Shark Rocket HV302 VS HV301: Which One Will Convince You?

Welcome back to my website and here is another masterpiece best Shark vacuum reviews.we will compare between Shark Rocket HV302 VS HV301 .Hope to help you understand more about these two products

If you are my ordinary visitors, you may know that I’ve done many Shark vacuum reviews before. In case you’re newbies, here are some of my works: Shark NV501 vs NV500, Shark NV356E vs NV370, Shark SV1106 vs SV1107 and Shark NV42 vs NV70.

The Shark Rocket Ultra-light Upright (HV301) and the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum (HV302) belongs to Shark Rocket line. It combines lightweight, corded and in-hand vacuums. In other words, this series is a promise between a bulky, heavy upright and limited run time of a cordless. Its capability is versatile and the power cord help you clean the whole house without being interrupted. Shark Rocket is proud to have powerful suction which can pulls in dirt wherever it hides. Models in this series also come with 2-in-1 design which means you can easily convert to a hand vacuum for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning.

Shark Rocket HV302 and HV301 are models in the earlier generation of Shark Rocket series. Although they can’t compare to the later ones in some aspects, I believe they are still worth your money with such good quality and low cost.

Shark Rocket HV302 vs HV301: Comparison and Review

The ultimate target of my comparison and review series is to point out the similarities/differences and strengths/weaknesses between Shark products. By this way, you can have a wider view of best Shark vacuums on the market. Even though Shark Rocket HV302 vs HV301 do resemble each other, each of it has its unique charming points. Check it out:

The Design

Their appearance is pretty similar. They both belong to the same series and upright vacuum type. The handheld portion includes the bin, the primary motor and the power cord. In addition, the machines is engineered with long hose in order to reach ceiling or stairs for easy vacuum. The larger head is another plus point. It helps cover more surface area and reduce vacuuming time. Also, the slim design is space-saving and maneuverable.

The Portability

Like its name, the two models are extremely lightweight. The weight of Shark Rocket HV302 vs HV301 is just under 8 pounds and they are ideal for those who have back pain, housewives or older people. Unlike bulky and heavy machines, you can find them extremely light and comfortable for daily vacuuming tasks. Both of them are 2-in-1 vacuum so that you can use them as stick or hand vacuums for above ground areas. In addition, with such light weight, they are very maneuverable around the room.

The Cleaning Performance

One of the key features of a vacuum machine is the capability of performing an acceptance cleaning task. I’m sure that nobody want to waste money on cool expensive products but incapable of cleaning appropriately. With Shark Rocket HV302 and HV301, you will be surprised at how well these two work with such cheap prices.

The Features :

  • Suction power is one of the decisive factors among a variety of vacuum products out there on the market. Shark Rocket HV302 vs HV301 are surely good options for you. They are powered by the mains, which means you don’t have to worry about being interrupted because the machines run out of power all of a sudden. The power will remain strong and consistent from the beginning to the end of job.
  • Shark Rocket HV302 and HV301 are both excellent at removing pet hair from carpet. Actually, they are among highly-rated vacuum cleaners when it comes to sucking pet hairs on floors in minutes. In addition, the brush roll plays an important role in cleaning debris from your carpeted and hard floors. However, one minus point is that they are unable to pick small particles like flour.
  • They come with 30-foot cord, which means you don’t have to unplug whenever you must move to another place. With that length of the power cord, you can almost reach all areas in the room if you have a large one.
  • Although Shark Rocket HV302 and HV301 are not equipped with advanced HEPA filtration, they still use good washable filters. It is not high end and top filtration system like HEPA so they’re not the best option for those who are allergen suffers. However, those filters makes cleaning a breeze. To make use of it, after use, you should simply rinse it and return it to the vacuum for next times.
  • Like I mentioned above, they are 2-in1 vacuums. You can easily detach the vacuum head from the cleaning wand and transduce them into handheld vacuums. In the handheld form, they are used to suck up the cobwebs on the ceiling and reach high corners and tight areas.

The Difference :

  • Between these two, only Shark Rocket HV301 has swivel steering feature which ensures that it can clean in different directions while making little moves. Also, it has ability of overcoming obstacles and furniture without causing any damage.
  • Only Shark Rocket HV302 comes with car detail kit as an accessory. You can use it to conveniently clean your car.

The Price

These two vacuums have incredibly reasonable prices. They are in under $150 segment although the Shark Rocket HV302 is a bit pricier than Shark Rocket HV301,but not significantly. With all feature Shark offers, I think they are good choices for those who are on a budget or low/mid-incomes families.

If you like one of them, please click the following Amazon buttons to buy:

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Shark Rocket HV301

The Attachments

They are attached with different accessories. Specifically,

The Shark Rocket HV301: a wall mount, 12” crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, pet hair tool, dust away + 1 microfiber pad and an accessory bag.

The Shark Rocket HV302: a wall mount, dusting brush, pet hair tool, 12” crevice tool, dust away + 1 microfiber pad, car detail kit and zipper pouch and an accessory bag.

The Feedback

Shark Rocket HV301 receives pretty good feedbacks on Amazon. 69% of its users gave it 5 stars and commented that they were happy with their purchase. Many of them were amazed at the suction power and agreed that it outperformed their previous vacuums. Nevertheless, there’re still some people complaining about dust cup too hard to empty.

“This rocket rocks!” is the most commented sentence on Amazon. They were satisfied with the lightweight but working hard of this vacuum. Also, people were surprised at how much dirt and hair it sucked up. However, they were still not happy with its small dust cup.

The Final Thought

Although they are low-cost vacuum cleaners, they perform at incredible level. Shark Rocket HV302 vs HV301 may be the perfect options for those who are on a budget.

I will end my post here and hope you’ll find the information above useful. If you have any ideas, please be free and leave a comment below.

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