Shark Rotator Vacuum Cleaner NV752 Review

There are many people who are curious about Shark vacuums because this brand always produces high-quality products. Therefore, it attracts many customers with trustworthy. So, we will introduce a vacuum coming from Shark – Shark NV752. This is a Shark Rotator that gets a compact design that provides 2 cleaning modes. It is really great for collecting pet hair and hair. Moreover, the filtration system supports much to give fresh air to your house. With these features, it becomes a great choice for many people who are finding a good vacuum. To know more about Shark Rotator NV752, please read all this post to capture the noticeable information.

Shark Rotator Upright Vacuum TruePet NV752
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Shark Rotator Upright Vacuum TruePet NV752
Shark NV752 comes with a TruePet mini motorized brush with another pet tool to do effectively in pet hair removal. Moreover, a large dust cup can contain so much dust and lets the air filtration solves as well.

Shark NV752 Feature

Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum is one of the best vacuums that belong to Shark in the Shark Rotator team. It comes with many feature and function that is great on removing dust and pick up pet hair.

Powered Lift-Away Technology

Shark NV752 is well-known as a 2-in-1 vacuum with 2 ways of cleaning from Powered Lift-away. Namely, you can do with upright form when working on carpets and floors or lift-away canister to clean higher. The lightweight also lets you feel comfortable when holding this unit.

Never Lose Suction Technology

To vacuum a room in a short time and high quality, a vacuum has a strong and powerful suction to work effectively. Besides, Shark installs Never Lose Suction for Shark NV752 to maintain this suction for being continual. From that, there won’t lose any airflow that interrupts the cleaning session.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

Every people get allergic symptom because of the high rate of allergen in their house. With Shark NV752, you won’t be worried about this problem. It comes with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal to deal with allergens when they go into the units with dust. This technology helps to reduce them on their air and make the atmosphere better with no allergens. It can capture over 99% of allergens – dust that stays inside.

Fingertip Control

Shark NV752 gets all the buttons on the handle where is easy to see and use by hand. You just need to choose a suitable setting to get the best method for each cleaning surface. This feature shows the convenience of this machine with a simple action to perform.

Swivel Steering Wheels

This combo is very useful that contributes much to move. Wheels are the tool to decrease their weight to run smoothly on every surface with high flexibility. Moreover, Swivel steering makes the head turn around so well and maneuverable. You just hold the ergonomic handle to adjust the direction to clean all the edges or corners.

LED lights

LED lights are an advanced feature that Shark gives to Shark NV752 that other kinds are lack of. They will help you to clearly see the dust and other particle thanks to the capability of illuminating. Therefore, you cannot leave anything behind for the entire cleaning.

Suction power

Shark NV752 comes with outstanding suction and airflow to vacuum many particles from small to large. It is stable and continual thanks to the control of Never Lose Suction.

Shark NV752 Specs

Here is some specific information that all of you want to know:

Air filtration

Shark applies the advanced development about filter out the dust, pet hair, or pollen dander with HEPA filter. This kind of filter is washable and it combines with a foam filter to be more effective. From that, Shark NV752 uses a severe type of filter to get the best result.

Long Power Cord: 25 Feet

This cored vacuum comes with a 25ft long power cord. This helps you to cover more than other types in one plug and just change the outlet when complete. Moreover, the hose length is about 6ft along with 10.5 cleaning path width. From that, you can save more time instead of changing the outlet with a short power cord.

Weight : 15.4 Pounds and other Dimension : 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches

Shark NV752 is so outstanding with Bordeaux color and lightweight design. It weighs 15.4 pounds with other dimensions of 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches. From that, you can see this item gets a compact design with a suitable height.

Dust Cup: 3 quarts

About the dust cup, this 2-in-1 vacuum belongs to the group of the big dust cups. It can keep up to 3 quarts of dust and pet hair when working. Moreover, it is really easy to empty and remove when being full.

Power Rating of Motor

To create strong suction, it makes use of energy from the motor inside with a 1150W/9.5A power rating. This feature combines so well with Never Lose Suction to give the continual and stable suction for cleaning.

Shark NV752 Attachment

Shark NV752 uses many kinds of attachment with the aim to take on various tasks on cleaning.

­Hard-Floor Genie and Hard-Floor Hero Accessory

This item uses a hard-floor genie with a washable microfiber pad to clean well on the bare floor. This tool can sweep out the dust so great with powerful. Besides, it also provides a hard floor hero accessory to pick up the dust that stuck and stay on hardwood floors.

Upholstery Tool

An upholstery tool is a tool that people can make use of when working on the above-floor. This is a suitable tool for this kind of surface and you can be comfortable when using it without any troubles.

Dusting Brush

With Shark NV752, you can use a dusting brush when refreshing hard surfaces or upholstery. From that, this brush will gently remove the dust and small particles and still protects the cleaning surface.

Crevice Tool

This Shark Rotator uses a 12” crevice tool to collect the dust on the crevice. Every customer always finds dust at there but still skips out for not having a great tool. Therefore, all of you can believe in this device in entirely cleaning.

Pet Multi-Tool – Pet Power Brush

Pet multi-tool and pet power brush solve with the tough pet messes with a stiff bristle. They aim to remove stuck-on debris and tackle/pick up stubborn pet hair. You can utilize for facing up with pet hair when you have to clean your house.

TruePet Mini Motorized Brush

Shark NV752 uses TruePet mini motorized brush can sweep out pet hair. This tool can trap all the dust and debris in short and make sure that the house will be clear.

Shark NV752 Best Price

Shark NV752 gets a price that is considered as best price with a great vacuum cleaner. It costs $299.99 but with the capability of cleaning well on carpets and floors, especially pet hair removal. Besides, you can get a 7-year limited warranty from the manufacturer with great customer service.

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Shark NV752 Review

Many customers gave Shark Rotator NV752 5 stars so that it reaches 4.6 stars now. They are really interested and love the way it deals with dust and pet hair. The design is so pretty and flexible with many attachments to take on every task. This item lets them reach a high place, sweep out under furniture, and gently remove on sofa, bed, or stairs.

Bare Floor

This Shark Rotator NV752 performs so excellent on this kind of floor. It can pick up small or big particles or some pet hair on the brush-roll inside. It gets 7.7/10 points because its design is quite big to run under some furniture.


This Shark Rotator NV752 gives you 3 cleaning settings and 2 of them serve for thick carpet and a low pile. It works well through adjust the suction and motorized brush speed. This helps to tackle dirt and debris that is embedded in carpets.

Low-Pile Carpet:

On this surface, it can do better with the capability of knocking out hair, sand, or baking soda that is so small. It reaches up to 8.0 out of 10 points about the cleaning level.

High-Pile Carpet:

This is a vacuum that is so great when cleaning high-pile carpet. This Shark Rotator is successful to capture all the debris on this surface and lets them come to the dust cup. As we tested, this model can work with a total of 7.8 points that customers consider.

Pet Hair

This is one of the best vacuums that pet owners really want to buy. The main brush roll on bare floors is the tool that struggles with pet hair in a Hard-floor setting. Besides, many pet tools support removing it and keep in a dust cup so quickly. Many experts conclude that this item reaches 7.2/10 points for the capability in dealing with pet hair.


This product also uses many for cleaning on stairs thanks to the lift-away function. It can take on working on stairs but many people feel heavy when upstairs or downstairs. 7.7/10 is the result that Shark NV752 gets after testing.


Car is also the place that this item can handle so effectively. The handheld form is suitable when you want to clean the inside the car. Surprisingly, this model is so excellent in solving dust and debris here with 7.8/10 points.


Shark Rotator NV752 is raising its name with their best performance to remove everything well on carpets and floors. This model gets many advanced technologies with outstanding features for doing well. Therefore, you can study more about it to make the right decision after reading this post.