Shark UV440 vs NV350 : Which Is The Winner?

Vacuum cleaners have become common items in many houses. Thanks to their convenience, advanced features and user-friendly manners, people want to own one in order to assist their daily household chores. I am always amazed at how many and diversity of vacuum cleaners are. There are a lot of brands too. Yet, just a few of them can be counted on. Dyson is undeniably well-known, but do you know that in some parts of the world, Shark outsells and is more famous as compared to Dyson models?

In the vacuum market, we can say Shark play an unreplaceable role. With the diversity and quality, Shark products are matching rivals of high-end models at more reasonable prices. It offers a variety of great lines, including Shark Navigator, Shark Rotator, Shark Ion and Shark Rocket, etc. Each has its own strengths and in each vacuum line, there will be more popular units. All Shark vacuums pack a real bite when it comes to pure cleaning power which means that the top picks are usually difficult to narrow down. Shark UV440 vs NV350 come with thousands of positive feedbacks on the Internet for amazing performance and affordable price. If you are interested in them, here are the comparative articles on these two product : Shark NV350 vs NV352, Shark NV752 vs NV350, Shark UV440 vs NV352, Shark UV440 vs NV356E.

Shark UV440 vs NV350: Comparison And Review

Shark Navigator UV440 Lift-away Deluxe Bagless Upright vacuum UV440 and Shark Navigator Lift-away NV350 belong to the same vacuum line, so you can expect lots of similarities between them. However, there are a few different points which make each machine stand-out on its own. Remember, they may not be perfect but with that price, Shark UV440 vs NV350 show very satisfying results for middle-priced products. If you are in tight budget, they may be good solutions.

Shark Navigator Uv440 Lift-away Deluxe Bagless Upright Vacuum With Extended Reach ADD
  • Lift-Away Convenience to clean walls, drapes upholstery and more
  • Lightweight: Only 15.95 Lb.
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum NV350 (Renewed)
  • This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished, shows limited or no wear, and includes all original accessories plus a 90 day warrant
  • Lightweight Lift-AwayTM provides lightweight, portable convenience for quickly cleaning stairs, upholstery, or small, hard to reach area in and around your home
  • Swivel steering for easy steering around obstacles and furniture
  • Carpet & Bare Floor Cleaning with Brushroll Shutoff, providing maximum cleaning performance on both carpets and bare floors, while maintaining continuous suction every time
  • Extra-large dust cup with an easy, bottom-empty design for quick removal of household debris

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The Design

Shark UV440 vs NV350 share lots of things in common in terms of appearance design. They are both upright vacuum so they come with the traditional design. In addition, they almost share the same height. However, good thing to know is they are available in different shades. While the NV350 has lavender color, the UV440 comes with bright black with silver. They are bagless vacuums and equipped with lift-away function that allows users to clean difficult places, such as ceiling, curtain or stairs.

The Portability

Shark products have great maneuverability as they are equipped with Swivel Steering technology. This feature always appears in my articles about Shark vacuum. It helps to guide the machines smoothly around obstacles, such as table legs or sofas. In addition, Shark UV440 and NV350 are really lightweight when compare them to other upright vacuums. The UV440 weighs about 14 lbs while the other is a bit lighter, 12.5 lbs. Hence, dragging them around will not be a problem, especially the elderly. Besides, their dimensions are almost the same. Yet, there is a bit difference in the length of the power cord which will add more space to clean. The UV440 has a longer cord. The NV350 is equipped with 30ft cord, while that of the UV440 is 5-ft longer. Another advantage of the UV440 is an extra extension wand.

The Cleaning Performance

What matters now is how well they perform and whether Shark UV440 vs NV350 worth your money. They don’t belong to high-end class, so you must understand that they are not perfect. Indeed, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. It’s always a wise choice to select a satisfying with reasonable prices.

  • The Never Loses Suction technology is a famous point in Shark’s marketing strategy. Every Shark vacuum is equipped with this feature and in fact, many customers choose Shark over other famous brands due to this technology. It means you don’t have to worry about the loss of air flow during cleaning job. Shark UV440 and NV350 are able to provide consistent suction power from the beginning to the end.
  • The most valuable feature of these two is HEPA filtration which is considered as a very high level of filtration that help remove allergens from the air. It is able to remove 99.97% of all particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or over. And, the Navigator Lift-away has actually been certified by the British Allergy Foundation. This is instrumental to those who suffer allergies or asthma.
  • The UV440 comes with a 35 ft power cord. Meanwhile, the NV350 is designed with a cord length of 30 foot. From many experiments, a 30+ foot cord is the best as it is long for you to reach larger space.
  • Finally, the Lift-away function is the key. The canister along with the handle is removed from the main body of the vacuum, and it is the carried around for cleaning tight places such as corners.

The Accessories

Shark NV350: pet hair turbo brush, 24” crevice tool, on-board crevice tool, on-board dusting brush and accessory bag.

Shark UV440: a dusting brush, a short crevice tool and a small pet tower brush with clear cover which is easier for checking blockage as well as cleaning the build-up.

The Price

Both Shark UV440 vs NV350 cost at pretty affordable prices. There is a small difference between these two. In general, they are about $150, which may be perfect for people who have low- or middle-income.

Shark UV440

Shark NV350

The Feedbacks

Shark NV350 is one of the most popular one in the Navigator line. It showed fantastic performance on removing dust, dirt and allergens. Also, most customers were satisfied with bagless design and pointed out that the dirt canister was quite easy to empty. Perhaps, the most frequent complaint was about its narrow nozzle width.

Shark UV440 is already sold-out on many online stores. It receives pretty good feedbacks on Amazon. Many claimed that it was as good as their old Dyson. Moreover, people love its extension wand as they can get ceilings easily. Also, thanks to its lift-away function, some used it as handy vac and it worked wonder too. However, a few were not happy with its cheap clear plastic on the dust cup.

The Conclusion

To sum up, there is slight differences between Shark UV440 vs NV350. Their performance are equally good but just a few different accessories, you can perform various tasks. The prices are similar too. It is true that they do have flaws, yet if you don’t mind them, then either is good.

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