Shark UV450 vs HV302 : Which one the best?

Nowadays, houses are cleaned more effectively and quickly. To be honest, traditional methods are nothing compared to these products of human brains. People now can come home after work and rest for a while because some vacuum cleaners can be programmed to clean an entire house or they only need a few minutes to clean the multi-story house. With those enormous benefits, many companies produced a various collection of vacuum cleaners to cope with different needs and pockets. It is normal if you have 2 or more ideal products. Although many get the same features, they still have differences to make them stand-out. That’s why you should read comparison articles to know exactly how certain models differ and resemble each other. I think you should consider either Shark UV450 or HV302. This article will highlight the differences as well as similarities between Shark UV450 vs HV302.

Shark UV450 vs HV302: Comparison And Review

Once again I have to admit that Shark is a tough competitor in this machine-building industry. It also plays an important role in bringing this invention to human life. It divides into several lines to control and segment customers and Rocket is one of its extremely outstanding lines. This series includes many high-quality products and appeals to users. Among them, we have to mention Shark UV450 vs HV302. They come with pretty names to present a part of the ability they can do. They bring a lot of benefits to every home you own, taking on every surface that needs cleaning. When in the same house, they will receive many unique features of the particular line and Shark in general. Now, we will learn briefly about these two valuable products.

Shark UV450 Reviews

Shark Rocket Ultra-light Deluxe Stick Extended is one of the marvels of the Shark brand. When you see this model, you immediately realize that it is very compact and long. Its weight is less than 10pounds, only about 7.5pound. Besides, it can change into other forms – handheld – for convenience in carrying and holding for a long time. Also, Swivel steering supports too much in making it run smoothly and quickly. Nevertheless, the existence of Never Lose Suction also increases the value of Shark UV450. It helps create and maintain a sufficient level of attraction so that it works well. Moreover, it comes with a few attachments to handle more than just simple floor cleaning. All are easy to use and store as well as assemble. In short, this is a product that made many people excited when it was on the market.

Shark HV302 Reviews

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum is another kind that stands so stable on the market. The first thing I mention later surely makes you surprised much. This item weight only 8 pounds which is extremely light than another vacuum I have heard. One more time, Shark HV302 is too light for a vacuum that you can carry around without being hurt. Besides, you will see a home and car detail kit micro tools that are quite new with most of the people. This tool will contribute to refresh the surface after removing the tiny particles. Nevertheless, Shark installs for this model fingertip controls for change the cleaning surface as you want. Moreover, swivel steering gets a high rate when support you pull/push it so smoothly and cleverly. Last but not least, dual storage options are the great thing you can see in Shark HV302 to protect the machine.

The Design

Certainly, you will be a little confused when the exterior design of Shark UV450 and HV302. Both are sticks and upright with fairly small specifications. The impressive thing is that they have pretty and striking colors. Black and orange-red are the colors we see in Shark HV302. The combination of these two colors gives a strong but a little seductive. On the other hand, Shark UV450 has a shinning blue that is so elegant and pretty much. As for myself, I am more inclined to be stronger from the HV302. Therefore, not to mention the other factors, people can choose the right one for your liking. Besides, making the device work is not difficult. It also provides an additional manual for you to follow its design and then use. Moreover, the handheld mode also makes it no less beautiful, compact on hand. Design is also what makes them stand out.

The Portability

Quite a few people have ever ignored their maneuverability. However, after reading this article, they understood and were surprised by them. Shark has created products that bring absolute conveniences such as Shark UV450 and HV302. You will immediately agree that they are incredibly light vacuums. When you own it, you will no longer face the situation of carrying a bulky, heavy machine anymore. You are free to carry, pull, and push them with such lightweight. Moreover, they come with 2-in-1 mode to make it more dynamic than ever. Thanks to the design, their portability is further enhanced. Moving them while working or storing is no longer a problem. You may be satisfied with these machines. This is also the strong point of Shark UV450 vs HV302 when “fighting” with other rivals. Therefore, people have extra points to consider both items to take it home immediately if appropriate.

The Cleaning Performance

Now, we need to come up with an important section that will explain how they show their quintessence. If you have any doubts about Shark UV450 and HV302, read this article to feel. They will prove themselves worth the amount of money you spend. Now let’s get into the important information about these items. Surely they will bring many surprises to you.

Comparison of Tables

  • Like many Shark products, Shark UV450 vs HV302 have successfully implemented Never Lose Suction technology. This technology is no longer strange to Shark customers. As many people know, it creates a great attraction to collect dirt. This suction will transmit continuously until you turn them off. You will be less concerned about losing airflow while you are working. 
  • Next, many argue that they work better than previous types of vacuum cleaners. It vacuums more efficiently with the motor that has improved the cons to better. The nice thing is that you can change the cleaning surface quickly with a simple move. Bare floor or carpet can be clean easily so that no dirt can stick.
  • Unfortunately, they do not use HEPA filters. However, without this one, there is another. Shark UV450 and HV302 used washable filters instead. You can wash these filters after vacuuming to increase their durability. Moreover, they also help you save money when you do not have to buy new ones to change. Too convenient, right?
  • The 2-in-1 model is also very convenient to win trust and receive many compliments from customers. You can change the top of them to switch to the handle form to suit the location needing clean. These items can “sweep” the web at the corner of the high building, the ceiling, the stairs… Plus, the handle form is also convenient when carrying it up and downstairs and tight and low places.
  • Both have additional steering technology swivel when it moves fast and smooth on any terrain. You will not have to struggle as when using heavy, bulky vacuum cleaners. However, because it is small and light, its dust cup will certainly be smaller. They have a width of about 0.5 to nearly 1 dry quart.

The Price

Shark UV450 and HV302 also get full devices or attachments with acceptable design and great quality. They just need a not big amount of money from your budget. However, UV450 is quite cheaper than other. I think you should check the information about their price on Amazon to hold the right one.

Shark UV450

Shark HV302

Feedbacks of Shark UV450

Shark UV450 is an outstanding item among high-quality products of Shark in particular and in the market in general. Customers who use this product are also quite happy with the brushroll and excellent carpet performance of this model. Also, it has LED lights for vacuuming dirt in poorly lit areas.

Feedbacks of Shark HV302

This Shark Rocket has made many people interested in what it offers. HV302 is one of the machines contributing to the Shark brand. Although it has a small appearance, the working efficiency is extremely large, enough to absorb all the dust in your home. Many users had to say that they liked the way it vacuumed the floor and especially their carpets. However, the dust cup is quite small so many people are still afraid to buy this item.

The Conclusion

Many people will think that low prices will mean low quality. But no, Shark UV450 and HV302 have proven the opposite. They still bring a clean, dusty house to everyone. So, it is worth the money you spend and the time to learn them and your trust.

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