Shark UV422 VS HV322 : Which Is The Winner?

What makes Shark special is that they know the trend many people like. Therefore, they offer endless collections to meet different needs and budgets. Their models are well-known for amazing quality at reasonable prices. Many customers want to own an advanced machine but can’t afford the high cost coming with it. However, Shark models help you enjoy the boring and repetitive housework with their convenient features. Shark offers many vacuum lines, including Navigator, Rotator, Rocket, Ion, and so on. Each series has various models and you should learn so carefully to differentiate. Having 2 or more models to consider is normal. However, I believe just by reading their information on the company’s advertisements is not enough. Here is my collection about two samples that you will like: Shark UV422 vs HV322. I’m sure they will bring to many surprising things after reading this article. Please follow this to know deeply.

Shark UV422 vs HV322: Comparison And Review

Shark UV422 and HV322 have many interesting points that attract me much to write. They come out with many things relating to Shark Rocket. You can see and guess the two items are very light and friendly when using and assembling. Moreover, Shark also sends to these models several technologies that support to make them bright and outstanding. Plus, they share with us what they have and how they do for great performance. Many experts say this is a really good product, should be widely accepted. Nevertheless, people can take advantage of the cleaning of the house. So, how good they can be, stay tuned.

Shark UV422 Reviews

The Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Upright Vacuum is part of Shark’s strong collection of products. Indeed, it also possesses a lot of things that make people more curious and interested in other products. Not to mention the outstanding features, Shark UV422 possesses a series of specialized attachments to perform more tasks. People can list them themselves as pet multi-tool, dust-away hard floors. Or like a crevice tool, flexible hose is used when you need to clean the “uncomfortable” nooks and corners. All are easy to preserve, use, and clean often after use. Shark UV422 becomes softer and more comfortable with swivel steering – Shark’s typical technology. Nevertheless, LED lights contribute a lot to their performance. These lights assist you to defeat any stains even in low light areas. Especially, it can quickly change itself into another shape – handheld form – for convenience. It is a special vacuum cleaner, right?

Shark HV322 Reviews

Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum is on par with many other hot products. It also makes users trust the ability to maintain attraction without missing or losing at work. With 2-in-1 power, this model can be cleaned in both modes for convenient cleaning quickly. Carpet or hardwood floor will not make Shark HV322 difficult because of this feature. Also, Shark designed a 30ft long cord so you can pick up dust in areas out of reach. Moreover, you can accomplish more tasks with a wide range of attachments. Some of them we can list such as a wand, nozzle, crevice tool, pet multi-tool… Therefore, with the help of these types, you can use this item on multiple surfaces comfortably and quickly. With the basics on, you must have half a doubt about this product. However, belief in me, Shark HV322 will not disappoint you.

The Design

Shark UV422 and HV322 have many points that confuse you so you should pay attention and observe to distinguish. It is all kind of reed with beautiful and attractive colors. According to what everyone observes, Shark HV322 is very sexy and attractive with deep red. In other cases, Shark UV422 presents it’s elegant and pure with shinning blue. Besides, their attachments are very useful and easy to use or store with simple methods. Both have a great motorhead to deal with any crevices of angles in your house. Moreover, sometimes you can make it become a handheld form with quick and simple action. This is also a highlight point that many people are interested in the products. Nevertheless, Shark UV422 and HV322 can move so well under low furniture or in any surface with the excellent technology – swivel steering. I bet people are becoming more interested in these two products.

The Portability

Almost no one likes a bulky, heavy vacuum cleaner. Lightweight and compact are the top criteria that many people choose. Fortunately, Shark UV422 vs HV322 both own a lightweight design to move, carrying more smoothly. At only 10 to 14 pounds, this number is still small compared to many types. Moreover, with the swivel steering technology that I mentioned above, it makes them a bit more flexible due to convenient movement. Moreover, it works quickly, smoothly but still protects the floor from damage that affects the beauty of the floor. Also, you can detach several parts to increase its flexibility, using a new form that you are comfortable with. The portability in working has helped Shark UV422 and HV322 win sympathy from everyone. This is also one of the criteria users set to choose the most satisfactory product.

The Cleaning Performance

This part will solve all the questions of the customers about how Shark UV422 vs HV322 can work. They will bring many special things that you cannot expect from normal kinds in the market. However, if it still is a hard option to choose, let change into another idea with other ones from Shark. Now, let’s move to the details about their cleaning performance.

Comparison of Tables

  • Surely many people will know about Shark’s Never Lose Suction technology – one of the points of Shark’s success. It ensures that you can use it freely without problems related to the attraction being lost or suddenly stopped. Shark UV422 vs HV322 also ensures continuous suction power and remain so until the end of the session. Therefore, you should be confident to clean the house, do not worry about anything.
  • Shark also attached them with a lot of LED lights for easier work. You will also worry that you will miss a lot of dirt in the dark corners of your house. These lights will make you no longer worried about the possibility of its light. For example, many families prefer to skip under a bed or a closet because it is quite narrow and difficult to clean. Dirt in the area is quite a lot, so this feature helps you solve this problem quickly.
  • In particular, the engine works well continuously but limits noise to the maximum. It will not wake up a sleeping child, will not disturb someone reading a newspaper or listening to music. Shark was very careful and “psychological” when designing and manufacturing this feature.
  • Another thing that makes them work more efficiently: they have two filters to be able to do more tasks.
  • However, the Shark HV322 is particularly good at handling dog and cat hair for pet owners. It has a TruePet mini motorized brush suitable for this type of waste. You won’t have to be pet hair scattered all over the house and fly around uncontrollably. Moreover, this is to limit allergies for family members, protect health.

The Price

Shark UV422 and HV322 vacuum cleaners are affordable, neither expensive nor cheap. Shark sometimes opens sale-offs to attract customers at unbelievable prices. Remember to follow them on Amazon for more information.

Shark UV422

Shark HV322

Feedbacks of Shark HV322 

Amazon customers love Shark HV322 for the benefits it creates after using it. Some are impressed with its sustained attraction. What’s more, many people compliment the super bright LED lights that help them clean up the dark staircase. There is no doubt that it operates extremely efficiently with the ability to move smoothly, avoiding objects such as tables and chairs, cabinets… Besides, noise reduction is also the reason many customers choose this product. However, the dust cup is still quite small compared to the needs of many customers. Many people have commented on this issue on Amazon for Shark considers improving.

Feedbacks of Shark UV422

Shark UV422 is a strong rival with most of the vacuums in the market now. It delivered powerful suction which can suck everything. Also, the machine was used on different surfaces and got them more perfect than before. Nice design, convenient is also a bright point to help many people to keep an eye on it. With this item, you will never scare of losing suction during the performance thanks to this useful function. However, there still has one thing that many people approve of. They don’t like its small bagless container.

The Final Thought

For all the information above, you can see Shark UV422 vs HV322 are ideal options for everyone. They possess most of the things you want for a smart vacuum. Besides, Shark will deal a great price for all of the customers, so let be confident to buy one for your family and your house.

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