Shark Rocket HV382 DuoClean Ultra-Light Review

Many people now are interested in the vacuum cleaners from Shark. This is a brand that has many achievements in manufacturing this kind of machine. Moreover, it has a high position in the market with various vacuums. They are very flexible in design and advanced with new technology. In particular, Shark Rocket HV382 is also outstanding on this list that we want to share with you tonight. This item is really excellent with a quick transition for working in two forms. Nevertheless, it applies DuoClean for doing a good job of handling dust and debris. Especially, it is lightweight and flexible in the design along with connecting several attachments. There are so many things to talk about this product. Let’s continue to follow this post to get more information.

Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light
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Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light
Shark HV382 has a great appearance with charcoal outside and flexible – lightweight design. Moreover, DuoClean makes it better in facing dust and debris for entirely cleaning.

Shark HV382 Features

Looking at its compact stature, no one can believe it will help them clean the house quickly and conveniently. Compactness is also a factor that helps it attract customers’ attention and thereby show other characteristics.

Lightweight Design

Shark HV382 is always featured with a weight of less than 10lbs. Stick form is quite compact, easy to store, and use. The carrying is also improved compared to other bulky machines. You will not get tired of holding them in your hand.

2 Cleaning Modes

In addition to its beautiful and convenient design, Shark HV382 also features two separate working modes. It lets you use the stick form on floors and carpets, low areas. When you want to clean up the higher places, you just need to simply move it to a handheld form. Meanwhile, it will be more compact for you to easily handle and work.

DuoClean Technology

Shark HV382 is lucky when it get DuoClean technology that includes a dual brush-roll system. This system contains a bristle brush along with an additional soft brush-roll with the aim to make the floor clear and fresh. This is so effective in vacuuming and sweeping out all the dust and debris in a short time.

Brush-Roll Garage

Brush-roll garage will connect so easily with brush-roll to be maintained after use. This also combines with a tool that is great for hair removal. This helps to increase the effectiveness of Shark HV382.

LED Lights

There is a tool that makes this model can do in low-light areas – LED lights. These lights have the task of illuminating to spot hidden debris and pick up other particles. Shark arranges them in two lines and stays on two sides. From that, you cannot leave anything behind for cleaning the whole house.

Never Lose Suction Technology

Maintaining suction power is very important for a vacuum cleaner. It will keep the cleaning process fast and continuous. Therefore, Never Lose Suction has an important role in helping to maintain the suction in a strong and continuous state. There are no cases of sudden shutdowns or decreasing suction power while working so you can be assured of doing chores around the house.

Shark HV382 Specs

The specifications will be the basis for everyone to see the benefits as well as the workability of the Shark HV382.


Not to mention the weight, but everyone can see that it is very small and light. The total weight is only 9.9 pounds and when compacted in handheld form only 4.5 pounds. Therefore, you will not get the same aches and pains as when using other larger weight machines.


Other parameters are also quite important for the cleaning process. it measures 10.2 x 9.8 x 46.4 inches. At 46.4 inches tall, you won’t have to bend over or bend to work. In addition, the length and width are also quite impressive and easy to store in narrow places.


With Shark HV382, Shark installs its motor with 505watts and 4.2amps. From there, it can deploy abundant and strong suction power to serve as your work. With the help of Never Lose Suction, you will be more comfortable working, and work will also go smoother.

Power Cord 30 feet

Shark Rocket HV382 uses a very long power cord with 30ft. It helps to expand the cleaning area and to move comfortably with just 1 plug. However, it can’t automatically rewind, so you can roll it up for easy storage.

Dust Cup Capacity: 0.91 quart

Dust cup has a large capacity is also an advantage of this vacuum cleaner. It is designed with a capacity of 2 times larger than other machines. Specifically, it can hold up to 0.91 quarts of dirt, pet hair, and other small trash. Also, after you finish working, you just need to remove it from the handle to clean it next time.


It uses foam and felt filter which you might know as pre-motor and post-motor filter. These two types are quite useful when filtering dirt and dust when the machine is vacuumed. They will keep everything in the dust cup to avoid escaping.

Shark HV382 Attachment

For things to go more smoothly, the use of attachments is also essential.

Pet Multi-Tool

Pet multi-tool is a tool that is great for handling pet hair on carpets and floors. It can collect all the embedded pet hair in several passes. After that, pet hair will stay inside the dust cup.

Motorized Floor Nozzle

The motorized floor nozzle is so flexible in cleaning. It also gets many LED lights to clean under low-light areas. Therefore, it makes sure to refresh all the surfaces.

12” Crevice Tool

The long crevice tool with 12 inches in length helps users to sweep out all the dust on the crevice or edge.

Upholstery Tool

Many people want to make upholstery or other fabrics cleaner and fresher. They make use of upholstery that is famous for collecting pet hair along with debris.

Dusting Brush

Dusting brush is another tool that people usually use when working with a vacuum cleaner. You just need to adjust the bristle head when vacuuming. It is effective to eliminate all the dust with debris so quickly and perfectly.

Accessories Bag

This is so useful when people can use it to contain all the attachments. This is so convenient for storage or carrying to other places.

TruePet Mini Motorized Brush

TruePet Mini Motorized Brush It has revealed the ability through its name. This tool supports to capture every dust, pet hair, and other particles from small to large. It does a great job on upholstery, carpets, and even stairs along with pillows.

Under Appliance Wand

Under-appliance wand contributes to extend the reach when cleaning. You can adjust its length to 36 inches. Therefore, this machine can remove the dust and other particles in some places that you usually skip.

Shark HV382 Best Price

There will have many people who don’t believe when seeing the price of Shark HV382. It is very cheap as a high-quality vacuum that meets the demand of the customer. It just costs nearly 120$ per one. There was a slight decrease in price after many changes. It would be beneficial to buy this Shark product at the best price available right now. In addition, when buying this vacuum cleaner, you will receive a 5-year warranty to repair technical defects from the manufacturer. Once there, you will get the best workarounds from Shark. Please update the information regularly to get more deals when buying this product.

Shark HV382 Review

Shark Rocket HV382 has rated really high with 4.4 stars and the thousands of customer who care about. They are interested in using this vacuum with DuoClean technology that combines two dual brush-rolls. This helps to clean effectively and conveniently than other types they used. Moreover, the lightweight design let them comfortable when holding it in handheld mode. Especially, LED light still stands out with the function of illuminating when coming to low-light areas. From that, this model receives the trust of the customers.

Bare Floor

We have to say that this item works extremely well on this surface. This can handle fine dust and multi-size particles as well as long pet hair. It takes advantage of a soft brush-roll from DuoClean technology to deliver these particles. Therefore, your bare floor will be clean and more polished than before. So, this item reaches around 8 points in 10.

Low-Pile Carpet

Working on the low-pile carpet is not difficult with Shark HV382. This item can eliminate the debris through the support of two brush-rolls. The wheels also assist to let it run well on the carpet for the job better. People rate it more than 7 points.

Medium-Pile Carpet

To be suitable with medium-pile carpet, you can use a tool which is a mini motorized tool. From that, you can solve with dog hair with the assistance of stiff bristles. For all carpet, Shark Rocket HV382 get 9 marks for its capability

Final Tips

From all the information above, you can understand everything about Shark Rocket HV382. This reveals the quality of a vacuum with many good features along with modern technologies. Therefore, the number of customers taking their attention to this model is increasing every day. So, don’t be afraid to think about it and buy it as you want. It can be the best choice that is great for your house.