lift-away mode as you observe in other ones. This bagless vacuum includes a big dust cup with large size to hold more dust for all cleaning sessions. This is so convenient not to interrupt the session to only empty the cup. It will waste more time and reduce the quality of the job. Moreover, the DuoClean supports you much to eliminate total dust or dirt, even big objects lying on the floor or other places. The AACS technology often goes with HEPA filter to extend their ability to blow the dirt away with the highest quality. Plus, some accessories like pet multi-tool, pet power brush, duster crevice tool assist to clean various jobs, and more.

Shark NV801 Reviews

Shark NV801 belongs to the group of vacuums that make good care for all types of surfaces you clean. It is especially great for carpet and hard floors that you note for necessary. It’s also another bagless machine for saving time to empty or money because of no need to change a new one. This item “kill” all the pet hair with useful tools like pet multi-tool. Especially, AACS technology and HEPA filter as well as DuoClean technology perform so well that people are very interested. It is not the only sweep and hold the dust in large dust cup but also release fresh air for clean spaces. Besides, crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool work in harmony to knock the dust off the tight, low areas. Shark NV801 also comes with many LED lights to make dust disappear on the cleaning surface even it’s dark.

The Design

Shark NV831 vs NV801 are separate individuals when you consider their appearance. They come with different shades and in my opinion, the NV831 looks more fierce and gives a strong vibe. While the NV801 is available in red, the other is covered with black (mostly) and red. Next, the relatively pronounced distance in height of the two samples also makes a difference between them. Height also brings a lot of advantages when they make users not have to bend over causing back pain. It is also a good way for customers’ health, scoring big points in their eyes. They get more LED lights to serve the areas being not bright, affecting the eyes and cannot clean thoroughly. With the bright light they bring, you will more comfortable working without worrying about the remaining dust causing trouble. Moreover, it moves the canister for convenience to get the best job.

The Portability

Shark NV801 is lighter than the NV831, 15, and 17.1 pounds. Besides, swivel steering is the other factor to make them move so smoothly on all types of surfaces. Also, the nozzle is designed to more flexible, suitable for low-level areas that obscure visibility when cleaning. Therefore, you vacuum under the stairs, under the bed, table, or crevice in the sofa. Moreover, to make the move smoother, Shark has “sent” more support wheels while reducing the weight of the machine. At that time, you just need to light and it will move without much effort. Also, Lift-away technology is installed to enhance the portability of the two models. It helps the vacuum cleaner more compact, reduce weight, moves quickly, and conveniently clean some special areas. Therefore, many customers are impressed with its portability and are very satisfied.

The Cleaning Performance

Shark NV831 and NV801 stand in one family with many great things belong to this team. With the basic information you have read, you see that they are a bit different in many aspects. They cannot come with all same things so, of course, I will reveal their differences. Yet, let’s see them in detail first before jumping into any conclusion.

Comparison of Tables

  • When mentioning Shark, most customers will think of Never Lose Suction. Of course, Shark NV831 and NV801 are fortunate to own this technology to increase their attractiveness. The first thought is that it will help you shorten the cleaning time by increasing suction power and limiting the possibility of losing airflow. At the same time, it maintains that strong attraction throughout the time you use it to achieve the best results. Many types of vacuum cleaners don’t have this, so more people love Shark.
  • Next, lovely LED lights are attached to these two models to illuminate areas where light is scarce. They stay on the floor nozzle to make it easier for you to clean, thoroughly clean up dirt, garbage.
  • It’s impossible not to mention the AACS technology and HEPA filter with great products like Shark NV831 and NV801. Nothing is more efficient than a vacuum cleaner and filter allergen to “emit” clean air. If you don’t want to live in a bad space, you should choose them for convenience and health. Almost 100% of dirt and allergen will disappear thanks to this Shark’s duo.
  • More specifically, Shark NV831 and NV801 give you a 3-in-1 function that few types of vacuum cleaners have. You use it according to the 3 modes that Shark has installed and instructed in the user manual. All 3 modes help to quickly clean and reduce the weight of the vacuum cleaner for your convenience. They handle floors with delicate tools to protect the surface from scratches or damage. Therefore, many customers have chosen products because of their flexibility as well as convenience.
  • Moreover, fingertip control is also one of the convenient modes that Shark creates. If you have finished cleaning the hard floor and want to move on to the carpet, use this function.
  • Both have 30ft power cords, which are more than enough for you to cover a large area with a single plug.
  • With Shark NV831 and NV801, you use DuoClean to get rid of tough dirt. You see several brushes (soft and stiff) to make this dirt come into the dust cup for removing.

The Price

Both Shark NV831 vs NV801 have a reasonable cost, under $150. Yet, the NV831 comes with a higher price. Besides, you follow them on Amazon to get a great price when Shark holds some sale-off events.

Shark NV831

Shark NV801

Feedbacks of Shark NV831

Many customers are astonished to see how Shark NV831 cleans with all the great functions. Many users say they have used it for bare floors without scratching the floor like some other types. Besides, animal owners are comfortable handling cat fur with specialized attachments. They don’t have to crank every time they see cat litter fall on the floor. However, its weight is still not enough to convince people to consider it a perfect vacuum cleaner.

Feedbacks of Shark NV801

When you find the name Shark NV801 on Amazon, you see how many people rate it 5 stars. Many people compare it with a few products of Dyson, Shark NV801 still has more attraction. It contains quite a lot of advanced technologies and many functions have been upgraded with many excellent features. However, the main minus point is that its top is quite heavy compared to many people.

The Conclusion

Shark NV831 vs NV801 take on many missions or jobs with high quality. Their modern technologies are impossible to criticize because they are so attractive and wonderful. There are just a few different details. Yet, you should extend your knowledge more if you choose the one which suits perfectly to your house conditions.

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