Shark SV1100 vs SV1106: Which One Is The Best?

Undoubtedly, vacuum cleaners bring about efficiency and convenience to modern life. With the variety of vacuum models on the market today, finding a suitable product is not difficult. However, in reality, modern customers usually get confused and overwhelmed by the large number of brands and products available. It’s a common thought that they all want good quality products at cheap price. To fulfill your dream, today I’ll introduce 2 of the most remarkable products in the long line of cost-effective and high performance vacuum cleaners from Shark, Shark SV1100 vs SV1106.

As far as I concerned, Shark is the most creative and diverse as well as trustworthy brand in the field. It’s proved by the long list of vacuum models and positive feedbacks on the Internet. Shark offers various line, such as Shark Rotator, Shark Navigator, Shark Rocket and so on. Within each one, there are numerous models which meet different types of budget and need. The Shark SV1100 vs SV1106 belong to the Navigator freestyle cordless series which offers not only superior cleaning on both bare floor and carpet, strong suction power, extended run time, but also great maneuverability, lightweight and easy usability.

If you are looking for a middle-ranged machine which still shows satisfied results, Shark SV1100 or SV1106 are a wise choice.

Shark SV1100 vs SV1106: Comparison And Review

Shark SV1100 vs SV1106 are in the same vacuum line so you can expect lots of common things between these two. I’ll go through different categories, including design, portability, cleaning performance, accessories, price and feedbacks from customers. I won’t waste your time and start the review between the two Shark products – Shark SV1100 vs SV1106 which you can make choices for your needs.

The Design

They share similarity in terms of the outside look, which can cause confusion to many customers. Perhaps, it’s due to the design that is both Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless vacuums. However, if you take a closer look, the color is not the same. While Shark SV1100 is silver, Shark SV1106 comes with pure white. With physical dimensions of 10.5 x 9.8 x 46 inches (Shark SV1100) and 10.5 x 9.6 x 46 inches (Shark SV1106), they are tall enough for you in order not to bend over the while cleaning. They are perfect for those who are old or have back-related problems.

The Portability

Although Shark SV1100 vs SV1106 look a bit large and clumsy, they are surprisingly lightweight, 7.2 and 4.66 pounds respectively. In addition, a typical feature of Shark vacuums is swivel steering. Both of them are equipped with this technology which allows the machine to maneuver easily across furniture. Moreover, their dust cup is easy to empty and can be rinsed and cleaned for long-lasting use.

The Cleaning Performance

I know you have waited this section since beginning. Cleaning capability is a vital factor when it comes to cleaning machine. As it is inevitable criteria, I’ll dig deep every little details of Shark SV1100 and SV1106 to know whether they are worth your investigation or not.

  • Shark SV1100 vs SV1106 are very identical. They both use the same type of battery – the NiMh and it says it is 14.4 volts. There is a little difference on the battery instruction section. In the SV1100 manual, it says that each charge takes 3 to 6 hours. The Shark SV1100 can run for 17 minutes and 24 minutes when the brush is ON and OFF respectively. Whereas, the Shark SV1106 take about 4 to 7 hours to recharge. It runs 12 minutes while the brush is ON and 17 minutes while the brush is OFF.
  • They are equipped with swivel steering for easy maneuverability along with 2-speed settings which offer optimized cleaning job. The swivel steering technology also provides deep recline angle and low profile approach to reach beneath the furniture without moving it. In addition, two separate speed options are available to the users for vacuuming bare and carpeted floors.
  • Shark SV1100 vs SV1106 come with extra-large and easy-to-empty dust cup, which brings about convenience for users. Also, it is said that the dust cup can be rinsed and cleaned for long-lasting use.
  • Both Shark SV1100 and SV1106 are design with a powerful motorized brush which sucks and traps the embedded dirt particles and pet hair meticulously.

The Price

Shark SV1100 vs SV1106 are middle-ranged products. It means those will be ideal to low- or middle-income families. The price is understandable as they don’t come with advanced technologies such as HEPA filtration system. Yet, if you want to own a good vacuum cleaner with affordable price, either of them is a wise choice. To get a better deal, check out on Amazon.

We can only find the SV1106 model on Shark official site and some online shopping malls when we do the research online.Shark SV1100 was not sold.If you are interested in this product then the SV1106 is the wise choice

Shark SV1100

Shark SV1106

The Feedbacks

Until now, Shark SV1100 vs SV1106 have received pretty positive feedbacks from customers on the Internet.

Shark SV1100 is rated 3.8 stars and about 59% of its users gave it 5 stars. They all loved the machines and commented it was a great mini vacuum with powerful suction and great portability. Also, people praised it for doing wonders on carpets, rugs and flooring. In short, they were totally content and the unit was worth the price. However, sometimes it made noise and some people found it annoying.

Many people have owned Shark SV1106 for over 1 year and found that it till went strong. In addition, it was a great help for those who have pets at home. Like Shark SV1100, people were most satisfied with the lightweight, bagless, cordless, well-designed and convenient design. Yet, some customers were not happy with the long-recharging time.

The Conclusion

From claims of Shark, the SV1106 is an upgrade version of the SV1100. It seems to me that there is no much difference between these two products. They share many similarities and the only noticeable distinguishable point is the color. Also,they are almost in the same level when it comes to cleaning capabilities. If you want the newest version, just go for the SV1106. Otherwise, just pick the SV1100.Which one do you prefer? Share with me.

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