Shark Rotator NV501 Professional Review

Nowadays, Shark still keeps its position on the top in the market for manufacturing vacuum cleaners. You can search and see its products with various types in every range price from expensive to cheap. Therefore, we want to introduce a great vacuum from Shark to let you get a good option. This is Shark NV501 that everybody can search for as Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum. It comes with a large dust cup, lightweight design, and no noise when working. Moreover, this item has a good air filtration system to serve for making the air fresh. In addition, it uses many attachments with separate functions. So, there are so many perfect points of a vacuum that you can know in this model. Please read all the posts for reaching more detail.

Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded NV501
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Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded NV501
Shark Rotator NV501 is one of the greatest vacuums coming with many points and creates a low-level of noise. Nevertheless, this product is good at keeping dust and detaching allergen after vacuuming.

Shark NV501 Features

These are the things that make this item become outstanding and show the benefit when a customer.

Lightweight Design

Compared with other types, Shark NV501 is still well-known as a lightweight vacuum. Therefore, customers have no scare of carrying it from A to B or upstairs and downstairs when needed. This is a highlight point when we talk about this model.

Lift-Away Function

Except for lightweight design, this product provides two ways of cleaning for a suitable position. You do with upright when you want to clean carpet and floors when lifting away pod to reach higher. These modes help to cover all the space and make sure to pick up 100% dust and small particle as well.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal 

Before you clean, your house is dirty and gets many allergens and dust on the floor and even air. Therefore, this makes you feel uncomfortable when staying in this atmosphere. From that, Shark has installed Anti-Allergen Complete Seal which is an advanced technology for Shark NV501. It is extremely great at solving allergens and keeping them inside the vacuum for not releasing.


Many people give a high rate for the capability of moving Shark NV501. It comes with a lightweight design as we know but even has more with a pair of wheels to be smooth. It is not afraid of running on carpets or hard floors. You just need to take some action to make it moving and control its speed. Besides, swivel steering is another feature to give the maneuverability for this model. You can turn the cleaning so well for reaching more space in tight areas.

Ultra-quite operation

Shark NV501 has a great point that is so great – ultra-quite operation. It means that this item can work with the noise at a low level. This will keep silent not to bother people or interrupt to other jobs.

LED headlights

This Shark Rotator is so excellent with LED headlights on the nozzle that arrange on two sides. When you clean in dark areas, you just need to turn them up for illuminating. It guarantees to refresh all the dust and even small particle and pet hair on the cleaning the surface with high effectiveness.

Shark NV501 Specs

With all the features above, you can know a part of Shark NV501. To know deeper, let move onto and follow this part.


Shark NV501 just weighs 15.5lbs that is not heavy much to make you feel tired when holding. It comes with high level of movement so users will feel lighter when working.


As we studied, this item has some dimension with 45.7 x 12.1 x 12.2 (inches). From that, this is so compact and has a suitable height for people to stand straight without bending over. Moreover, it will be easy to store after using with small space.

Dust Cup

1.3 capacity of dust cup will hold much dust and debris or pet hair when cleaning. Therefore, you will need less time to empty the dust cup when it full than other kinds. XL size is not the biggest size it is enough and suitable to clean a large room or multiple rooms.


Of course, this Shark Rotator uses one of the best filters that we know as a HEPA filter. It is so effective when dealing and handling with all the dust, pet hair or debris, or small particles. Moreover, foam and felt filters are so useful and washable that saves money for the customer. Shark made these filters with high-strength and material that is good for the environment. This item makes use of 2 HEPA filters as well as 4 foam and felt filters.

Power Cord and Hose

Power cord and hose are the parts that help you extend the cleaning areas through longer reach. Shark NV501 takes advantage of the power cord with 25ft and hose with 8.4ft as well. Many customers say that these units have long enough and suitable for large rooms.

Power rating

The motor is extremely necessary when you want a vacuum to operate. It directly receives the energy from an electric source that delivers through the power cord. From that, it creates strong and powerful suction for vacuum dust and pet hair effectively. It is about 1200W/10A power rating that is quite powerful.

Shark NV501 Attachments

​Shark NV501 can do many jobs that are various with the presence of several attachments.

Crevice Tool

A crevice tool is a slim tool that has 12 inches. This length is quite suitable to sweep out small particles. This is excellent in refreshing in tight areas, the crevice in ouch cushion, or someplace you find difficult to reach.

Dusting Brush

This kind of brush can perform on every surface with high effectiveness. You can take a dusting brush to clean the fans, keyboard, or someplace in the kitchen and living room.

Canister Caddy

This is a useful tool for supporting to change the shape in cleaning. Namely, when you lift-away the canister of Shark NV501, you need a canister caddy. It helps to roll the pod at the same time keep other tools close by.

Wide Upholstery Tool

Shark NV501 also takes advantage of a wide upholstery tool to assist the cleaning session. This tool works so well when you need to pick up pet hair and vacuum up large debris. Some places like couches, beds, or lampshades will be clean after using a wide upholstery tool.

Premium Pet Power Brush

This brush is a bit larger than the dusting brush as we introduced above. This item uses a premium pet power brush to handle the pet hair as well as debris, even dander on cleaning surfaces.

Straight suction nozzle

Most of the Shark vacuums also own this tool for cleaning and Shark NV501 is too. It makes use of a straight suction nozzle with the aim to keep suction strong. At the same time, it still collects dirt with some debris as well on the hard floor.

Shark NV501 Reviews

Shark NV501 raises its customer rating every day and now it has reached 4.6 stars in total 5.  People give many compliments for what it does in cleaning carpets and floors. It can contain much dust and debris in the XL capacity of the dust cup. Moreover, the filtration system makes allergic people feel comfortable and they really like this vacuum. Nevertheless, it can help pet hair owners handle pet hair that stays on the carpet, floor, or even in stairs, sofas, and couch. In addition, the attachments this item uses are useful for extending reach, solve well with pair hair in a short time. Therefore, it estimates that 97% of customers spend 5 stars to show their satisfaction with the benefit it makes.

People sometimes are curious about the result a vacuum can get. Shark NV501 is good at cleaning from small to large particles on various surfaces.

Hardwood Floors

Shark Rotator NV501 can perform well on hardwood floors as everybody knows. It can quickly remove all the large debris on this kind of floor. It is noticeable that this item can remove up to 77% cereal in a short time. With this vacuum, you can utilize a large cleaning head or even a wide mouth hose to make it easier.

Low-Pile Carpet

Shark is very focused on the complete cleanup of the Low-pile carpet. And Shark NV501 did a pretty good job on this type of carpet and got great results. Specifically, this item can deal well with the debris that gets up to 95% in total. Plus, it makes 84% ultra-fine sugar disappears so quickly and easily.

High-Pile Carpet

Shark Rotator NV501 gets acceptable results after cleaning on high-pile carpet. It is about 73% dust and debris that it removes. This is better than other kinds of Shark Navigator or other vacuums in the same brand.

Pet Hair Removal

As we can see, this Shark Rotator gets some useful tools. They include a premium pet power brush, dusting brush that can pick up nearly 100% pet hair. These tools just need less time to handle pet hair that many pet owners are satisfied with and interested in.

Shark NV501 Best Price

Many people will be surprised when seeing the price of Shark Rotator NV501. It is so cheap when compared with everything it does for your house. Specifically, we updated that this model just costs nearly 200$ per one although it brings many benefits. Moreover, Shark also gives customers 5-year limited warranty to find error or mistake. Sometimes, you can see the sale-off of its product, including Shark NV501. From that, you can buy it at the best price as you cannot expect.


Shark Rotator NV501 is really worth the money you spend on many perfect points. It can do so excellent in both carpets and hard-floor with smooth movement without any troubles. Therefore, you can choose this vacuum for your house if you find it suitable. It will give you many things beyond your expectation.